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HR Manager,

Please consider this as an application for Senior Web/Graphics Designer position in your prestigious company that will commensurate with my qualification. My name is Ahmed Saad, 30 years old Egyptian web/graphics designer with architectural education background. I have more than 8 years experience in Graphics and visualization field. I majored from Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, class of 2000 with V-Good grade and Excellent for the graduation project. Web/Graphics Design is the major field of my experience. I designed more than 100 portals and websites in different categories (Governmental – Companies – Organizations – Personal) and styles for many countries worldwide like USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria and Egypt. In addition to Web, I designed many printing materials like (Brochures – Catalogs – Logos – CD covers) with high resolution to fit the appropriate purposes. Modern Furniture/Interior Design is my lovely field. Although I am very interested in web design, I feel like I am missing something. I believe that there is an area of my design capabilities that I didn’t explore or use witch is design in 3D.

I designed more than 60 modern Shelving/Interior units and rendered them in real environments. I really wish that one day these designs come to life and spread worldwide. Calligraphy is a very nice hobby to me. I am not professional as I didn’t study it but I am just an amateur. Anyway, I really get happy when I write words with nice shapes. Finally, thank you for your time and Please let me invite you to visit my website where you will find all my works and designs.

Ahmed Saad

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Ahmed Saad Ahmed
Phone: (+974) 66 43 652 E-mail: website:

Marital status: Nationality: Age: Place of Birth: Married Egyptian 30 Badrashin, Giza, Egypt

Seeking a career in the field of Web & Graphics Design in a leading design company whereby I could utilize my creativity and 8 years experience in different design and graphics fields.

EDUCATION  Bachelor of Engineering, Architecture Department, Cairo University, class of 2000  "V. GOOD" grade for accumulative degree  "EXCELLENT" grade for Graduation Project

March 2007 – Currently

Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL) ( QATAR
Senior Web/Graphic Designer - Web Master Public Works Authority “Ashghal” is an autonomous body to oversee all infrastructures related projects as well as public amenities of State of Qatar. The establishment of Ashghal marked an important turning point in the history infrastructure development of the State of Qatar which has embarked on a major phase of change and development in all aspects of life. I am fully responsible of Ashghal website starting from services analysis, layout design, endusers training and managing the website. Also, I am responsible of designing all Ashghal internal applications interfaces. I also work as a team leader for Ashghal Intranet Portal.

Dec. 2006 – March 2007

CriticalSites ( USA – Cairo Team
Senior Web/Graphics/UI Designer Criticalsites is a part or NTP software company (, a leading software company in USA. I worked for them as "contractor" employment type. I was a member of a large team working remotely from Egypt with the company in US. I was responsible of designing the art work of the software products including logos, Packagings, splash screens, UIs, Brochures, CD labels, datasheets and icons. Also, I designed the websites and web applications layouts and concepts. useually, I was presenting different alternatives and concepts to give them a variety to choose what they like. I was designing the full storyboard creating the website HTML static pages with css styles.

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Sep 2006 – July 2007

ARCOM ( Egypt
Senior Web & Graphic Designer I was fully responsible of layout designs for web-portals of governmental e-projects. I designed for them more than 20 projects in Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

July 2005 – March 2007

Senior Web & Graphic Designer I was fully responsible of the web applications and websites layouts and design. The company is specialized in governmental projects. I designed for them more than 20 projects in Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

May 2005– July 2005

e-Knowledge ( Egypt
Senior Web & Graphic Designer I designe dfor them 2 major projects as a part-timer. First project was the new Look and theme of the company itself including the new design of their website, business card and product brochure. The Second project was "Naeem financial investment company" portal and their desktop application interface.

Dec. 2003 – Dec. 2004

Qatar e-Government ( Qatar
Senior Web & Graphic Designer I worked in Qatar e-Government project as a senior web graphic designer. I was fully responsible of the portal design and renovation, presentation templates designs, e-services demos, marinating Qatar e-Government Brand on the internet, conducting research and interviews, flash presentations, logos designs, reports art work and provide usability recommendations and plans to e-services analysts.

Oct. 2000 – Nov. 2003

EnRSolutions ( Raleigh, NC, USA - Cairo Branch
Web & Graphic Designer I was one of the graphics and internet team founders in the company. We were responsible of planning and designing all the web sites and marketing media of the company products.

Web Design  Complete website graphics design  Slicing designs and extracting Static HTML pages.  Writing HTML code.  Complete Flash websites  Banner Ads (Flash & animated GIF)  Rollovers and Animated Images  Forms graphical design  Websites Maintenance and renovation  Web Mastering (Managing website team in all implementatin phases)

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Shelving & Exhibition Stands Designing modern concepts for Furniture / Exhibition stands. I designed more than 60 modern style shelving & storage units to be used in different purposes. User Interface Design (GUI)  Complete software user interface design  Icons design Print Design  Business Cards  Advertising  Letterheads  Logo Design  Brochures and Catalogs  General Print Design Multimedia Design  Online Demos  CD-Rom Multimedia  Custom Screen Savers  Powerpoint presentations. Calligraphy (5 Arabic fonts)  Diwani  Thuluth  Naskh  Rekaa  Farisy


COMPUTER SKILLS  Adobe Photoshop CS3 + Image Ready CS2  Adobe Illustrator CS3  Adobe Flash CS3 (Macromedia Certified for Flash 5 advanced level)  Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 + CSS2  Microsoft Office 2007 (Word-Excel-PowerPoint)  Axialis Iconworkshop 6  AutoCad 2008 (2D and 3D)  3DS MAX 2008  CuteFTP Professional 7  Swish, Alrassam, FlashToolset2Professional, FlashCatcher  Camtazia 4 (Live demos creator)

This is a list of some important websites I designed. Please visit my website to review all these designs. Governmental:
Public Works Authority (Ashghal) Qatar e-Government (Qatar) Kuwait National Assembly (Kuwait) Cairo Governorate Portal (Egypt) Cairo University Portal (Egypt)

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Menofeya Governorate Portal (Egypt) Saudi e-Government (Saudi Arabia) Faculty of Computer and Information - FCI (Egypt) Planning Ministry (Kuwait) Public Authority of Agriculture and Fish Resources (Kuwait) Culture Affairs and Missions Sector (Egypt) General Foundation for Water (Saudi Arabia) Alexandria Dental School (Egypt) Alexandria Governorate Portal (Egypt) Ismaelya Governorate Portal (Egypt) Faculty of Engineering Intranet System (Alex - Egypt) Cairo University Stuff Club (Egypt)

Iraqi Media Net (Iraq) Almajd Channel (Saudi Arabia) Standardization Organization for GCC (U.A.E) Human Rights Commission-Saudi Office (Saudi Arabia) IT Conference (Saudi Arabia) ArabArchi (Egypt) IslamWeb (Qatar) Doha Independent Secondary School (Qatar) Development Center (Saudi Arabia) (Syria) Egyptian Barcode Society (Egypt) Sadat City Investors Association (Egypt) World Health Organization (Middle East Region Office) Afaq Arabia Newspaper (Egypt) Omm ElQura Newspaper (Saudi Arabia) Geographic Survey Magazine (Saudi Arabia)

NTP Software CriticalSites (USA - Nashua, NH) e7Software (USA - Nashua, NH) - JOVOIP (USA) Informatique (Egypt) Hilton Photography (USA) Sitesforall (Qatar) Naeem (Egypt - Saudi Arabia) RBSD (USA) Naeem (Egypt - Saudi Arabia) Arcom (Saudi Arabia) e-Knowledge (Egypt) Zubara (Qatar) Enr-Architecture (Egypt) Rofaida (Egypt) EnrSoft (Egypt) Egypt Free Shops (Egypt) AbdulAziz (Qatar) Egystonehouse (Egypt) Hussain Fikry (Qatar) Elektronika (Qatar) IMA (USA) EnrStudios (USA-Egypt) EnrFurniture (USA-Egypt) Al-Andulus (Qatar)

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Personal: Ahmed Bin Hagar (Qatar) Ahmed Saad (My Previous website) Issam Allameh (Lebanon) Dr. Omneya Sadek (Egypt)

(please, visit my website to browse my works online where you will find more than 100 websites designs in different categories and design styles)

LANGUAGES  Arabic Mother Tongue  English V. Good (Toefl Score: 500 - 550)

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