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Welcome to Lomax (PDF)


									Published By

The Lomax Church of Christ
320 Darbytown Road Hohenwald Tennessee 38462

Volume 50, Number 34

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome to Lomax!
WOW! What an amazing week it has been. As I write this article we have had thirteen responses in the last eight days. We’ve had nine restorations and four baptisms. It all started with the three responses on Wednesday night a week ago. Then last Sunday morning nine more people came forward. Treg and Sherry Cotton responded and asked for prayers. Treg repented of his problem with alcohol and requested our prayers as he overcomes that addiction. Sherry asked for strength and a stronger faith. She also had some medical tests this past week. Treg and Sherry’s daughter, Jamie Cotton also responded. She wanted our prayers for her forgiveness and restoration. Jamie had a beautiful baby boy, Braxton Tyler Skelton, last Tuesday and she asked for our prayers as she raises him. Pam and Kelsey Askins responded and asked for forgiveness and strength as their family goes through a tough transition with Dale’s job. Debbie Bunch (formerly Debbie Hickerson) asked for prayers of restoration and forgiveness as well. Her husband, Mike Bunch, was baptized Sunday morning, as were Klent and Kolby Willis, two young men from our youth group. Wednesday night, Robbie Layson was baptized into Christ by Tony Turnbow. Robbie grew up here but has been gone for some time. He is back now and decided it was time to obey the gospel and give his life to the Lord. God has truly touched several hearts this past week. What about you? Is it time for you to make some changes for the Lord? Let’s all pray for open hearts and a godly spirit. -David See p. 4 for contact information

Klent and Kolby Willis

A special welcome to our guests!
We are glad to have you visiting with us today! You are welcome here. We know you have a choice of where to worship, and you chose to be with us today — thank you. At Lomax we want to be the church we read about in the Bible. Our goal is to glorify God with our worship and with our lives and to point people to Jesus Christ. If you need anything during the service, ushers in the lobby can direct you to restrooms, the nursery, or a telephone. Please do us the favor of filling out a blue card located on the back of the pew in front of you. If you have any questions or if we can help you, please let us know while you are here or call 796-5381.
Mike Bunch

Robby Layson

Sick: Martha Chandler has been moved to Lewis County Manor Room 414. Sarah Hallman had surgery Aug. 8. She is recovering at home. Cheryl Shields is with her family in Shelbyville. Erik Pfaff, son-in-law of Dave & Cherrylynn Guzy, had an accident this past week and broke his collar bone. He had surgery to have a plate put in his shoulder Wednesday. Roy Burns, father of Carolyn Duncan, will have surgery this Wednesday. Caulden Anderson, a member of our Day School 3 Year Old class, is in Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for tests. Continue to remember Katelyn Collison, Pete Harris, John Smith, Gene Bunch, Carma Edwards, Dexter Beavers, and Carolyn Miller. Shut-ins: Ruth Craig, Sharon Edwards, J. R. and Juanita Page, and Howard Spears. In the nursing home: Lewis County Manor: Martha Chandler, Lockie Sharp, Hazel Hinson, Anne White, Wilton Whitehead, and Michelle Huff. Perry County Nursing Home: Jessie Kilpatrick Hunter, mother of Gene Kilpatrick. Remember our military: Reuben Oaks, grandson of Judy Landis, David Sublett, brother of Kelly Willis, and Steven Haywood, fiance of Lynzie Tiller. Men’s Prayer Breakfast The monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast will be this Saturday, Aug. 26, at 8 am. Please sign the list in the foyer if you plan to attend.

There will be an All-Age Devo tonight after evening worship. The Devo will be at Yogie’s pond, so please bring blankets or chairs. We will be returning to the CSC for the meal. Please bring hotdogs, chips, dip, drinks, and desserts. Buns will be provided.

Baby Shower
The friends of Tracie Lomax invite you to a baby shower for her today from 1-3 pm in the CSC. Tracie and Steve are expecting a boy, Cade Thomas.

Ladies’ Night Out
Ladies’ Night Out will be tomorrow, August 21, at the home of Cherry Guzy. Please bring a favorite dish. Visitation Reorganization
We want to encourage everyone to be a part of our Visitation Program. If would like to participate or find out more information about the program, plan to attend a reorganization dinner next Sunday after morning services. Bring a covered dish.

Bag Lunch Thursday

B. L. T.

Join us every Thursday at noon in the Christian Service Center for a time to eat lunch and discuss this week’s New Testament reading.

Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes News
Those participating in Audio Speech will be recording speeches on Saturday, Aug. 26, at 5 pm at the church building.

How many times did Paul plead with the Lord to remove his thorn in the flesh? (answer next week)

A Look Ahead
Put these dates on your calendar!
A SPECIAL WELCOME to all our visitors. We are glad you came our way. You are always welcome at Lomax….Remember our services tonight at 6:00 and on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM & 7:00 PM...We are always thrilled about all the involvement in our Wednesday morning class and invite all who can to join us. A special welcome to Samuel Raju of India who will report on his work to the adult class this Wed. night (23). The Primetimers are reminded of our birthday party at the Lewis County Manor at 2:00 on Aug. 30...Our trip to the Renaissance on Sept. 15 and to West 7th in Columbia on Oct. 7….Truly, the Son always shines at Lomax. STANDARD EQUIPTMENT: The Pony Express ran from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California, which was a long 1900 miles. Forty riders would cover the distance in 10 days. Everything had to be light. Saddles were small. Mail pouches were flat. No guns were carried. Letters were written on small paper. Yet, when a rider first signed on, he was given what was considered standard equipment—a full size Bible, and it was taken on every trip. Also, it may sound strange to some but most motels in our part of the world have Bibles as standard equipment. Thanks to a group of folks that make this possible. This is also true of other areas of work and travel. The Bible should always be considered standard equipment for everyone. It is the only book that meets the needs of man under all conditions of life. May we encourage everyone to carry it, read it, study it, live it—and our life will be changed if we do. (Cf. Psa. 119:105; Rom. 1:16)—Sub. Steppingstones: A little girl climbing a mountain with her brother became weary and discouraged. She said, “This mountain is nothing but a pile of rocks!” “But the rocks are stepping stones for us,” said the brother. “They help us to climb the mountain!” Thus, let us use what may seem to be a failure to us as a stepping stone to greater heights.-Sub. On The Lighter Side: A new widow requested the epitaph “Rest In Peace” for her husbands tombstone. When she later learned that he had left his fortune to his mistress, she attempted to get the engraver to change the carving. This was impossible. “In that case,” she said, “please add, ‘till We Meet Again.’” Aug. 26—Men’s Prayer Breakfast and Girls’ Day at Woodson Chapel Aug. 27—Visitation Kickoff Dinner following am worship Sept. 6—Teen Meal Sept. 10—Elders, Deacons, and Preachers meet Sept. 17—Friends/Family Day and Devo at the Park Sept. 23—Men’s Prayer Breakfast and 60+ Banquet (note the date change) Sept. 30—Lomax Kids Rally Oct. 4—Teen Meal

Favorite Chocolate Recipes
Attention Ladies! Remember to give Sue Amacher your favorite chocolate recipes for the Ladies’ Day project. Sue needs these recipes by Aug. 31.

60+ Banquet News

The date of the 60+ Banquet has been changed to Sept. 23 at 6 pm.


There will be an important meeting and practice for all those who wish to help with the banquet this afternoon at 4:30 in the CSC. We are in need of many volunteers, so please come if you are 6th grade through 59 yrs. old to be a part of this fun activity!

Sentence Sermons: Sometimes we stand tallest after we learn how to ♦ There is a sign-up sheet in the bend…..Don’t wait for six strong men to take you to church….Nothing foyer for all those who are else ruins the truth like stretching it…..Worry is the darkroom in which planning to come to the 60+ negatives can develop…..Give Satan an inch and he will be a ruler. Banquet.

BY THE NUMBERS For the week of 8/13
A.M. Bible Class A.M. Worship Service P.M. Worship Service Wednesday PM Contribution: Weekly Budget 180 269 176 174 $5,252.13 $5,700.00

Last week’s Know Your Bible answer:
The churches in Macedonia (2 Corinthians 8:1)
Schedule of Services Sunday Bible Study 9:00 am Worship Services 10:00 am Evening Service 6:00 pm Wednesday: Primetimers 10:00am Mid-Week Bible Study 7:00 pm WMLR Radio Sunday 11:30am

Lomax Church of Christ 931-796-5381 David Salisbury - Minister Malcom George - Minister ELDERS: Richard Amacher Steve Edwards Dave Guzy Bill Lawson Rick Morrow Dan Spears Yogie Spears DEACONS:
Greg Amacher — Maintenance Dale Askins — Finance, Audio/ Video J.W. Churchwell - Transportation, Facilities Ralph Conkle — Maintenance Jeff Dye — Worship Assignments, Missions Matthew Farr — Missions Trent Hill — Youth, Visitation Mike Hinson — Cemetery, Education, Youth Pop Hinson — Marshall Islands Mission Darryl Holt — Grounds Jeff Spears — Education, Youth Marty Spears — Visitation, New Programs Larry Tatum — Maintenance Walt Thompson — Benevolence Lynn Tiller — Facilities Usage

The Last Word
I thought you might like to have contact information for our recent responses: Mike Bunch 175 Jerry Road Hohenwald, TN 38462

Klent and Kolby Willis 150 Indian Creek Road Hohenwald, TN 38462

Treg and Sherry Cotton 408 South Park Ave. Hohenwald, TN 38462

Jamie Cotton 519 West 4th Ave. Hohenwald, TN 38462 Robby Layson 725 Kappler Lane Hohenwald, TN 38462 Why not drop these new Christians and newly restored Christians a note of encouragement? Let them know you are praying for them. They have made a life-long commitment to the Lord and to His church. It is a great decision and we rejoice with the angels in heaven over their desire to live a life that is pleasing to God. May they be an example to all the rest of us and may they encourage us to do more and to do better in our Christian life! -David

The Lomax Messenger Published weekly by the Lomax Church of Christ 320 Darbytown Road Hohenwald, TN 38462

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