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The Indescribable Christ
He’s enduringly strong He’s entirely sincere He’s eternally steadfast He’s immortally graceful He’s imperially powerful He’s impartially merciful He’s God’s Son He’s a sinner’s savior literature He’s the highest idea in philosophy He’s the fundamental truth in theology He’s the miracle of the age He’s the only one able to supply all of our needs simultaneously He cleans the lepers He forgives sinners He discharges debtors He delivers captives He defends the feeble He blesses the young He serves the unfortunate He regards the aged He rewards the diligent He beautifies the meek He is the king of knowledge He’s the well-spring of wisdom He’s the doorway of deliverance He’s the pathway of peace He’s the roadway of righteousness
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He’s the centerpiece of civi- He supplies strength for the lization weak He stands alone in Himself He’s available for the tempted and the tried He’s unparalleled He’s unprecedented He’s supreme He’s preeminent He’s the loftiest idea in He sympathizes and He saves He guards and He guides He heals the sick

Young Adults Bible Study
Tuesday Evenings 7:00 pm

Wednesday Night Dinner

Pastor’s Corner
We were sent this from Life Action Ministries and it is our prayer for us and for our church this year. We would like to share it with you at this time as we begin this new year. No matter what this year holds may this be our focus and our prayer together as a church.

Wednesday Nights 5:30 pm

Name, Oh for a Pentecost. You can be sure that something is wrong when our hearts are untouched with a desire to see people come to Christ. Jesus wept over Jerusalem. His heart was filled with compassion when He gazed at the multitudes.

Living Proof In Concert
Sunday January 4th Evening Service

Angel food Order Due
Sunday January 11th

Precept Upon Precept Bible Study
“Sermon On The Mount” Mondays 7:00 pm Starting January 12th

Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) poured out her life in sacrificial service for the kingdom of Christ as a missionary. She served in India for 56 years, never taking one furlough. Her passion for souls serves as a model for us, as expressed in these lines:

Likeness to Jesus always includes love for the lost. As another great missionary, Andrew Murray, said: "The enthusiasm for the kingdom is missing. And that is because there is little enOh for a passionate passion for souls. thusiasm for the King." If you don't love people, you have to ask yourself: Oh for a pity that yearns! Oh for the love that loves unto death, "Do I love Jesus?" Lord, May we have an enthusiasm and Oh for the fire that burns! Oh for the pure prayer-power that pre- love for the King which causes a passion for souls that drives us to prevail in prayer vails, for victory in lives for Jesus sake. Amen. that pours itself out for the lost. Victorious prayer in the Conqueror's Bro. Steve and Linda

Golden Agers Meeting
Tuesday January 13th 10:00am

Baby Shower / Luncheon
for Miranda Stahlman Sunday January 18th

Angel Food Pickup
Saturday January 24thth Between 8 and 9 am.

Winter Jam Concert St. Charles Family Arena
Sunday January 25th

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Prayer Team
Well I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know when, it was December 2008, I ran out of time. Vacation, wedding, friends, and a multitude of other things have taken over and the series on “The Lord’s Prayer” (based on our homes) just didn’t come together this month. So, I am taking a month off and will try again next month. This month I thought I would try and give you some ideas about how to pray for our missionary friends. This is a system/plan I use, although not as faithfully as I would like. Maybe this will help you freshen up your prayer life as you pray for family and friends. Sunday: Their Spiritual Life – time to read and pray; spiritual growth; encouragement; fellowship with local Christians; good links for receiving updates from churches and prayer supporters; integrity; reliability; consistency. Monday: Their Personal Life - relationships between husband and wife; maintaining contact with children, parents, and family back home; friendship with nationals; health and strength; physical and spiritual protection. Tuesday: Communication – progress in language study; adaptation to culture, customs, and people; clarity, creativity, and relevance in preaching and teaching God’s word and biblical emphasis; involvement with those hearing the message. Wednesday: Relationships - harmonious relationships with other Christians, team members, and church leaders; partnership with the local church. Thursday: Evangelism – boldness; a Godly, sensitive, spirit lead ministry; hungry hearts and the opening of spiritually blind eyes; the establishment of Christ’s church and national missionary movements. Friday: Disciplining – patience and empathy; training young people; encouraging new believers and equipping those with leadership gifts. Saturday: Their Country - those in authority; the political situation; religious freedom; openness to the gospel; favor with officials; visa renewals. I realize not all of this will apply to every missionary friend you may have, but I think there is enough here to adapt to whoever you may know in the mission field no matter where they have been called. And of course, if we just open our heart to God, His Spirit will prompt us in the right directions. So, by all means, open your prayer in submission to Him and acknowledging His will not yours. One more thing. We all share a friendship with a certain women that I think would be honored if we would remember something she taught us a year or so ago. This was her version of inductive study. Each verse you read will have at least one of these: SPECKA SIN-to confess PROMISE-to claim EXAMPLE-to follow COMMAND –to obey KNOWLEDGE-to gain APPLICATION-to our lives. Next month, God willing, we will continue our study on “The Great House of God” by taking a look at your Study.
A message from the PRAYER TEAM: If you are not currently on the church email prayer chain and would like to be, please see Clay C. or Linda D. or email them at: or

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His word in enough His grace is sufficient His reign is righteous His yoke is easy and His burden is light He’s indescribable He’s incomprehensible

Herod couldn’t kill Him Death couldn’t handle Him and The grave couldn’t hold Him He has always been and He will always be He had no predecessor and He has no successor You can’t impeach Him and He’s not going to resign The glory is all His Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever and ever and ever… by D.S. Lockridge - A theologian doing his best to describe Jesus Christ

He’s the highway of holiness He’s the gateway of glory He’s the master of the mighty He’s the captain of the conquerors He’s the head of the heroes He’s the leader of the legislators

He’s the overseer of the overcomers He’s invincible He’s irresistible He’s the governor of governors He’s the prince of princes He’s the king of kings and the Lord of Lords His life is matchless His goodness is limitless His mercy is everlasting His love never changes The Heavens cannot contain Him No man can explain Him You can’t get Him out of your mind You can’t get Him off of your hands You can’t out live Him and You can’t live without Him The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him

Angel Food Ministries:
The menu for Angel Food varies from month to month, and all orders through Angel Food are ordered and picked up at local Host Sites; Oakridge Baptist Church is a Host Site. Follow these steps to order Angel Food:
1. To see this month’s menu on the web go to 2. Contact Beth P. or Kim G. to place your order.
Sunday, Jan 11th - Orders due Saturday, Dec 24th 8:00am - 9:00am - Order Pickup

Join NewSong
At The Winter Jam 2009 Tour Spectacular!
1/25/09 St. Charles Family Arena -

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Wednesday Evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
AWANA is a premier program to change kids’ lives. This program is a ministry to help reach children and youth for Christ. AWANA blends Bible teaching, scripture memorization, and tons of fun! AWANA is a club for children beginning K in 2 years (& potty trained) to Youth 6th Grade. It’s never too late to join!

Southern Baptist Convention

Cubbies = Preschool, Sparkies = K - 2nd Grade, Truth & Training = 3rd - 6th Grade
Help Needed: We are in need of a few extra workers to help out on Wednesday nights with the Cubbies (AWANA). If you can help out in this area or would like to help in another area, please see Dan P. or Linda D.

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in Concert
January 4th p.m. service These young grad students, most from Virginia, travel around to elementary schools performing and telling our children about citizenship and “doing the right thing”. There are 4 young men and 3 young women.

Precept Upon Precept Bible Study
Monday Evenings New Study Starting Jan 12th 2009, 7pm “Sermon On The Mount” Go deeper in your walk with God by joining Precept Upon Precept Bible Study hosted by Clay and Sharon

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Christ In You The Hope Of Glory!

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