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The Lomax Church of Christ
320 Darbytown Road Hohenwald Tennessee 38462 www.lomaxchurch.com ! lomax@mlec.net Volume 48, Number 30 Sunday, July 27, 2003

Welcome to Lomax!
Thank you for being with us today! It is always good to get together with the family of God to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your presence today makes this gathering even more special. Congratulations to Brad Pierce who was presented with the Good Servant award as part of his Boy Scout experience. This award is given by the Members of Churches of Christ for Scouting organization and is a high honor. We are proud of Brad and the hard work he has done to be recognized as a good servant. Please remember our Gospel Meeting coming up in just two weeks! I want you to invite your friends to come to the meeting — that is important — but even more than that, I want you to plan to be at every service. One role of a meeting like this is to revive our spirits and to be a boost to us as a congregation. Brother Sam Jones is an excellent speaker, and you will be blessed, encouraged, and challenged to grow in your Christian walk if you will come to the services of our meeting. If you’ve been needing a spiritual “pick-meup,” this is it! It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. School will be starting soon—I know you probably didn’t want to know that. Why not stop this week and say a prayer for our teachers and principals? We have several members here that work with our school children in some way, and we are proud of the good work they do. -David Let’s make it a great week for the Lord!

Remember Our Gospel Meeting
Sunday—Tuesday August 10-12
Sunday 9:00 am and 10:00 am Fellowship meal following AM service 1:00 pm service • Monday– Tuesday 7:00 p.m. Sam Jones, speaker Please make plans to be here and to invite your friends!

A special welcome to our guests!
We are glad to have you visit with us today! You are welcome here. We know you have a choice of where to go, and you have chosen to worship with us today — thank you. At Lomax we want to be the church we read about in the Bible. Our goal is to glorify God with our worship and with our lives and to point people to Jesus Christ. If you need anything during the service, there are ushers in the lobby who can direct you to restrooms, the nursery, or a telephone. Please do us the favor of filling out a blue card located on the back of the pew in front of you. If you have any questions of if we can help you, please let us know while you are here or by calling 796-5381.

Mallory Clayton is scheduled to arrive home this evening. Please keep her and the mission team in your prayers as they travel.

For Abbe Lawson Today from 2-4 pm in the CSC.
Sick: Klent Willis is recovering from tonsil surgery and has had a difficult time. Brock Spears had his wisdom teeth removed last week. Carma Edwards continues to recover from back surgery. Austin Rasbury has been having tests. David Tanner, father-in-law of Shana Tanner, is facing very serious cancer surgery. Dexter Beavers, grandfather of David Salisbury, has been having problems with fluid retention in his lungs. Brenda Helenjarvis, sister of Margeurite Bullion, has been told that her cancer has returned. Mary Helen Garrett, sister of Ruth Craig and grandmother of Kara Farr, had surgery last week at Vanderbilt Hospital. Continue to remember Sharon Edwards, Barbara Hallecks (friend of Beryl Wynne), Ishmael Bunch, Pete Harris, Abbe Lawson, and Nell Bunch. Shut-ins: Bitha Bullion, Ruth Craig, and Austin Rasbury. In the nursing home: Hazel Hinson, Jessie Lawson, Anne White, and Michelle Huff. Remember our military: Tim Baur, Andrew Rogers, Lawrence Kinzie, David Sublett (brother of Kelly Willis), and Tommy Iverson. New Address for Tim & Andrew: SPC Rogers, Andrew/ PFC Baur, Timothy 771st Maintenance (OD) Co. Camp Spearhead APO AE 09305

Area Events
VBS — Pineview Church of Christ
Tonight 7:30pm, Mon.- Thur. 7:00pm Services for Adults and Teens For a list of speakers, please see the bulletin board in the lobby

Gospel Revival
Upper Sinking Church of Christ August 3-8, Edgar C. Beard, speaker Sunday morning at 11:00am Every evening at 7:30pm
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Churchwell request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Anna Marie Churchwell to Thomas Gregory Jones Saturday, the second of August Two thousand three At six o’clock in the evening Lomax Church of Christ Reception immediately following

If you can help mow the church lawn, please sign the list in the foyer. There are still several open weeks. If you have any questions, please see Darryl Holt.

What did Jacob send as a gift to Joseph in Egypt?
(answer next week)

A SPECIAL WELCOME TO ALL OUR VISITORS. We are glad that you came our way. You are always welcome at Lomax. Remember our services tonight at 6:00 and on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM…Thanks to the good number of folks who supported the Mid-South Youth Camp Benefit Dinner this past Saturday and thanks to Bill Rogers for driving the bus. Thanks to Dr. Landis for teaching my Wed. PM class for three weeks while I am involved in other activities. I am scheduled to speak at Hatton (near Florence) this Wednesday night and near Selmer on the following. I am to speak at Acton (near Corinth) this morning but will look forward to seeing everyone at our evening service…..Remember our gospel meeting coming up on August 10-12. I enjoyed teaching the teenage class this past week as we discussed the role of women in the Lord’s church. The women at Lomax are among the best church workers we have ever observed, and we truly appreciate their work of faith and labor of love. They certainly are examples of women professing godliness (1 Tim. 2:10). The following came my way via Doug Greenway and the Booneville bulletin: TOP TEN REASONS GOD CREATED EVE (“written by Eve”??)

8/3 8/4 8/5 8/8 Alex Edwards Crystal Rogers Tony Turnbow Donise Baur Brad Page Joyce Page Keith Bryant Roxanne Rasbury Dylan Atkins Rose Landis Ashley Marie Lomax Don Meredith Max Edwards Lisa Amacher Alice Ammons Bobby Edwards Greg Whitehead Feather Alsup Greg Amacher LaFon Griner Kyle Hamm Janet Johnson Jerry Mercer Sherri Dye Gene Kilpatrick Sandy Tatum Klent Willis Linda Edwards Walt Thompson

8/9 8/10

8/13 8/16 10. God worried that Adam would always be lost in the garden because 8/18 men hate to ask directions.
9. God knew that Adam would one day need someone to hand him the TV remote. (Men don’t want to see what is on TV. They want to see WHAT ELSE is on !) 8. God knew that Adam would never buy a new fig leaf when his seat wore out and would need Eve to get one for him. 7. God knew that Adam would never make a doctor’s appointment for himself. 6. God knew that Adam would never remember which day was garbage day. 5. God knew that if the world was to be populated, men would never be able to handle childbearing. 4. As “Keeper of the Garden,” Adam would never remember where he put his tools. 3. The scripture account of creation indicates Adam needed someone to blame his troubles on when God caught him hiding in the garden. 2. As the Bible says, “It is not good for man to be alone!” 1. When God finished the creation of Adam, some women say that He stepped back, scratched His head and said, “I can do better than that so He gave us the crowning art of His creation. (NOTE: This may be on the lighter side but the women thought that the men should read this).

8/19 8/20

8/21 8/22 8/24 8/26 8/26 8/30

8/2 Donald & Cynthia Miller 8/4 Jeff & Sherri Dye 8/10 Brad & Roxanne Rasbury 8/11 Brian & Simone Hinson 8/18 Greg & Theresa Whitehead 8/25 James & Carolyn Armstrong Don & Barbara Meredith 8/31 Danny & Andrea Hinson

BY THE NUMBERS For the week of 7/20
A.M. Bible Class A.M. Worship Service P.M. Worship Service Wednesday Bible Class Contribution: Weekly Budget 165 $4,706.30 $4,800.00 196 298

Song of Solomon

Last week’s Know Your Bible answer:

Lomax Church of Christ 931-796-5381
David Salisbury - Minister Malcom George - Minister

Things turn out the best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.

Steve Edwards Rick Morrow Bill Lawson Don Owens Yogie Spears

The Last Word
“But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” James 1:4

Greg Amacher Dale Askins J.W. Churchwell Ralph Conkle Jeff Dye Matthew Farr Dave Guzy Trent Hill Mike Hinson Pop Hinson Darryl Holt Bobby Page Dan Spears Jeff Spears Marty Spears Larry Tatum Walt Thompson Lynn Tiller

All too often we are guilty of having fickle faith. We sing “My faith looks up to Thee…” but in reality we panic as soon as a bill comes in that we can’t pay or the doctor gives us bad news or our grades slip or our career takes a turn for the worse or someone we love dies suddenly. Then where is our faith? Fickle faith will leave you when you need it the most. What we need is consistent faith. Consistent faith comes from only one thing — patience. Being patient in the face of adversity is often called endurance. James writes, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” (James 1:2-3). James Schedule of Services is talking about consistent, strong faith. Faith that perseveres. This is Sunday Bible Study 9:00 am not some short-lived faith that runs a 100 meter sprint. Anybody can Worship Services 10:00 am stand trouble for 15 minutes, but what about 15 months? Anyone can Evening Service 6:00 pm endure a test for 10 days, but what about 10 years? We need strong Wednesday: Primetimers 10:00 am faith that can run marathons, not just little sprints. And we get that faith Mid-Week Bible Study 7:00 pm by hanging in there during the tough times. WMLR Radio Sunday 11:30 am So how can I build that kind of strong faith? I can do it by refusing to blame God for my problems. The Lomax Messenger James says we should rejoice when we suffer, not Published weekly by the blame God or other people. Our faith gets stronger as Lomax Church of Christ we practice having the right response to adversity. 320 Darbytown Road When we do the right thing, even if we don’t Hohenwald, TN 38462 necessarily feel like doing it, we grow spiritually. It’s just like exercise for your soul. No one feels like getting up and running a mile or two or working out all the time, but through self discipline we do it because of the reward — it makes us stronger. And when we exercise, even if we don’t want to exercise, we get the benefit from it — we grow stronger. The same is true for our spiritual self. If we will exercise our spirit by doing the right thing during tough times, our faith will grow and we will become more like Jesus Christ.


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