September 2007 Monthly Record Sheet

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					October 2007 Monthly Record Sheet


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SPECIAL ORDERING INCENTIVE! New! Naughty and Nice – Holiday Set. Naughty= a set for
you! Nice= a set for someone else! Special Intro Price: $75 Starter Set sale in Achiever, p. 11. Mistletoe Kisses Linen Mist (full size): Spray into the air before your Spa ESCAPE and you’ll have everyone wondering what the wonderful smell is! Glitzy Body Shimmer (full size): Moisturizes dry winter skin, gives a beautiful, subtle glow. Perfect for holiday parties and looks great on all ages! Wear some yourself and see how you get noticed! Snow Angel Body Sorbet: Dessert for your skin after a bath or shower. Bodylicious Bathing Crème (full size): Cleanser and moisturizer in one. Skin is unbelievably soft! Skinlogics Platinum Plus: Special Intro Price $85. These hot new products are perfect for the upcoming holidays! Skinlogics on sale 20% Oct. 1-18 and 10% Oct. 9-31. October Best Choice Package Sale!
TEAM RALLY OFFER!! “Order $300 today and you’ll receive the 50% discount level!”

NEW AWARDS YEAR CONTINUES! As BeautiControl corporate begins a new Celebration year, the McBee Executive Team begins a new sales charm program! This year you will be able to earn special charms each month for sales of $1000 +! $300 sales + one event (facial, spa, fair, etc.) earns you our Party Animal Charm $500 - $999 sellers will pick from the sales tools basket $1000 – $1999 sellers will pick from the gift sales basket $2000 + sellers will pick from the premium product sales basket *To qualify for the Annual Retreat (Jan 19th & 20th), July 1-Dec 31st, you must have ordered $2700 cumulative retail during this six month period AND Consultants must recruit 1, SRC’s must recruit 2, Unit VIP’s must recruit 4 and Unit MGR/DIQ’s must recruit 6. Recruits need not be qualified. Sales Consistency (July ’07 – Jan ’08): $1200 Club & $2000 Club Sales Charm Program (July – July): The #1 consultant in sales will receive a Special Queen Bee charm for that month. Anyone with sales of $1200 or more in a month will receive a choice charm from the charm box. The first month you have $1200 in sales you receive your starter bracelet AND your first charm.

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#1 Recruiting Consultant will receive a special #1 charm for the month Each qualified recruit earns you 1000 points towards the Top 10 Achievers at the end of the fiscal year (July 1 ’07 – July 01 ’08) Heart charm for every new recruit you bring to our Team Rally! The #1 consultant in recruiting will receive a special #1 charm for that month $10 towards your Crown Uptown ticket for each qualified recruit! All recruits count for Annual Retreat on Jan 19th & 20th

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When you book one or more spas and post them on BeautiNet, you will earn a “monthly” booking charm at the next Team Rally! Each month the charms will be different. 8 will make you great!! Special rewards offered when you book 8!

Client Connection:
January – Winter March – Spring May – Summer August – Fall October – Holiday Deadline – Dec. 21 Deadline – Mar. 12 Deadline – May 21 Deadline – Aug. 13 Deadline – Oct. 17

Upcoming Trainings:
Hays, KS (184 miles from Wichita) Oct. 13 Overland Park, KS (187 miles from Wichita) Oct. 13, 15, 20, 27, 28 & Nov. 18 Topeka, KS (140 miles from Wichita) Nov. 10 Wichita, KS Oct. 20 Oklahoma City, OK (162 miles from Wichita) Oct. 13 & Nov. 17 Tulsa, OK (177 miles from Wichita) Nov. 10 All times are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Upcoming Local Events:
Earn While You Learn Spa or Mochas & Makeovers (must RSVP to Margo 24 hours in advance and bring 1 or more guests) Oct. 16th 7PM. – 8PM. Oct. 25th 7PM – 8PM *Whichever RSVP comes in first, you will get your choice of Mochas & Makeovers or Earn While You Learn. Email or call for directions. Oct. 19th Guys N Dolls Broadway Show + Scavenger Hunt Nov. 5th, 2007 6:30 PM Team Rally - New Consultants 6:15 PM Wichita Library, 31st & Meridian, Wichita

Conference Calls:

Oct. 15th - 8 PM For our out of town Beelievers or those who couldn’t make their monthly Team Rally. Join us for our Team Rally Conference Call 8PM CST. Oct. 6th – 9PM CST For “ALL” Conference Call. Subject: “How to Sharpen Your Recruiting, Selling & Booking Skills. . Oct. 15th – 9PM CST For “ALL” Conference Call. Subject: “How To Sharpen Your Recruiting, Selling & Booking Skills.” Oct. 22nd – 8:30 PM CST VIP, UMGR Conference call. 30 Min. . Oct. 22nd – 9PM CST For “ALL” Conference Call. Subject: “How To Sharpen Your Recruiting, Selling & Booking Skills. Oct. 29th – 9 PM CST For “ALL” Conference Call. Subject: “How to Sharpen Your Recruiting, Selling & Booking Skills. ** All conference calls will use the phone number 218-486-1300, then enter bridge #560420 and you will be connected.

Keep for your Records September 2007 Monthly Record Sheet
Consultant__________________________Unit________________________ MY RESULTS: I held #_______ of Spa Escapes this month. I added #_______ of NEW clients this month. I recruited #_______ of new consultants this month. My # of bookings for this month were _______. I placed total retail orders of $__________ this month. I have #_______ of spas booked for the coming month My sales at all my spas this month were ___________. My profit during this month was ____________. My total points earned for the McBee Executive Team were _________. (1000 points for qualified recruits, 1 point for each retail dollar ordered) I earned how much for the Crown Uptown tickets $______

MY GOOD NEWS: Complete before the unit meeting to be included in a drawing.

MY QUESTIONS: Do you have a question? Whether it’s about a product, the recognition program, spas or just a general question … please write it here. If time allows it will be addressed at the meeting or your director will contact you to answer the question.

Give to your Director at the Unit Meeting
To receive recognition you must turn in this Monthly Record Sheet at the meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting because of a conflict or too far a distance you must participate in the virtual meeting and fax this monthly record sheet to your director before the virtual meeting to receive your recognition.

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