Advanced Drama Summer Assignment by forrests


									Advanced Drama Summer Assignment
1. Goal Letter (Drama II, Comp. Theatre III, Comp. Theatre IV)  Write a letter telling me why you signed up for this class, what your life plans when it comes to the Theatre Arts are (lifetime enjoyment, a career, a little of both, etc.) and what you’d like to learn/accomplish in the up coming year.  Due in my box here at Lincoln July 31st (mail it, bring it by, etc.) 2. Read Lost In Yonkers by Neil Simon  Drama II, Comp. Theatre III and IV o Write a basic plot summary. This should be no longer than a paragraph or two. Sum up the story as compactly as you can. o Select one character and write a basic, one-page character analysis. Who is this person? How do they relate to the other characters? What do they want and why? What kind of person are they? What do they get in the end? As an actor, what would the difficulties be in portraying this character successfully? o Both of these are due (typed, double-spaced) on the first day of school, Monday August 18th 3. Advanced work with Lost In Yonkers  Comprehensive Theatre III and IV o Select one of the following options in addition to the above:  Technical Design – Design on paper a set design, costume design or publicity design for Lost in Yonkers. Write a one page, typed, double-spaced explanation of your choices. Be sure to include budgetary considerations (is this a multi-million dollar Broadway show, a shoe-string community theatre show, something else?) Be ready to present your work and your explanation on August 18th  Acting Work – Find a monologue or duet scene in the above play. The monologue should be no shorter than 1 minute in length (shoot for 1 ½ to 2 minutes) and should demonstrate understanding of the character and the show. Write a onepage, typed, double spaced, character analysis explaining your choices, your character’s motivation, obstacles, the subtext, etc. For a duet scene, it should be between 3-5 minutes in length and each partner must write the above one-page for their character. Both options must be blocked, memorized and completely worked. You have a whole summer, don’t wait till the last minute and start the year off on a bad note. Lost In Yonkers is a common show and scripts will be easy to find. Copies are available at the public library, Borders and Barnes and Noble. BE WARNED: Yes, there is movie. Yes, Neil Simon wrote the screenplay and YES, he changed A LOT. I’ll know the difference. Don’t chance it.

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