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									Why was capital punishment
 WALT: Identify the arguments used in the 1950s for
 and against capital punishment and explain what led
                     to its abolition
   A: Evaluate the arguments for and against and
           develop your own conclusions.
        B: Explain arguments for and against
    C: Argue for OR against capital punishment.
            Starter – Key words
                                                  A: Evaluate the
                                                  arguments for
Capital Offence                                   and against and
                                                  develop your
Capital Punishment                                B: Explain
                                                  arguments for
                                                  and against
Abolition            In the 21st century, if we   C: Argue for OR
                      do not carry the death      against capital
                      penalty in the UK, why      punishment.
                     do other countries justify
                           the use of it?
  Task1: Put the abolition time line in
          chronological order
                                 1965 Capital punishment        1971 Arson in the Royal
1908 People under 16 no
                                    for murder cases            Dockyards stopped being
     longer hanged
                                   suspended for 5 yrs             a capital offence.

                                    1950 Timothy Evans             1998 High Treason &
1969 Abolition of capital
                                  executed for the murder         piracy with violence no
punishment for murder
                                        of his wife.               longer capital crimes

 1933 People under the                                             1999 Home Secretary
                                   1964 Last Executions:
  age of 18 no longer                                            signs 6th protocol on the
                                  Peter Anthony Allen and
        hanged                                                   European Convention of
                                   Gwynne Owen Evans
                                                                 Human rights. Formally
1953 Derek Bentley to be                                              abolishing CP.
                                  1955 Ruth Ellis, the last
 hanged at Wandsworth
                                 woman hanged in the UK

Extension: Why do you think the abolition of Capital Punishment was
                  not a sudden decision in 1969?
     Task 2: What are the
         arguments?                     A: Evaluate the
                                        arguments for
• In pairs, one of you must argue for   and against and
                                        develop your
  and one of you must argue against     own
  the death penalty.                    conclusions.

                                        B: Explain
                                        arguments for
                                        and against

                                        C: Argue for OR
                                        against capital
          Task 3: Case studies
                                         A: Evaluate the
                                         arguments for
• Look at the 3 case studies.            and against and
                                         develop your
• For each case, decide how the events   own
  may have encouraged people to
                                         B: Explain
  consider the abolition of the death    arguments for
  penalty.                               and against

                                         C: Argue for OR
                                         against capital
         Timothy Evans
         Executed:          1950
         Crime:             Killing his wife and baby.
         Later evidence:    It was found that his wife’s killer
         was                a man named Christie who lived in
                            the same block.
         Resolution:        Evans was posthumously pardoned
                            in 1966
Derek Bentley
Executed:         1953
Crime:            Bentley and his brother broke in to a
                  London warehouse. His brother shot a policeman.
                  Bentley had serious learning difficulties and a mental
                  age of 11. Both men found guilty of murder. Only
                  Bentley was executed because his brother was under
Resolution:       Bentley was posthumously pardoned in 1998
Ruth Ellis
Executed:         1955
Crime:            Shot her boyfriend who had violently abused her. She
                  planned the murder and she was sane. There was no
                  other punishment for her and the jury had to find her
                  guilty. She was the last woman in the UK to be hanged.
 “These figures show that the murder        Task 4
  rate is not soaring as a result of the
  abolition of capital punishment but
      remains remarkably stable.”

 James Callaghan, Labour Government
     Home Secretary in a speech to
  parliament on 16th December 1969 in
   the final debate on the abolition of
           capital punishment.                “There are people dead today
                                            (because of murderers) who might
                                            have been alive if the law had been
Look at sources A and B                                 different.”
What can you learn about the
impact of abolishing the death                  The Conservative opposition
penalty in the UK?                         Spokesman on Home Affairs, Quintin
                                           Hogg in the same debate. He believed
                                           that murders had happened because
                                           violent crimes no longer feared being
                                                    hanged for murder..
               Exam practice
• “Explain why Derek Bentley’s execution was
  important in changing attitudes to capital
  punishment.” 9 marks
• Level 1: Answer gives a reason but little detail
• Level 2: Gives details about public protests
  and Derek Bentley’s execution but does not
  fully explain importance.
• Level 3: Adds to level 2 an explanation to
  show public opinion became more critical of
  the use of CP.
                  Add your answers on the
                  way out, using the board
 Plenary          pen.

Why was Capital

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