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					ICMA International
Update for ICMA International Committee April 2009

Program Portfolio FY09
• Expanded: Afghanistan Municipality Strengthening Program
– Provide training and technical assistance to mayors and other local government officials on: management, accountability, out-sourcing/privatization, delivery performance measurement, and mechanisms for citizens input in core service delivery program. ($20 million; anticipate additional $3 million; ends 2010)


New: Commercialization of Afghanistan Water and Sanitation
– Improve operating efficiency of local water utilities by implementing standardized work methods, inspections, inventory management, systematic equipment maintenance, and controlling costs and reducing water loss. – Improve financial management by revising revenue and rate structures, improving cash flow, improving billing and collection practice to reduce need for government subsidies – Establish key performance indicators, performance targets, & measurement methods for maintaining acceptable standards of service at reasonable cost ($8.5million; ends 2011)


Program Portfolio FY09
• New: Iraq Local Government Support Program III
– Additional $1.4 million; new subcontract w/RTI (ends 2011) – Provide training and technical assistance with local government officials on decentralization: budget & financial management and service delivery

• New: Iraq Community Action Program II
– Three new subcontracts totaling $7.3 million (ends 2010) – CAP III program goal “to restore responsive and effective local government institutions” by (1) communities better articulating their needs and mobilizing resources to solve common problems; (2) local governments in CAP communities better meeting the articulated needs of the community; and (3) assisting civilian victims of conflict

On-going Programs FY09
• • • • • • • Guatemala –decentralization and reform at the local government level Indonesia - financial management and local government service delivery Serbia - local economic development India – financial management and performance indicators Ethiopia – disaster preparedness and local government service delivery Jordan – partnerships working with ministries to environment and health on waste audits, hazardous waste inventories, medical wastes handling and related technologies Public/Private Infrastructure Assistance Fund - (LAC region through ICMA Latinoamerica)


Anticipated new awards FY09 & 10
CityLinks Leader with Associates Cuba – “Hastening Transition to Democracy” India - Public/Private Infrastructure Assistance China – private sector education partnership for city administration training, study tours, curriculum development and delivery • Climate Resilient Cities (World Bank) • • • •

Prospective proposal pipeline FY10
• • • • • Rwanda – civil society Sri Lanka – local governance Africa – slum upgrading Nigeria – local governance Lebanon – municipal financial management • Nepal – association capacity building


Prospective proposal pipeline FY10
• Indonesia – local governance • Yemen – water • Central Asian Republics – local governance • Sustainable cities initiative and environmental investment • Jordan – energy efficiency

• Aggressive proposal and business development activities FY10 to ensure FY11 & FY 12 pipeline • Increasing use of short term consultants to gain wider reach and more diversification in programs • New: Recruitment Officer position • Senior Governance Advisor recruitment


Portfolio Revenue
FY09 Revenue Target: $15.75 million FY09 Revenue Projection to date: $19 million FY10 stretch goal revenue: $23.6 million Historical highest annual revenue (actual): FY06 $15.3 million – Uncertain USAID environment with new administration and shift from heavy focus on Afghanistan and Iraq – – – –


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