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									                                                                                                    ORACLE DATA SHEET



                                 Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition is a high performance,
                                 embeddable database implemented in pure Java. It provides a
                                 transactional storage engine that dramatically reduces the overhead
                                 of object persistence while keeping the flexibility, speed and
• Pure Java, embeddable          scalability of object to relational mapping (ORM) solutions.
• Fast, indexed, Btree storage
• ACID transactions              Persist Java Objects
• Highly concurrent design
                                 Berkeley DB Java Edition is designed to offer the same benefits of Enterprise Java
• Runs in memory or on disk
                                 Beans 3.0 (EJB3) persistence without the need to translate objects into tables.
• Zero administration

• Java EE JTA, JCA, JMX          Relational databases are the most sophisticated tool available to the developer for
• Efficient Direct Persistence
                                 data storage and analysis. Most persisted object data is never analyzed using ad-hoc
                                 SQL queries; it is usually simply retrieved and reconstituted as Java objects. The
• Easy Java Collections API

• Scales to hundreds of          overhead of using a sophisticated analytical storage engine is wasted on this basic
  gigabytes of data              task of object retrieval. The full analytical power of the relational model is not
• Single JAR file (820KB)        required to persist Java objects efficiently. In many cases, it is unnecessary
                                 overhead. In contrast, Berkeley DB Java Edition does not have the overhead of an
                                 ad-hoc query language like SQL and so does not incur this penalty.

                                 The result is faster storage, lower CPU and memory requirements, and a more
                                 efficient development process. Despite the lack of an ad-hoc query language,
                                 Berkeley DB Java Edition can access Java objects in an ad-hoc manner, and it does
                                 provide transactional data storage and indexed retrieval, as you would expect from
                                 any database. The difference is that it does this in a small, efficient, and easy-to-
                                 manage package. Using the Direct Persistence Layer, Java developers can quickly
                                 and easily persist and retrieve inter-related groups of Java objects with confidence,
                                 speed, and a fraction of the complexity and overhead of a comparable ORM

                                 Berkeley DB Java Edition’s unique design                     Read Performance
                                 allows for performance at and sometimes
                                 beyond that of optimized ANSI C code

                                             Update Performance

                                                                               while remaining pure Java. Using an
                                                                               external database for transactional Java
                                                                               persistence will always introduce a Java

                                                                                                                                 ORACLE DATA SHEET

BERKELEY DB                     Native Interface (JNI) bottle neck for data as it is copied into and out of the Java
JAVA EDITION                    Virtual Machine (JVM). Avoiding JNI overhead is critical as data volumes increase
                                into the multi-gigabyte range, as data will live out of cache more frequently.
                                Berkeley DB Java Edition scales across multi-core and multi-processor architectures
PERSISTENCE SOLUTION            to use all available resources.

                                Java Enterprise Edition Integration
• Caching
                                Berkeley DB Java Edition fits neatly into the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
• Application data repository   programmer’s toolkit by supporting Java Transaction API (JTA), J2EE Connector
• POJO persistence              Architecture (JCA) and Java Management Extensions (JMX) across the major
• Queuing/Buffering             application servers available today, including Oracle Application Server 10g.
• Web Services

                                Application Local Storage
• Integration
                                Berkeley DB Java Edition fits equally well into any stand-alone Java application as

                                it does within a Java EE server. Berkeley DB Java Edition fills a major gap in the
• Very high performance         data storage landscape by offering an out-of-the-box solution for situations where
• Simple, direct, indexed       previously the only solution was custom code.
• Local, in-process storage
                                Lights Out Administration
• High concurrency
                                Once integrated, Berkeley DB Java Edition runs unattended. Routine maintenance
• Massive scalability

• Transactional data
                                and administration tasks are easily performed by the application. API calls are
  integrity                     provided for all operational functions. This means that Berkeley DB Java Edition is
• Automatic recovery            virtually transparent to the application’s end user.
• Zero administration

• Fast, simple development
                                Sophisticated Simplicity
• Flexible deployment
                                Berkeley DB Java Edition is simply the easiest to use, most sophisticated data
                                storage engine for Java applications available today. When requirements dictate
                                fast, local and transactional persistence, Berkeley DB Java Edition is the solution to

Berkeley DB Java Edition is
                                consider first.
a part of the Berkeley DB
embeddable database
family, which includes
Berkeley DB and Berkeley

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