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I am a very experienced Software Developer/Architect, with 18 years of work experience and extensive educational knowledge. I have experience in the full life cycle software development & design including: software design & architecture, numerical or mathematical methods and modeling, graphics user interfaces, SOA architecture, enterprise middleware, database management systems, XML Web Services - Enterprise SOAP client/server, application integration services programming - coding, debugging, testing, design, architecture etc. - more than 12 years, five of which as Lead Software Architect, including work on the full life cycle of many very big and complex enterprise client-server distributed network software products: BMB Enterprise (Enterprise class, High availability architecture - SOA Web enabled distributed - business critical J2EE batch oriented platform), CapeClear (XML Web Services SOAP middleware integration software), BankWorld (Internet Banking Back Office), RevenueOffice(Telecomunications software) and Sisco Bandwith Quality Analysis Server. For example, only at my job at Cape Clear Software - the number of successful product releases I took part in is more than 10 including the design and delivery of the initial prototypes. Languages and technologies involved are from distributed client/server in C/C++, MFC, ATL, COM/DCOM, TCP/IP, CORBA to SOAP middleware, Java, SWING, JavaBeans, J2EE JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XML/WSDL Web Services clientserver, Scalable Vector Graphics SVG, etc. Throughout my education and research career I have accumulated a broad experience from all over the World doing research at a number of international universities, including University of Ruse - Bulgaria, Dublin City University - Ireland, University of Bratislava - Slovak Republic, and Oregon State University, U.S.A. as faculty Research Associate (post doctoral research in the mechanical engineering design area 3D/4D Visualization Algorithms/Software, C, C++, OpenGL, GUI). I have 14 scientific publications and 3 registered inventions one of which has won first place with regard to scientific significance in the competition “INVENTION OF THE MONTH – NOVEMBER 1990”. My current job involves ideas, prototypes, architecture, design and development of Enterprise class, high availability architecture - Web enabled distributed - business critical J2EE batch processes oriented platform called BMB Enterprise. I have designed it for the rapid implementation of information technology support for business processes that cover all present and prospective system requirements needed to run the business end-to-end. The BMB Enterprise is a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based system, with the ability to integrate with existing systems. BMB Enterprise can be added on top of any existing legacy system, enabling development of new queries and applications the company needs, or to be the operational vehicle for a new system. A business applications developed as plug-ins on top of the platform can be either a synchronous job (AKA, API call) or an asynchronous job (AKA, batch job, running in the background) or a whole web application. I designed the product architecture to provide an answer to the most important needs of organizations in our times: Instant Implementation, Rapid and Easy Development, High Availability, Easy scalability, Central installation with no downtime, Uncompromising Security. Some of cutting edge platform independent technologies involved are: J2EE, JSP, XML, Ajax, SOAP client/server middleware, Tomcat, Axis, XML Web Services also Java, JavaScript, Servlets – Java server side, HTML/DHTML/XHTML, JavaBeans JDBC, SQL (MySQL, Oracle), etc. The high education, natural intellect and striving for perfection are important features but nothing can substitute the real live experience facing really big scale customer: The current version of BMB Enterprise is a third generation of the product being analyzed and rewritten from scratch. BMB Enterprise did prove itself for the last several years as a robust and successful engine serving the huge batch and online processing demands of one of the biggest mobile providers in EU – O2 having millions of customers, processing millions of database transactions per daily basis and having hundreds of millions euro profit from churn reduction thanks to BMB Enterprise. I have been demonstrated very high standards receiving many awards and excellent reviews/references about my work. Please see details on my personal page at: I believe my experience, innovative thinking and natural academic approach for research and adoption of new technologies has provided me with the skills, knowledge and the ability to work as a part of a team successfully. I am also confident that given an opportunity I can be a productive member of your company. I'd greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss our mutual interests. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at: Thank you for your time,

Gencho Nankov, Ph.D.

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