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Biomass Working Group


									Biomass Working Group
Meeting - January 23, 2007, 2 p.m. Bureau of Land Management Field Office 5665 Morgan Mill Road, Carson City, Nevada (775) 885-6000

Welcome and introductions - John McLain Call to order 2:04 p.m. Those present: Greg McKay (No. Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District), Clint Koble (NRDC), John McLain (RCI), Jason Perock (NDF), John Toth (Green Capital Network), Stan Raddon (CCRR), Matt Tuma (Sen. Reid), Pete Konesky (NV Energy Office), Elwood Miller (Renewable Energy Task Force), Tom Baker (USFS), Skip Ritter (BLM) and Kerrie Badertscher (UNCE)

Next meeting scheduled 2 p.m., March 20, 2007
Strategic Plan – a copy of the working “White paper” was distributed by K. Badertscher, who identified the main disconnect for biomass as public recognition piece. We should be showcasing programs such as Jason‟s school project and targeting school age children. After discussion, including Green up a team was identified to more forward with creating a series of Fact Sheets for UNCE. Most likely this group will have several reading levels to target including policy makers, school-age children, and the general population. In order to move forward with the research-based Fact Sheet, a blind review process will be involved, and it was decided that Pete, Elwood, and Kerrie would be authors and Skip, John Toth, Greg, Clint, Jason, and Tad Mason of California would be offered as the blind review. This piece will also be subject to review within Extension. Pete shared with the group that he has a new overall document to review that encompasses renewable energy – this information will be incorporated. There is a need for good jpg photos, and a permission to use is required. Photos and information can be sent to any of the authors including Project Green Up was introduced as an event that this group may try to participate in. John Toth is on the planning committee for this 6 week event (similar to Artown but with a sustainable theme). It will be located at the Idlewild Park, Calif. Bldg and will feature various renewables like solar/PV. This event will transition Earth Day and have a Northern NV and Tahoe/Truckee region focus. Biomass Coordinator Request status Matt Tuma, Sen. Reid's office Matt shared with the group that the RFP application was submitted. However, appropriations have been delayed for 2006 and new look at the proposal will be considered in 2007 for appropriation in 2008. A total of 440 K was requested for 1 FTE/travel/office in coordination with the NV Fire Safe Council. Pete stated the Western Gov. Association may have some limited funding (but not at that level) to assist in some manner. Matt was extended the group's appreciation for his work. Matt shared a willingness to strengthen partnerships and offered his support as Outreach for Rural Nevada with Chris Miller serving in Washington DC on Renewable Energy issues in Senator Reid‟s office. Appreciation was extended to Sen. Reid for participating in the October biomass session.


Legislative Session:

Elwood Miller

Elwood reported that the Renewable Energy Task Force with Jeneane Harter would focus in reaching the legislators. Elwood extended Biomass Work Group recommendations Highlights included: 1) Reviews Western Biomass recommendations Adopted and sent forward by WGA 2) Interim - Senator Dean Rhodes Review land management concerns, especially with wildfire threats Therefore it was included (top of page 3 quote) as a Resolution. Production tax credits (federal) have been extended but limited funding with other technologies receiving more; infrastructure/private investment and demonstrations are encouraged. 3) Rebate to add incentives to beyond solar 4) Cogeneration at prison/power sales and the difficulties Why can't third parties be involved to bypass pubic utilities? Resistance from public utilities caps and restrictions, public safety and other concerns were discussed. 5) 150 KWH Net metering limits the maximum size of production facility. Resistance from public utilities-this area needs more definition and biomass is not even eligible for net metering. A recommendation to increase to 1 megawatt was discussed. Other discussion ensued including:  Buy/sell with utilities (Pete has information on this) adopt biomass resolution  Waste Management is selling Green Machine  Gov. Gibbons State of the State discussed biomass yet was consistently dropped by other policy makers  The Coal gasification proposed by Gov. Gibbons is actually moving the $10 million to Commission for Econ Dev. (Lt. Gov. Krolicki) to bring industry and technology into state, potentially ignoring our expertise and resources currently on hand. This budget cutback most likely affects 2 FTE positions along with no new funding including another FTE requested.  Transportation issues are paramount, and a pipeline from Canada was discussed. By using the liquification of coal to fuel, more water will be utilized.  Currently, 8 BDRs are in front of this legislative session concerning renewable energy.  DOE had a grant that is fuel related where biomass could be included (11K for information session) on renewable energy esp FUEL. Other aspects can include biomass, solar and wind. Fuel is critical to Nevada. Lobbying issues are a concern for this industry therefore and information session for policy makers is critical. A subcommittee was formed: Pete, Chair and John McLain, Jason - fuels for school display, Kerrie – Greenwaste potential, Stan - prison story, Clint – rural development. Date and time to be arranged. We need an industry champion as well as a champion in the legislators; David Bobzien, Assembly, and Senator Amodei were mentioned as potentials; also Brian Krolicki. The group needs to decide what message needs to go forward.


Nevada Rural Development Update Clint Koble (NRDC) Clint shared a recent article from RGJ about biomass/ wildfire threat reduction. He discussed an economic model to attract investors, either through viability or short-term subsidies. Elwood and Clint - asked Tom to broaden biomass working models. First meeting - Tom chair of big development. Clint is working on a project with Pete – a roadmap for Energy including biomass. Clint reported that he has met with Jeneane Harter and Kerrie to update a database on all renewable energy. Kerrie and her staff are working on this currently. Biomass is the first topic being explored. Clint discussed the 25 X ‟25 initiative and discussed the successful Ag Summit in Fallon. He stated that the ethanol coalition (GM) gives governor office a green vehicle to promote sustainability. Meta-analysis of Current Biomass Projects in Nevada Kerrie Badertscher In coordination with NRDC and as part of Kerrie‟s baseline analysis of needs within the state and this industry, Kerrie has begun to compile a database of all existing projects involving renewable energy in the state. The first database (conducted in cooperation with her staff, Carolyn Metzka) concerns biomass. Please forward any list serves, contacts, websites, photos and other details to for incorporation of this report. Pete suggested that Kerrie contact Ed Goedharter who is in the state legislature and owns a large dairy in Amargosa Valley. Energy Summit Kerrie Badertscher for Del Fortner

Kerrie asked the group for a moment of silence since Del had to work at the USAPPA conference in Palm Springs! Del asked Kerrie to share information about conducting an Annual Renewable Energy Conference in „07. The 2008 Harvesting Energy for Rocky Mountain area includes Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico will be hosted in Nevada. Pete shared a good location for this conference is potentially at Harrah's in Reno due to reasonable costs. Suggestion was made, that this is the one GOOD activity to really showcase biomass and renewable energy. Pete also stated he may have some funding that might be available potentially for planning the 2008 conference – in that it would be good to have people present at the upcoming 2007 conference, Del and Elwood were mentioned as potential candidates. A question was raised if the task force had additional funds for planning a regional conference? Additional funds will need to be identified. Miscellaneous updates - All Greg McKay No Lake Tahoe Fire Protection Dist.  Discussed that all public agencies within the basin are working on Pathway 2007 Pathway is working to align all agencies within the basin including TRPA. TRPA supports biomass within this process.  Lahontan/Turner biomass were discussed.  Southern Nevada Forest Service has interest in terms of fuels. Funding? Could be a combo of state/federal sources. (Stan may be able to assist)


Stan Raddon CCRR  Prison with CCRR had $8 million into the boiler plant with an expected 15 - 20 year lifespan  Stan is hitting critical timing in that he is getting in 16T/day coming in now but shortfall of 40T/day to make it work (total needed of 56T for optimal energy production.)  Carson city residents have been extremely responsive  This project is turnkey in April but need 56T/day biomass  The Forest Service wants to use it for old slash & chip but there are several issues including transportation fuel cost and ash content.  Stan is currently offering $9/bone dry T will be paid to producer by CCRR Some suggestions by the group included contacting the Nevada Landscape Association for Greenwaste. Tom and Jason noted that some feedstock are going out of state to Sierra Pacific products. Tom Baker USFS  White Pine County Lands Bill was co-sponsored by Senators Reid and Ensign. That bill made funds available to do fuel treatment in the Tahoe Basin and along the Sierra Front (Washoe, Carson, and Douglas Counties.) We as a groups owe both senators a major THANK YOU for their effort.  Hauling is key issue from Lake Tahoe  Suggestion to create committee to resolve transportation issues from the Lake and to get federal Forest Service funding  Reported on the Carson Ranger District – Fuel Treatment under the Southern Nevada Lands Act. Kerrie Badertscher UNCE  Burning Man (Green Theme) this year – this draws a great deal of laughter but always be on the lookout for outside-the-box ideas to promote our cause. Pete Konesky Dept. of Energy  Thanked the committee for its help with the successful NVB workshops. Skip Ritter BLM  Small project coming up in addition to prison project  P/J slated for 1.3 million acres removal in the draft Ely RMP  Southern Nevada Land Act - potential for renewables versus waste  Stewardship included Ward Mtn. #2, Indian Creek Campground, and Cold Springs John Toth Green Capital Network  Currently looking at California for biomass potential in Nevada (transport issues again were raised as a main concern)  100 KWH gasifier is just not available yet (Pete may know of one local link; 30% efficiency with sawdust but lignin issues remain.


Mentioned that a Green program has been initiated with Waste Management but where is this happening locally?  Lagoons and digesters were discussed.  The Nation/State of California has just signed a deal with the "Kingdom of Sweden" to produce new renewable energy 1) biomass/heat 2) liquification/fuel Jason Perock NDF  Jan 12 - Southern Nevada biomass collaboration - is training contractors in cooperation with Steve Rohr, Nevada Commission for Economic Development.  Fuels for Schools - meeting with EDEN in Nye/Esmeralda using landscapers and parks waste the school district ay become self-sufficient!  EDEN - Pahrump -- Tamarisk (east side of Spring Mountain)  Feb. 9 - next meeting (Interagency Bldg in Vegas) SEDA (biofuels)  Mark Freeman - biomass with P/J  Feb. 12 - tour with Forest Service of the Springs - 300 ft shaded fuel break; working with Stephanie Phillips on fuel reduction  Northern Nevada Correction Center - John Serpa – proposed development and golf course that may yield 20K trees. This is located at the top of Clear Creek up off Hwy 50 and most likely will be a multi-year program. This caused some discussion in relation to CCRR project. Kerrie pointed out that Jason's purpose (like hers) is to serve as a resource in providing unbiased information about various projects. Miscellaneous:  Meeting with Pete Anderson on Jan. 24 to follow up on the Resolution  CDF & WGA on grant focusing on Tahoe Basin biomass  Tom - met with legislative council Jan. 23 and suggested that we watch acronyms when communicating to policymakers  Elwood - beef up and support energy office with governor/legislative  Energy Czar: Hatice Gecol Ph.D., Assoc. Professor at UNR will be announced very soon. She has a background in biodiesel and attended U. of Istanbul, Turkey. Meeting adjourned 4:45 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Kerrie Badertscher, CPH Western Area Specialist, Horticulture University of Nevada Cooperative Extension



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