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Bratislava, Slovakia The capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, is situated in the South-West of the country, on the borders with both Austria and Hungary. It was first mentioned in written records in 907 and since the 10th century, the city was closely associated with the Kingdom of Hungary, as a border fortress first, after the battle at Mohacs (1526) when the Turks conquered vast parts of Hungary also as an important political center, seat of the Imperial Council and coronation place for the next 300 years. The 19th century witnessed not only Bratislava’s rapid urban and industrial development but also a renaissance of the Slovak culture and nation. Even tually, the Slovak Republic emerged in 1918 within Czechoslovakia with Bratislava as its capital. During WWII, the Slovak Republic was controlled by Nazi Germany, and after 1948 Czechoslovakia became part of the communist block under Soviet influence. Slovakia became an independent country again in 1993. Bratislava is the largest town in Slovakia with a population of approximately 450,000.

Saturday, June 3
12:35 PM A RRIVAL AND PICK UP AT BRATISLAVA AIRPORT You will receive a welcome folder upon check-in with an updated program, the details for individual appointments, and a range of materials on Bratislava, Slovakia and specific program items 1:00 PM 5:30 PM Dress: Casual 6:00 PM P ROGRAM BRIEFING Koliba Expo restaurant terrace Kamzíkov vrch, Bratislava W ELCOME DINNER: A CULINARY INTRODUCTION TO CENTRAL E UROPE Koliba Expo restaurant CHECK -IN AT HOTEL DANUBE M EET IN HOTEL LOBBY A ND MINIBUS TRANSFER


Sunday, June 4
9:45 AM M EET IN HOTEL LOBBY Dress: Casual, walking shoes 10:00 AM GUIDED TOUR : B RATISLAVA AND ITS MULTICULTURAL HERITAGE Tour guide: Mr. Maros Borsky, Curator for Slovak Jewish Heritage of the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava L UNCH Primi Restaurant Michalska 19, Bratislava BOAT T RIP TO DEVIN CASTLE WITH S LOVAK MMFS AND FRIENDS OF GMF Osobny pristav (Passenger Port) Fajnorovo nabrezie 2, Bratislava TOUR OF DEVIN CASTLE Devin castle is one of the most popular excursion places in Bratislava’s surroundings. The ruins of the castle are located at the confluence of the Danube and Moravia rivers which is an area that was settled since ancient times and was also part of the Roman defense system Limes Romanus. Known since the 9th century under the name Dowina, it is one of the oldest recorded castles in Slovakia and now considered Slovak cultural heritage and symbol of the country’s Slavic history. The castle looms above the rivers in the altitude of 212 meters and presently hosts a museum with archeological excavations. 5:30 PM 7:00 PM R ETURN TO BRATISLAVA DINNER

12:30 PM Please, pay individually 3:00 PM

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Monday, June 5
9:00 AM Dress: formal 9:30 AM S LOVAKIA – THE FIRST DECADE OF INDEPENDENCE Michal Kovac, President of the Slovak Republic (1993 – 1998) Luxor Business Club, Sturova 3, Bratislava Born in Lubica in Eastern Slovakia, Michal Kovac was educated at the Commercial Academy at the Bratislava University of Economics. After a career as an academic economist and banker, he served as Slovak minister of finance in the post-communist administration between 1989 and 1991. A member of the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS), he was the speaker of Czechoslovakia's federal assembly from 1992 and, after the velvet divorce of January 1993, became the Slovak Republic's first president. From 1995, Kovac's relations with his prime minister, Vladimir Meciar, became strained over allegations of Meciar's intent to oust him. Kovac finished his term of office as Slovak president in March 1998. 11:00 AM R ECONCILIATION WITH THE P AST Matej Medvecky, Researcher Ustav pamati naroda (Institute of National Memory), Nam. SNP 28, Bratislava The mission of the Institute is to provide access to the up-to-date undisclosed records of the activities of the official institutions of the Slovak and Czechoslovak states in the period of oppression in the years 19391989. The meeting will provide information about the process of disclosing documents on persecutions carried out by the Nazi and communist security agencies to individual applicants and their families. 12:30 PM


Chandeliere Café, Palisady 31, Bratislava 2:00 PM THE EUROPEAN UNION : AN INTRODUCTION Andrea Elschekova-Matisov a, Head of the European Commission Representation to Slovakia Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia, Palisady 29, Bratislava Andrea Elschekova-Matisova has been the head of the European Commission Representation in Slovakia since 2005. A graduate of the department of international relations at Comenius University in Bratislava, she has been working in the diplomatic corps since 1996, at the office of Slovakia’s chief negotiator in the accession process to the EU in Brussels and at the permanent mission to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Vienna. 3:30 PM 4:00 PM COFFEE BREAK S LOVAKIA – A NEW M EMBER OF THE E NLARGED E UROPEAN UNION Milan Jezovica, Foreign Policy Advisor to Slovak Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda Olga Gyarafasova, Program Director, Institute for Public Affairs Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia, Palisady 29, Bratislava Milan Jezovica graduated with a degree in international law from the State Institute for International Relations in Moscow. In the early 1990, he worked at the embassy of the Czechoslovak Federal Republic in the United States, and after 1993 as consul at the Slovak embassy in Washington. After his return, Mr. Jezovica was head of the department for human rights at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs before returning to the United States in 1999 with a position of deputy chief of mission. Since 2003, he has been foreign policy advisor to the Prime Minister. Mr. Jezovica also represented Slovakia in human rights issues at the Council of Europe, the UN and the European Court of Justice. Olga Gyarfasova is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the Comenius University, Bratislava, with a degree in sociology. Since 1993, she worked as a researcher and analyst at the FOCUS research agency, and in March 1999, she was appointed 'Public Opinion and Political Culture' Program Director at the Institute for Public Affairs in Bratislava, a non-governmental think tank. The focus of her work is with

public opinion, political culture, and gender studies, and she partners with GMF on the Slovak part of the annual Transatlantic Trends survey. 7:45 PM Dress: Casual 8:00 PM “I B ELIEVE IN THE EUROPEAN UNION” – A M EETING WITH JOZEF S LOVAK, SLOVAK FILMMAKER Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Hviezdoslavovo nam. 14, Bratislava Jozef Slovak, who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, is a director, screenwriter and composer. During his long career, he worked as a dramatic advisor for the Slovak National Theatre, composed music for feature and animated films, recorded a CD with children‘s songs and published several poetry books. Jozef Slovak wrote screenplays for films that were shown and awarded at various international festivals. In cooperation with Slovak Television, he co -wrote and co-directed a series of grotesque TV films, among them “I believe in the EU”, “Genetic Congress”, and “Welcome to NATO”. M EET IN HOTEL LOBBY

Tuesday, June 6
8:30 AM Dress: Business casual 9:00 AM FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN S LOVAKIA Zuzana Mikulasova, Project Manager, SARIO Slovak Agency for Investment Development and Foreign Trade SARIO, Martincekova 17, Bratislava In recent years, Slovakia has become a primary destination for foreign direct investment. Its advantages include a highly skilled workforce, significantly lower labor costs than in neighboring countries, a favorable tax environment, a strategic location and infrastructure providing access to a market of over 350 million people. Increasingly, the automotive industry is becoming the engine behind foreign investment and economic development, with Volkswagen, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Hyundai Kia making Slovakia the world’s largest car manufacturer per capita by 2007. SARIO is the Slovak Agency for Investment Development and Foreign Trade, whose mission is to present the economic environment of Slovakia internationally, attract foreign direct investments and assist in their implementation. 10:00 AM DEVELOPING B RATISLAVA: BALLYMORE P ROPERTIES Mike de Mug, Marketing Director for Central Europe, Ballymore Properties Slovakia SARIO, Martincekova 17, Bratislava Ballymore Properties is a major developer headquartered in London and Dublin, and with offices in Eastern Europe. The company focus is with three key areas the design and development of projects, : property acquisition and investment handling. In Bratislava, Ballymore is currently building Central Europe's most sophisticated mixed-use riverside development. Named Eurovea, the development will comprise over 200,000 sq m of corporate offices, a retail galleria, hotel, casino, multiplex cinema, riverside apartments and a waterfront park. 12:30 PM L UNCHEON DISCUSSION: ELECTIONS AND THE FUTURE OF R EFORM IN CENTRAL EUROPE Robin Shepherd, Senior Transatlantic Fello w, German Marshall Fund of the United States Hotel PTK Echo, Presovska 39, Bratislava Robin Shepherd has been a Senior Transatlantic Fellow with the German Marshall Fund since May 2006. Prior to this, he was a freelance journalist and adjunct fellow of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. His main interests are with economic issues in Central and Easter Europe and the relationship between democratization and economic reform in the region. He is based at the GMF office in Bratislava, Slovakia. M EET IN HOTEL LOBBY

3:00 PM See welcome folder 6:45 PM 7:00 PM

INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENTS M EET IN HOTEL LOBBY GOOD- BYE DINNER WITH VLADIMIR T VAROSKA, DESIGNATED DEPUTY HEAD OF THE S LOVAK NATIONAL BANK Aucafe, Tyrsovo nabrezie, Bratislava Vladimir Tvaroska has a degree from the University of Economics, Bratislava, with a specialization in foreign trade. He worked as Deputy Managing Editor of the daily newspaper Pravda and in 1999, he joined the team of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Ivan Mikloš and became his advisor. For the last four years, he has served as State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance. Vladimir Tvaroska is a Marshall Memorial Fellow of the class of 1999.

Wednesday, June 7

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