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					City Hotel BRATISLAVA: Information from Hotel Manager : Ing. Kristína Ďurneková
There is no shuttle bus from the airport to our hotel. The easiest way to get to our hotel is to take a taxi. We can arrange a taxi for you from Bratislava airport and from Vienna as well. The price from Bratislava Airport is 10 EUR and from Vienna Schwechat Airport to our hotel it is 69 EUR. We need to know the time of the arrival, the name and the taxi driver will be waiting for the client with a paper sheet with the name of the client. The payment is possbile only cash or with credit card by the taxi driver. There is another possibility to take public trasport. It would a bit complicated, but when you need, I can find you a traffic connection to our hotel. Ing. Kristína Ďurneková Conference & Events Manager City Hotel Bratislava, City Hotels Ltd. Seberiniho 9, 821 03 Bratislava, Slovakia Tel.: +421 2 20 606 154, 20 606 100 Fax: +421 2 20 606 122, 20 606 120 E-mail:

In any kind of queries concening the hotel or transport please contact Ing. Kristína Ďurneková – she perfectly speaks English - and please let her know that your query is concerned with the EPBS Meeting

Additional information about transport: From Vienna Airport to Bratislava (airport shuttle, car rent….)

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