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Newsletter of the Newbury Road & Mountain Bike Club – May/June 2004
Dear Editor,

Club Details
Club Headquarters: Northcroft Leisure Center, Newbury Club Evenings: 8:00pm every Friday at the Club Headquarters. Club Correspondence and Enquiries: Ian Lakey 10 Cholsey Road, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 4GH Tel: (01635) 864314 Club Committee: President: Chairman/Marketing General Secretary: Treasurer: Touring & Audax: Time Trials: Off Road Road &Track Social Sec. Press Sec /Marketing Magazine Editor

A recent Sunday club run to Pewsey and back totalled nearly 70 miles. But armed with a map and a compass I repeated the trip in a direct straight route i.e. avoiding Wantage this time, covering the journey in only 34 miles thus saving a great deal in time, trouble and effort. My route took me past some beautiful countryside through fields of sheep, cattle and pigs and even included a farmer waving at me. The only disadvantage being was trying to avoid all the brown lumpy stuff and of course carrying my bicycle over hedges, ditches and dry stone walls. Please excuse me writing to you using a wax crayon, as we are not allowed by the matron to have any thing sharp. Yours insincerely
Mr. P. Aradox

[Your initiative deserves you credit – with that sort of training we will certainly have to put you down for the next cyclo cross season Ed] *********

Bob Lyle Jeff Garner Ian Lakey Arthur Frost Dave Jones Ian Greenstreet Mark Letters Chris Burch Sian Lakey Bob Lyle Brian Tate

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Important Announcement Change of Press Secretary
As with immediate effect the club Press Secretary is now Bob Lyle. All racing reports should be sent to Bob, preferably by Sunday evening, on :! email (01635) 865637


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SPANISH OMMELETTE NO 2 by Bob Lyle This year we decided to have three weeks’ cycling in Moraira on the Costa Brava. Moraira, if you recollect from my note 2 years ago, is a British enclave about 30 miles north of Benidorm, full of English speaking cyclists (if you count Canadians as English-speaking) It is also close to the Graham Baxter training camps. Amazingly, the same riders were there including six Canadians as previously and we had some great rides again. This year the weather was poor (although better than at home) At one stage we had five days of almost continuous rain. Not what we had planned for. The locals reckoned it was the worst March for 20 years. My cycling form was not very good this time, as I had only done soft mileage throughout the winter and after our Australian trip I was still half a stone over my weight of two years earlier. There were 3 rides new to me. The first was to Guadelest (altitude c.1000 metres), a well known tourist hot spot, with splendid mountain views at the top. It’s basically a 25 mile climb up from the coast, but I managed to be first to the top on a swelteringly hot day, descending by a new road with speeds in excess of 50 mph. Great stuff. Later in the week, with friends Snotty and Sweat (named for obvious reasons) we climbed Vall d’Ebo, a monster of a climb, 12 kms at about one in fifteen, on an atrocious road surface, on a freezing cold day when I was the only one wearing shorts. I really struggled on this climb because of the cold and as the road doesn’t really go anywhere, we came back the same way and I could barely manage to operate the brakes. The Vall d’Ebo ride was a bit like a fairy story. Snotty was describing the climb to us; it started as a 4 km, then 8k, and finally 12 k hill,. The climbing was easy, then fairly hard, then difficult. No mention was ever made of the road surface. Sweaty became the giant killer as it was his last riding day – he was keen to cut the hill down to size and succeeded in taking two minutes out of me as revenge for his taking a pasting on Gaudalest. I saw that Sweaty got in the prizes in his first LVRC race upon his return to the UK. The third new ride for me was up to Castel de Castells, a good long steady ride on mainly traffic free roads. I have to confess that whilst in Spain I fell in love. Sometimes these things just happen when you least expect them to. I knew from the moment I saw her it was love. I had to tell Jean, who acted predictably, saying this was grounds for divorce. Reluctantly, after much soul-searching, I gave up my dream – but often, on a quiet drizzly spring day, I still lust after her - an Orbea Orca Carbon-fibre frame, curves in all the right places, weighing only a featherlight 1 Kg, wondering what might have been. Perhaps she wouldn’t have performed

well in the English climate, perhaps the other bikes in the garage would have shunned her – but at only 1700 euros (£1200), compared to £1700 in the UK, she was hard to resist. But with a heavy heart, resist I did. On a more cheerful note, more and more people are moving to Spain, so property prices are rising rapidly and are no longer cheap. However, diesel is 42p a litre compared with 74p here, booze, fruit and veg are still cheaper than at home, with 5kg of oranges costing £2.50 (well Valencia is renowned for orange growing) Rented accommodation is very cheap prior to April. By pure chance we met a couple from Newbury, who I used to play squash with, who have moved there permanently – they have a large villa and pool for themselves and rent another one out for income. As many of you will know, my other hobby is birdwatching and we spent 3 days exploring the Pego marshes, delighting in spotting birds we never see in the UK as well as many others we do.Jeans hobby is tennis and Sol Park club slotted her into their club afternoons twice a week, all of them dry. I am not sure whether we will do this trip again, on account of the vagaries of the weather – there’s not a lot to do when the weather is bad – we’ve already done the tourist sites, and there’s only so many times you can play mini-golf, or walk to El Portet. The accommodation is geared to hot weather and can be a bit cold when the temperature drops, despite the central heating – and the only English TV is CNN or Bloomberg. You can find things to do in your own home when the weather’s bad, or you can go visit someone, do a household chore, or just watch TV. Luckily, we had friends come out and stay with us on 2 occasions, and friends of ours were staying four doors down, so having company made all the difference. Shall we do it next year? Who knows – can they have wet springs two years in a row? *********

Surfing on Two Wheels by Ian Lakey
Those of you that use the Internet will at sometime, I hope, have looked at the club website . If you are a regular user of the site then you will have noticed a significant change to the site that happened around February of this year. During the winter I spent many hours completing a fundamental change to the way the site work and how the information was delivered. Apologies are now probably due to those not in the least bit interested in the techie stuff, you can skip a few paragraphs if you like. Prior to February the site was built using static HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) pages. Each page was independent of any other and rather like pages of a book any information contained on more than one page was repeated in every other page that that information existed in. For example, in the results pages, my name “Ian Lakey” appeared in many different results, and each time it appeared it was separately entered into the content for that page. If anyone is in the least bit interested as to what HTML code looks like, from your Internet Explorer window (assuming you use Internet

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Explorer), click on the View menu and then “View Source”. Using static HTML means that the data is locked up in individual pages and that for every new piece of information that is added, the page has to be edited or a whole new page has to be written. From last October I began to build a new site for the club. The possibilities had become evident after the introduction of the club Message Board. The Message Board was introduced over a year ago and allows club members to post their own messages and comments to the website. The Message Board element of the website has always been displayed through Dynamic HTML and the information entered and subsequently displayed is stored in a database. Storing information in a database opens up a whole new host of possibilities; a piece of information can be stored just once and then referenced in an almost unlimited array of possibilities. The current website took around 4 months to complete and many hours of effort in the evenings. I have to say that this was largely due to the fact that it was all manually programmed rather than using some of the “whizzy” but expensive development tools that are available. The new website uses almost entirely Dynamic HTML, this means that a program generates the page as a link or button is click. All the data comes from a database and therefore adding or changing the data also changes the content of the web page, or new pages become available. This means that each time “Ian Lakey” or “Newbury RC” is displayed, this can be stored just once in the database. The pages are built dynamically using a scripting language called PHP (personal home page). The database is a relational database called “MySQL”. Both of these are provided by the Internet Service Provider hosting the club’s website. Once that data is stored in the database it can by queried in a variety of ways and offers many possibilities for its use. Currently the facilities offered are largely based on the type of information that was available from the old site. However where there is a need or requirement it is possible to combine and use that data in any meaningful way. For example; all the results are now stored in the database. Therefore it would be possible for instance to have a function that displayed all times a particular rider recorded on the H10/3 course, or the fastest 10 mile time a particular rider has recorded in the past 3 years. Bear in mind though that such functions are only useful if the data contained in the database is accurate and complete. So what use is all this to you, the club member or visitor. Obviously the primary role of the website is to provide information about the club, be this to club members or others. Some parts of the website are more useful to members, whilst others are aimed at non-members. Information such as links to other sites may be equally useful to both groups. One of the benefits the site offers is the ability to provide up to date information very quickly, for example a change to an event location, or a cancellation. This is obviously only beneficial if the site is viewed regularly, and so far there hasn’t been a need to distribute this information. The main functions of the site are currently:

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

Calendar – Separately searchable for Time Trials, Club Runs, Social Events etc. Message Board – Notices and messages posted by club members Club Information – Comprehensive descriptions of the various club activity areas Results – Results from all events involving club members. Contacts – Contact points for club functions (Committee Members) Old Site – A link back to a few areas not yet available from the new site, mostly old results. Club Room – Information and a map as to when and where we meet. Affiliations – Who we are affiliated to and links to available sites. Links – Links to other sites based on Other Clubs, Companies and Shops (Cycle Related only), Forum or Informational Sites, Cycling or club related Organisations, and finally Travel (Cycling holidays and accommodation). Courses – Description of all racing courses used by the club with map information. Downloads – Club documentation, newsletters and affiliate forms. Coaching – Details of club coaches. Trophies – Description of club trophies and how to win them. Club Records – Current records and holders. Café Stops – Café stops used on club runs or local to Newbury. Terms of Usage – Disclaimers etc.

As you can see there is already a lot of information available. One area that has seen a disappointing level of usage is the Message Board. It is one of those facilities that the more members see it being used, the more they will use it. Most essentially messages posted to the Message Board can be made to appear on the site Home Page. Therefore all members‡ have the ability to influence the content of the page that greets all visitors to the site. This means that anyone in the club can notified everyone via the Message Board (and Home Page) of an important piece of information or it can be used simply to let club mates know what they are planning to do the next weekend. I accept that at present the Message Board is not in an ideal format, and also it is restricted to use only by club members. However, both of these issues are being looked at with a view to a possible change at some stage. The results are incomplete as I don’t always have sight of all member’s activities, information on the website would be better if all results were updated and then the data set would be much more useful. One item of benefit to the club as a whole is the link to the “wiggle” Internet cycle shop. Whilst the club is not suggesting that you should shop at “wiggle”, if you do so, and link to it from the club website any purchase will earn 10% of your spending for club funds. I could go into a lot more detail about the information available on the site but perhaps it is just best left for you to browse what’s there.

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Having spent many winter months reprogramming the site my activities are currently limited to updating results and the club calendar with the occasional additional of more link sites. However I am intending to do more development work on the site in the coming close season, time and my wife permitting. I have identified some areas to improve, however it is the club’s site, and my programming ability allowing for it I am happy to consider any requests for particular functions to be added or existing functions modified. Please take the opportunity if you are able to look at the site, if nothing else the incrementing counter on the home page at least makes me feel that my efforts have not been completely wasted, currently we are approaching our 10,000 visit. I would be very grateful for any comments regarding the site, using it and the information available. Equally if you see something that could be improved or is missing altogether, please tell me. You can e-mail me on

All in all a great holiday, for those who have not been on one of the annual cycle holidays it is a must. *********

Racing Scene
Road Racing
Portsdown Spring Road Race Three Newbury Riders, Ian Greenstreet, Martyn Harris and Damian Lewis attended the Portsdown Spring Road Race on Sunday 9th May. The event had a full field of 60 riders and covered 60Km including 5 ascents of Portsdown Hill. The weather was overcast but dry and proved to be good racing conditions. The main field was fragmented after every climb up Portsdown hill with many riders retiring early. There was a lead group of 20 riders that got away on the 3rd lap but unfortunately this lead did not last more than a lap. The main bunch was back together for the final ascent of Portsdown hill where a group of 12 riders managed to get a small lead over the rest of the main bunch. Martyn Harris managed to stay with this group and finished in 10th place earning himself another BCF point, with Ian Greenstreet finishing close behind in 25th and Damian Lewis unable to complete the race due to illness. *********

Members do need a password to access the Message Board *********

Sauvat 2004 by Chris Treacher
Away from the local scene, the ‘ Magnificent Seven’ travelled through France to cycle in the Dordogne. A farmhouse in the small village of Sauvat in the Auvergne acted as a base with daily sorties, organised by D Jones. Cycling through beautiful countryside, in glorious weather and taking time to enjoy the local cuisine. By the end of the week we had covered just over three hundred miles. There will be many memorable highlights. On one descent caution was abandoned in favour of a gun ho attitude. By miscalculating a hairpin bend at 40mph one of our more senior riders had to unwrap himself from some barb-wired fencing. There were other less spectacular dismounts, even going up hill! Climbing Cols is one of those activities you just have to do. After cycling two thirds up the Col De Peyron, at approx. 1600m one of the highest mountains in the region, we encountered a barrier advising the road was closed. From miles away snow could be seen on the Col peak so we assumed that snow still lay on the roads making it impassable for motorists. Not to be put off we carried on regardless. However on rounding a bend we came across the reason for the road closure, there was no road. New tarmac was being laid. We tiptoed past the hazard, got back on our bikes to climb to the top to enjoy the splendid views. Talking of splendid views, one of our party had been over energetic in the cleaning department, it was not DL (son of squeaky clean) but yet again a mature cyclist with many years experience. Perhaps at the back of his mind, showing his ‘derrier’ was a tactic employed to put off and therefore slow down those cycling behind. However checking your apparel before setting out is advisable, to make sure that you have not washed your clothes so much they become SEE THROUGH.

********* Face from the Past: Whilst cycling home from the club 25 on the spring bank holiday as Bob and I were summiting the climb at Douai Abbey who should pop out of a side road but Alistair Masson. Smartly attired on a Trek road machine he still looked the business and was certainly too much for me on the climbs. He is now married with a youngster and living in Ecchinswell in one of the new house opposite the pond. [Ed]

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Small Ads
Cycle Promotions Sale BIKES FOR SALE GENTS RALIEIGH HYBRID - SUIT TALL GENT 6FT. • • • • 3-4 Yrs Old -Used Only Occasionally. V Brakes, Shift Grips Gears, Stand And Carrier Inclusive. Quick Release Wheels. Very Good Condition, Just Dusty. Sunday June 6th from 11:00 to 15:00 At Rivermead Leisure Centre, Richfield Road, Reading These sales are held regularly all over the country and offer some good bargains of all sorts of bicycle bits and pieces. *********

Club Notices Club Clothing
Bob Lyle has a large supply of club clothing for sale so don’t wait until the last minute get buying while we have the stock.

LADIES TREK 17IN FRAME • • Wanted - YOUR INPUT 2yrs Old Barely Used Good Components With Rear Rack And Speedo. This newsletter is only as good as what goes in it so lets here from you. You can email me So if possible send any letters or articles as attachments to that email address. If you don't have email facilities but still have a PC dump it to a floppy disc and send to my home address. 19 Pound Lane Thatcham Berks RG19 3TG £175.00 EACH- WILL SEPERATE Contact Chris Treacher 01635 32050 07831 683414 ********* The next addition of the newsletter will go out in July.

For Sale
I pair of Shimano R071 race shoes size 45 colour Black/Blue – never been used – still in box £30 Two pairs of Time racing pedals - used but still in good order. One pair black and one pair white. £20 per pair Contact Brian Tate on 01635 867793

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TimeTrials Club Two Up 10
Ian Lakey Dave Jones & Ian Greenstreet Jeff Garner & Martyn Harris Simon Harrison & Damian Lewis Colin Whitehouse Lyn Taylor & Richard Rose Steve Oxley & Cliff Voller Chris Treacher Peter Jarvis Paul Kench (Liphook) Paul Lynch (East Anglian C C)

Anna Dwyer Nick Druce (Didcot Phoenix) Steve Luck (Didcot Phoenix) 07/04/2004
24: 25: 26: 26: 26: 28: 29: 29: 30: 23: 28: 38 22 02 08 24 09 01 37 03 53 01

38: 42 23: 45 24: 37 24/04/2004 22:36 21:39 24/04/2004 1:02:23 1:04:32 52:27 25/04/2004
1:24:35 1:28:06


Andover Wheelers 10 Ian Greenstreet Stuart Martingale ( Sotonia CC) Border C A 25 Colin Whitehouse Dave Jones
Laurence Harding (willesden C C)

P613 9th H25/1

Bath R C Hilly 31
Ian Greenstreet Chris Burch

H31/7 7th 12th H10/3

Club Spring Hill Climb – 4.4 m
Mark Robinson Ian Greenstreet James Olson Rose Metalli

15:24.26 15:58.94 17:17.56 19:53.10


Club 10
Colin Whitehouse Ian Greenstreet Martyn Harris Lyn Taylor Charlie Elsey Damien Lewis Dave Jones James Olson Carl Francis Bob Lyle Pete Jarvis R Rose Brian Copas Rose Metalli Sue Burnay Arthur Frost P Kench (Liphook)

24:56 24:58 25:24 25:38 25:45 26:30 26:34 26:37 27:00 27:07 27:24 28:00 29:08 30:50 35:07 37:39 23:01


Mark Sinnott (Epsom C C) Club 10 Ian Lakey Ian Greenstreet Colin Whitehouse Cliff Voller Jayne Richards Derek Connor Arthur Frost

1:19:31 28/04/2004 23:55 24:40 24:56 25:24 27:43 28:48 36:52

Oxford University C C Ian Lakey Peter Jarvis Dave Jones Farnham R C 10 Ian Lakey
Laurence Harding (Willesden C C)

01/05/2004 1:03:08 1:05:13 1:05:14 08/05/2004 23:57 20:51 13/05/2004 23:59 21:44 12/05/2004 59:21 59:52 1:00:20 1:01:23 1:03:57 1:04:51 1:05:05 1:05:38 1:09:54 1:20:14 1:23:45 1:02:49 13/05/2004 23:59 21:44 15/05/2004 23:02 36:44 21:55

H25/1 punctured


North Hants R C 10 Ian Lakey C Minter (North Hants R C) Club 25 (Smith Handicap) Cliff Voller Ian Lakey Ian Greenstreet Colin Whitehouse Charlie Elsey Bob Lyle Dave Jones Peter Jarvis Steve Oxley Sara Bartlett Sue Burnay Iain Collins North Hants R C 10 Ian Lakey C Minter (North hants R C) Border C A 10 Ian Lakey Arthur Frost P Flight (Bournermouth )


HCC247 1st H/C Men

Reading C C 25 Cliff Voller Dave Jones Steve Oxley Brian Copas Nick Bowdler(Farn & Camberly) Harlequins C C 25 Ian lakey Eddy Pitman T Ball (Pete Read Racing) Club 10 Ian Lakey Colin Whitehouse Ian Greenstreet Cliff Voller James Olsen Jayne Richards Carl Francis

17/04/2004 1:02:16 1:05:38 1:11:38 1:12:00 55:30 18/04/2004 1:01:28 1:10:00 55:37 21/04/2004 23:55 24:29 24:43 24:54 27:09 27:41 28:21

H25/1 2nd Vet Std


1st H/C Women




ChainMail May/June 2004

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Club 14.7 (SPO) Ian Lakey Ian Greenstreet Richard Cowen Colin Whitehouse Martyn Harris Michael Gray Peter Jarvis Jayne Richards Bob Lyle Brian Tate Carl Francis Sara Bartlett John Knott James Olsen Sue Burnay Arthur Frost Hounslow & Dist Whls 10 Ian Lakey Andrew Cooper ( Oxonian C C 25 Ian Greenstreet Bob Lyle Ray Wilson John French (Bath C C) Club 10 Richard Cowen Ian Lakey Colin Whitehouse Chris Burch Cliff Voller Dave Jones Peter Jarvis Carl Francis Steve Oxley John Knott Sue Burnay Arthur Frost Rebecca Lakey Paul Kench (Lip Hook Cycles) Matt Melville (VC St Raphael) Club Champ 25 Ian Greenstreet Cliff Voller Colin Whitehouse Dave Jones Pete Jarvis Bob Lyle Chris Treacher Eddie Pitman Jeff Garner John Knott Sue Burnay Steve Pitman (Swindon R C)

19/05/2004 36:41 37:00 37:55 38:14 38:26 39:05 41:16 41:27 41:31 41:50 43:25 48:21 48:54 50:24 51:03 59:44 22/05/2004 22:42 20:50 23/05/2004 1:02:53 1:05:47 1:09:26 57:55 26/05/2004 23:25 23:45 24:14 24:15 24:35 25:24 25:51 26:37 27:56 29:06 31:57 35:51 39:05 22:01 22:30 02/06/2004 58:50 59:41 1:00:58 1:04:40 1:04:40 1:04:48 1:06:27 1:07:42 1:07:54 1:15:23 1:23:51 59:53


National Champ 25 Ian Greenstreet Stuart Dangerfield

06/06/2004 59:16 48:44 *********


Road Racing Archer International Spring Road Race Nigel Tozer
James Holland-Leader (Principia RT)

6/04/2004 8th 1st 15/04/2004 6th Bunch 1st 16/04/2004 2nd 16/04/2004 15th 25th 18/04/2004 8th 18/04/2004 6Th 09/05/2004 10th 25th 16/05/2004 12th 1st 27/05/2004 9th Bunch 26/05/2004 4th 1st



Omega Circuit Series 3rd 53Km Martyn Harris Ian Greenstreet Steve Cave (34 Nomads) de-mayo velosystems 3rd Martyn Harris de-mayo velosystems 4th Jeff Garner Mike Gray Bike Show Circuit Cup 3/4 Charlie Elsie







Castlecombe 3 cat (%0 Km) Chris Burch Portsdown Spring R R (60 Km) Martyn Harris Ian Greenstreet LVRC (Twickenham C C) 42m Bob Lyle Brian Dacey (De Laune C C) Cotswold League 30m Bob Lyle Mike Gray Support Services 3/4/W/J Ian Greenstreet James Boyman (Team Luciano)



Ottershaw 4th in cat

Down Ampney @ 1 min Eelmore Circuit

HCC247 1st Senior 2nd Senior 3rd Senior 1st Vet on Std +19-42


1st Lady

ChainMail May/June 2004

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Track Reading Track League
500 m 1. 2. 3.

Dates for your diary
scratch: Ian Greenstreet, Newbury R,C. Paul Ramsden, S.Western R.C. Angus McInnes.

Sunday Runs: meet at market place, Newbury at 9:00 am: unless otherwise stated. For further details contact Dave Jones or Brian Tate Each Sunday the run will be split into two groups, where appropriate, a faster group and a leisurely group. If the destination of the leisurely run is different it will appear in italics. The leisurely run on the third Sunday each month will be even easier to encourage new comers.
Date June 6th 13th 20th 27th July 4th 11th 18th 25th Aug 1st Nuffield Stoke Row Wootton Rivers Ramsbury Mattingly Hampstead Norreys Sparsholt Wantage The Ogbournes Crofton Route Crawley Micheldever Station Britwell Salome North Waltham Ramsdell Elevenses Lillie’s, Stockbridge Silk Mill, Whitchurch Riverside Café, Benson Station Café, New Arlesford Wyevale Garden Centre, Wildmoor nr Sherfield on Loddon No runs because of the Club Time Trial Weekend Henley Tea Rooms – Henley Herb Garden – Sonning Common Waterside Café - Pewsey Warf Tudor Tea Rooms - Marlborough Antiques Centre – Barking The Ditty - Pangbourne Millets Farm – Frilford Smith’s Tea Rooms - Ardington The Circle (NT) – Avebury Tudor Tea Rooms - Marlborough

20 laps Endurance: A riders. 1. Lewis Atkins 2. Simon Howes 3. Stewart House, API. B riders. 1. Rob Richardson 2. I Greenstreet 3. Jeff Baird, Twickenham

Reading Track League


Veterans 500 metre Scratch: 1. Brian Hoadley Maidenhead & Dist 2. Murray Hogge Reading CC 3. Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC. Veterans 4 lap Keirin: 1. Ian Greenstreet Newbury R C 2. Paul Cooper Reading CC 3. Murray Hogge. Reading CC 25 laps Endurance B Riders 1. S.Elliott PCA Ciclos Uno, 2. K.Elliott Team Quest, 3. Ian Greenstreet.Newbury R C Reading Track League 17/05/2004

Arthur’s Monday Runs
Date June July Aug Sep 7th 21st 5th 19th 2nd 16th 6th 20th Elevenses Tutti Pole, Hungerford Root 1 Garden Centre, Britwell cum Sotwell Church Café, Marlborough Smith’s Tea Rooms, Ardington Riverside Café, Benson The Ditty, Pangbourne Bakers Oven, Wantage Tuttipole, Hungerford

20Km Endurance B Riders 1. Rob Richardson Hounslow & Dist 2. Ian Greenstreet Newbury R C *********

Mountain Biking
Club Under 12s Chris Keeble-Smith Andrew Sanders Matthew Spence Juvenile Boys Darren Sanders Justin Lakey Seniors Ian Lakey Maurice Keeble-Smith ********* 32:12 40:00 12:15 10:09 @ 1 lap 07:26 08:22 09:10 23/05/2004 Bucklands Copse

Either meet at nominated elevenses around 11am or if you want to ride out with Arthur call him on 01635 863950 to arrange a time and place to meet. ********* Changes to the CTT Handbook WLCA 10 on 10th July Organiser should be Gladys Purdy, 55 Exeter Rd., Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 9PQ WLCA 10 on 18th September Organiser should be Tony Deadman, "The Retreat", Church Road, Cookham Dean, SL6 9PJ Start time should be 14:00

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