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									2006 Women’s National Golden Gloves
Introduction: Welcome to the 2006 Women’s National Golden Gloves. This event will be held for the next three years in South Florida. The Florida Gold Coast LBC and Florida Golden Gloves Franchise are proud to bring the best Women’s National Golden Gloves Championships. Host: US1 Fitness Boxing Club 714 South Federal Highway Dania, Florida 33004 954-921-1486 Contact Bonnie Canino or Yvonne Reis Hotel: Marriott Hollywood Beach Resort 2501 N. Ocean Drive Hollywood, Florida 33019 954-924-2202 Special Rate $99 a night on the Beach for a 4 Star Hotel, with a 10 mile of Boardwalk along the Ocean for sight seeing, Walking, Running, Biking, Play Grounds and Barbeque & Picnic stations, beside many Restaurants and Shops to choice from. Competition Site Marriott Hollywood Beach Resort - Grand Ballroom 2501 N. Ocean Drive Hollywood, Florida 33019 954-924-2202

Athlete Eligibility Women’s only 13 & 14 years old Junior Division 15 & 16 years old Junior Division 17 to 34 years old Senior Division 35 and up years old Mater Division
(No minimum bouts are required.)

Fees & Entries There is a $10.00 entry fee for all Athletes and Coaches. Return entry form and fee no later than June 15, 2006. Entry fee will be $15.00 if postmark after June 15. Mail entry form with $10 fee to: Yvonne Reis 714 South Federal Highway Dania, Florida 33004 Airport

Fort Lauderdale International Airport - 5 miles South from Hotel, Taxi
$15.00. Miami International Airport – 25 miles North from Hotel, Taxi $60.00, Shuttle Bus $45.00. West Palm Beach International Airport – 50 miles South from Hotel. Officials Experienced timekeepers, judges, referees, and clerks are encouraged to participate. All officials must be currently registered and certified with USA Boxing. Officials must register for the event by faxing your registration paper to 954-925-1143 or mail it to US1 Fitness Boxing Club 714 S. Federal Highway. Dania Beach, Florida 33004 or call Howard Passman 954-4610347 or e-mail hbp@usaim.com

Mandatory Equipment and Attire USA Boxing approved competition headgear, form fitted mouth guard. No Hand Wraps are acceptable. Gauze and tape must be used. Tank Tops and Boxing Trunks with a contrasting waistband must be worn. No Blue headgear in Red corner and No Red headgear in Blue corner. All hair pass the shoulders must be tuck under headgear.

Registration Registration will be July 9, 2006 at the Marriott from 3:00pm to 10:00pm at night. All Athletes and Coaches will receive credentials, and Athletes will be placed in the draw. Weigh in schedule for 7:00 am for only competitors competing that day, except on Monday. All boxers who enter the tournament must weigh in on the first day. Doctors following after weigh in, except on Monday. Doctor is schedule for 4:00pm for boxer only who are competing on Monday. Finals Championship will be some on Friday Night and the rest all on Saturday Evening. Meeting and Clinics The draw schedule for boxers Monday 10:00am. Coaches meeting schedule for Monday Morning. Coaches must be a level II certification to enter the ring with the boxer. Coaches clinic will be held on Friday July 14, 2006 for Level I or II and renewals. All Official who are working the Golden Gloves must be at venue one hour before bout starts. Official Meeting on Monday and Wednesday Official clinic will be held for level I, II, and III certification on Saturday. ( TOURNAMENT FACT SHEET WITH TIMES AND DAYS WILL BE GIVEN DURNING SUNDAY REGRISTRATION.)

Suggested thing to do while you are in Florida Beach Anne Kolb Nature Center – ¼ mile North from Hotel. Overview of the Intercostals waterway. Fishing off the water bridges. Walking Trails Kayak or Canoe the Lake and Channels of the Intercostals. Bike Trails. Barbeques and picnic areas – few blocks North or South from Hotel. 10 mile Boardwalk along the Ocean in front of Hotel. Running path, besides biking and walking or just sitting, people watching. Rent a Bike on the Boardwalk. Beach Store for gifts and souvenirs on Boardwalk by hotel. US1 Fitness Gym 2 miles West from Hotel. Food Market 1 mile West from Hotel. Smaller food markets are along Boardwalk by Hotel. Many Restaurants walking distance and affordable prices from Hotel. Hollywood Beach Golf and & Country Club. Day Excursions – South Beach in Miami, See the Everglades – Billy Swap Safari, and Saw Grass Outlet Stores for big shopping. The Night Out – Hard Rock Café, they have Clubs, Dinning, Gambling, besides live shows.

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