2004 CFC Regional Workshops

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					2005 CFC Regional Workshops Workshop and Hotel Registration Information (For Your Record Purposes Only) When making your reservations, please refer to the meeting as the CFC/OPM Workshop. This will help ensure conference rates and availability. The hotels' phone numbers and deadline dates are listed below. Hotel reservations must be made separately from conference registration and are the responsibility of each participant. You must use the group name (Community Health Charities/CFC) when making your reservation to receive the discounted room rate. Hotel/Workshop Dates Miami, FL March 13-16, 2005 Wyndham Miami Beach Resort 4833 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140 1-800-996-3426
http://www.wyndham.com/hotels/MIAM B/main.wnt

Hotel Registration Deadline and Rates February 14,2005 $138.00 – Rate available March 13-17 only.

Workshop Registration Registration: $200*

Late Registration: $250* (after February 14, 2005) *Additional $10 Fee for Credit Card Reservations

San Diego, CA April 6-9, 2005 Wyndham San Diego at Emerald Plaza 400 West Broadway San Diego, CA 92101 1-800-996-3426
http://www.wyndham.com/hotels/SANE P/main.wnt

March 5, 2005 $120.00 – Rate available April 4-10 only.

Registration: $200*

Late Registration: $250* (after March 5, 2005) *Additional $10 Fee for Credit Card Reservations

Hotel Name Date reserved

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Confirmation Number ___________________________________________ Room Rate ___________________________________________

Save This Form for Check-in Reference Address questions or comments to Herb Sanabria at 404-562-1393 or Linda Young at 703-528-1007.

The registration fee for this year’s workshop is $200.00. A late registration fee of $250.00 per person will apply for all those who register after 2/14/05 for Miami and 3/05/05 for San Diego. Please submit one registration form for each registrant. Return form(s) with credit card receipt or check, money order, or government voucher made payable to CFC National Committee. Please include all attendee names(s) on checks, money orders, government vouchers, or credit card receipts. If the registration deadline has passed, please call for space availability before making travel arrangements. If using a government training voucher, please submit appropriate copies with the registration forms for attendance verification and direct payment from the sponsoring agency. The name and address of the person to be billed MUST be provided and attached to registration form(s). For additional information, please contact Herb Sanabria @ 404-562-1393 or Linda Young @ 703-528-1007. Name: ____________________________Organization:___________________ Mailing Address: __________________________________________________ Telephone # __________________ Fax#___________________________

E-MAIL:______________________ CFC Name_______________________ CFC Code___________ Affiliation: ___PCFO ___LFCC ___Federation/Charity_ __Volunteer __Guest

Spouse/guest wishing to attend meal functions____$65.00 Will you attend the Sunday Workshop? __Yes __No

Will you need special accommodations or meals? If so, please list: Select the workshop you will be attending
Miami, FL __March 13-16, 2005 San Diego, CA __April 6- 9, 2005

Method of Payment: __Check __ Money Order __ Government Voucher __ Credit Card Make Checks, Money Orders, or Government Vouchers PAYABLE To: CFC National CFC Committee If using credit card, go to: http://floridacfcworks.mollyguard.com or http://sandiegocfc.mollyguard.com Mail this Registration Form with your Check, Money Order, Government Voucher, or Credit Card receipt to: Herb Sanabria PO BOX 2864 Atlanta, GA 30301

Refunds Will NOT be made for cancellation requested one (1) week prior to the Workshop