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Two years ago_ Calgary


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Investing’s a beach in Mexico’s Royal Oasis development
Mayan Riviera homes a great retreat and a great investment
The Resident Suites At The Royal Oasis as a dynamite investment opportunity. It’s a no-brainer. According to even the most conservative projections of return, many owners of a typical villa stand to generate an annual net income as high as $45,530, based on 60-per-cent rental occupancy during the low season, 75 per cent during the prime season and 80 per cent occupancy in the high season. “Those occupancy rates really ARE conservative,” Boehm adds with a grin. “I was down last week and I had to stay in a hotel.” Here’s another important reason to act now: Real estate professionals in Playa del Carmen predict a 60-per-cent increase in property sales by the end of 2005. But we haven’t yet spoken about opportunities for fractional ownership at the Royal Oasis. Talk about affordable. Purchasers are invited to buy a share of one of these matchless properties for as little as $55,000 while a quarter share goes for just $122,000. “That’s a lot of time, 13 weeks,” Boehm points out. “And when you’re not using it, you rent it.” In accordance with Mexican ownership laws as applied to non-residents, The Resident Suites At The Royal Oasis will be certified as an independent Mexican corporation. All purchasers become shareholders in the corporation. They elect a board of directors and operate the corporation much as Canadians run their condo associations. “This is a particularly safe method of ownership. You own your property through your shares in the corporation,” Boehm explains. So call Chris Boehm or his partner Brian Dick and learn more about these wonderful opportunities in one of the world’s most dazzling resort destinations. Who knows? You just might fall in love. Telephone Chris at 403.209.3401, or e-mail: Brian can be reached at 403.209.3403 or


wo years ago, Calgary businessman Chris Boehm found himself strolling down the main pedestrian thoroughfare of Playa del Carmen, on the sparkling shores of Mexico’s Carribean coast. Long story short, he fell in love with the place. Boehm was entranced by the landscape and charmed by the serenity, the relaxed attitude and the all-around congeniality of this sublime fun-and-sun destination on the Mayan Riviera. “I was down there on a supplier’s trip, my first-ever visit,” Boehm recalls. “I walked down the famous Fifth Avenue. Then, I walked along the beach. Beautiful homes, shops, bars, restaurants and boutiques. And I said: ‘Wow, this is me.’ That same day, I bought a condo there.” The love affair continues. Boehm spends several months a year in Playa del Carmen, his personal Shangri-La. And now he’s offering wise investors an incredible chance that’s almost certain to change their lives for the better. As president of Royal Oasis Development Corp., Boehm is offering income-generating vacation properties for sale to discriminating buyers who will find themselves irresistibly drawn to this safe and carefully-planned beachfront resort, just as he was. Currently under construction, The Resident Suites At The Royal Oasis offer a tasteful mix of elegant homes and boutiques that are loaded with luxury amenities and all only 250 steps away from one of the Carribean’s most exquisite shorelines. “Playa del Carmen is becoming more popular all the time,” Boehm explains. “But there’s very little land left.” That explains why investors

The Resident Suites at The Royal Oasis are under development and are only 250 steps away from the exquisite beach.

have been snapping up Royal Oasis units at a rapid pace. Boehm suggests that interested buyers act promptly, because he only has two of six townhomes left for sale. Meanwhile, two luxury villas remain on the market, by offer only. “After all, these villas are wonderful properties: 2,500 sq. ft., overlooking the ocean, featuring rooftop terraces completely surrounded by glass,” Boehm enthuses. “You won’t find anything else on the market that comes close. . . . marble floors, granite countertops, absolutely high-end amenities throughout.” These fashionable properties make an ideal retirement or vacation destination, while offering a fantastic investment opportunity at the same time. Buyers enjoy a number of choices. They can purchase and

use their new property as they see fit. Or they may enter a rental program (it’s entirely optional, by the way) and turn their cares over to a professional management company that will remain on site at all times. “For example, you can block off the months of the year you wish to use your home,” Boehm explains. “Say it’s December, January, February, March and April of next year. For the rest of the year, the management team takes over and rents the space on your behalf.” It’s a priceless opportunity to enjoy the fruits of truly effortless ownership in an incomparable resort location, situated in close proximity to Cancun as well as to fascinating Mayan ruins and antiquities. No worries, no hassles, no sweat. Boehm isn’t speaking through his hat when he describes

■ Telephone: Chris Boehm at 403.209.3401 or Brian Dick at 403.209.3403 ■ E-mail: or

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