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Take the Trip of a Lifetime_


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									Welcome Back Everyone! I wanted to write and let you know that this past summers Bulldogs Abroad Trip to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji was outstanding and very enjoyable. This coming year we are no longer going to Egypt due to the trouble in that region. I have purposely chosen a trip that is more affordable, as many of you have requested. This year’s trip is full of both cultural exploration and restful relaxation. Read on to discover more!

Take the Trip of a Lifetime!
Thick deep jungles, mysterious ancient ruins, endless sunny beaches. One part James Bond and two parts Indiana Jones, traveling through Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula can feel like stepping into an old adventure movie. Get your dose of archaeological exploration at Chichén Itzá and other major Mayan sites and a dip into natural wonders at ancient resorts like Ik-Kil and Chankanab. Reward yourself for your industriousness with lazy afternoons on the most beautiful beaches in the world, including both Cancun and Cozumel for some quality snooze time. The trip costs below include transportation, guides, attraction entrance fees, breakfast and dinner everyday on this 10 day trip. Student costs are just $1,700 with adult fees being slightly higher.

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Mr. Mel Brownsberger GRANDVIEW SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GRANDVIEW, MO mel.brownsberger@csd4.k12.mo.us; mbrownsberger@kc.rr.com 816.316.5800

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 1 > June 18 > Start Tour Meet your Tour Director & check into hotel Welcome dinner with music Day 2 > June 19 > Cancún Beach Time Cancún free time Excursion to Isla Mujeres Don't expect Amazons waiting for you on shore: this "Island of Women" got its name from clay figurines of Mayan goddesses found by the island's Spanish conquerors. Search for your own goddesses at the ruins on the south side of the island, race the sea turtles at their breeding ground on the west shore, or just sit back and enjoy the island's beautiful beaches. Day 3 > June 20 > Cancún--Mérida Chichén Itzá guided visit Ruins, ruins everywhere. Join a licensed, local guide for a visit to Chichén Itzá, one of the country's most famous Mayan sites. The city dates from around the 7th century AD (though there is evidence of farmers living here as early as the 4th century BC). A major trade and ceremonial center, Chichén Itzá is known for its huge, 365-stepped, four-sided, pyramid El Castillo, as well as other buildings, sculptures and carved murals. Ik-Kil

Relax like a king. Ik-Kil was a Mayan retreat, where kings and their court would come to relax and swim in the sacred blue waters. Now an eco-archaeological park, the area is preserved just as it was so that you can swim, soak, and splash in style. Travel to Mérida City Walk Tropical flowers in fuchsia, yellow and orange. The dark green leaves of almond and tamarind trees. Couples dressed all in white, sitting on ornate stone benches ringing the central plaza or "xocolo". The capital of the state of Yucatán, this sunny city is also the perfect base for excursions to the ancient Mayan Empire. But check out the city's sights first with your Tour Director. Day 4 > June 21 > Mérida Landmarks Mérida guided sightseeing tour Tropical flowers in fuchsia, yellow and orange. The dark green leaves of almond and tamarind trees. Couples dressed all in white, sitting on ornate stone benches ringing the central plaza or "xocolo". The capital of the state of Yucatán, this sunny city is also the perfect base for excursions to the ancient Mayan Empire. But check out the city's sites first: A licensed, local guide will take you to the Cathedral of San Il defonso, located on the central Plaza de Armas. Begun in 1563, the Cathedral is the oldest on the American mainland, with the oldest true dome in Mexico. See what many consider Mexico's most "dignified" church interior, complete with thick Tuscan columns, a coffered nave and high altar. Step back outside and walk across the sunny plaza to the Government Palace to see huge murals depicting scenes of the Spanish conquest of the Yucatán Peninsula and aspects of the Mayan culture that still flourish. Continue to Progreso Beach, a favorite seaside resort lined with turn-of-the-century mansions. Government Palace visit Cathedral visit Progreso Beach Day 5 > June 22 > Uxmal Uxmal guided excursion What did this region look like before the Spaniards arrived? Set off to Uxmal, one of the largest and most powerful of the former Mayan cities, to see. A licensed, local guide will lead you through the wooded valley to the wide, uncrowded plazas, where you'll find some of the best-proportioned Mayan buildings known. See the restored Magician's Pyramid, a three-tiered structure built between the 6th and 10th centuries, the grand Governor's Palace, and the Nunnery Quadrangle, four buildings surrounding a central courtyard, resembling a monastery or nunnery. Magician’s Pyramid Governor’s Palace Nunnery Quadrangle Sound and light show at Uxmal Still confused about Mayan ways? Learn more about the Mayan culture with a Sound and Light show - a visual blast from the past. Flamingo-watching tour Day 6 > June 23 > Mérida--Cozumel Tulum See the Mayan idea of a beach town. Tulum is the largest Mayan coastal city and one of Cancún’s favorite daytrips. Survey the limestone ruins, the surrounding lush jungle, and the super-blue ocean with your Tour Director. Travel to Playa del Carmen Add to the record books -- Playa del Carmen is now, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fastest growing town in the world. Attracted by the gorgeous white-sand beach and stunning blue water, the town's newcomers maintain Playa's friendliness and vibrancy. Check out the beach or shop for souvenirs along the bustling main strip. Travel to Cozumel Once the island from which the Maya conducted trade with much of Central America, Cozumel now pulls in travelers not for markets and trading but for diving, bird-watching, and sunbathing. The underwater life here was a favorite of Jacques Cousteau; you can see dolphins and fish cavorting in the surrounding coral reefs, many of which are rare black coral. Cozumel free time Day 7 > June 24 > Cozumel Chankanab excursion Visit Chankanab, a lagoon known for its turtles and variety of rainbow-colored fish. Check out the rock formations and lush landscape. Day 8 > June 25 > Start Extension to Cozumel Cozumel free time Day 9 > June 26 > Cozumel Cozumel free time

Day 10 > June 27 > End Tour

The following fees apply to all full-paying participants $1,272 Tour Fee $183 Extension Fee $95 Lifetime Membership Fee Airport fees, taxes, and airline fuel surcharges $119 (Subject to Change) $40 Excursion to Isla Mujeres $140 Comprehensive PLUS Travel Protection (optional) $1,849 Total Cost* $1,700 without Insurance

Additional Adult Fees
The following additional fees apply only to full-paying participants 21 and older and are not included in the total price listed above. $125 Adult Supplement $270 Double Room. The fee to stay in a twin room is $30 per night. $395 Additional Adult Fee $2,095 without Insurance * Valid through August 31, 2006

Log onto www.explorica.com and sign into Brownsberger-8103 to get detailed information and to sign up for this trip. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding this trip.

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