BK's Steakhouse _ Grill In Esterhazy Will Be Introducing NEW Extensive Menu

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					 BK’s Steakhouse & Grill In Esterhazy Will Be Introducing
                 NEW Extensive Menu

BK’s Steak House & Grill will be introducing new extensive menu from June 01, 2014. Its
executive Chef Raj Negi who is well versed with Canadian and North American cuisines has
created the new menu. This menu will be one of the largest in whole Saskatchewan with over
100 dishes. Just to mention, he created over 20 burgers and 27 varieties of gourmet pizzas not to
mention mouthwatering AAA steak entrees. People travel from far to try BK’s Steaks. He
literally romances with the food and spends quite considerable time in the kitchen in
experimenting new dishes when he is not busy. Raj is one of the finest chefs, says BK.

It took almost two months to develop this new menu. When asked why BK wanted to introduce
new menu to a small town, he said, “that having a chef of this caliber and not providing the best
dishes, is the waste of Chef’s talent”. We wanted to provide the big cities’ experience in small
town to the people at very affordable prices. Just to mention, new menu will have all lunches
under $10 which include sandwiches, wraps, burgers, grilled sandwiches, pizzas and even

Purpose of the new menu was to provide unique experience not only to Esterhazy but
surrounding small towns. People here have to travel almost 50-70 Kilometers to either Yorkton
or 200 kilometers to Regina to get fine steaks and quality food. BK’s Steak House already has
the reputation for the best steaks in the area. BK’s Steak House uses only AAA steaks, which are
reasonably priced.
In the last week of May, we plan to advertise the new menu extensively so that it reaches the all-
surrounding towns. Website will be updated to introduce the new menu (
Company plans to update facebook page also with the new menu.
Bk’s Steak House is located across Canalta hotel on Highway 22 in Esterhazy, SK.
Call 306 745 6000 for reservations.

Contact: BK

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