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									Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters
      for Millimetre-wave WLAN

                  D. Zelenchuk
       10th Millimetre-wave Users Group meeting
                           September 2004
                 13 September 2011
• Motivation
• 60GHz Wireless PAN
• TacLamPLUS packaging material
• Substrate integrated waveguide technology
• Bandpass SIW filters design
• Stopband enhancement of Bandpass SIW
• Multi-mode cavity filter
• Conclusion
• Filter as a part of V-band WLAN transceiver
  module, which would incorporate antenna
  and active components
• Low insertion loss design
• Compatibility with PCB process to investigate
  low-cost system-in-package alternative to
  system-on-chip solutions
• Design which would provide good
         60GHz Wireless PAN

• 57-66GHz in Europe, 57-64GHz in North
  America, 59-66GHz in Japan
• Uncompressed HD audio/video content at 4Gbps
  up to 10meters (2Gbps enough for FullHD)
• Intrinsic security due to high attenuation at this
  frequency band
         Substrate material
• TacLamPLUS is PTFE-based material with
  permittivity of 2.1 and loss tangent of 0.0008 at
• Thickness of the substrate up to 200um
• 17 um etchable copper
  cladding, 1mm copper or
  3mm brass ground
• Smallest feature is
  limited to 70-80 um due
  to PCB etching process
Substrate integrated waveguide
              • Low-loss planar
                waveguides that inherit
                most of the advantages
                of the conventional
                metallic waveguides, yet
                can be manufactured
                with standard PCB or
                similar process.
              • Most of the conventional
                waveguide designs are
                easily transferred to SIW
Microstrip-to-SIW transition

wSIW.= 2.8 mm, w1=0.78 mm, w0=0.07 mm and lt=1.6 mm
      Bandpass SIW filter design

• Low-pass prototype synthesis (g-parameters),
  c.f. Matthei, Young
• Calculate inverters from g-parameters
            Bandpass SIW filter design
Width of the inductive irises are chosen by fitting normalised inverter
values calculated in HFSS from S parameters to the one calculated from
the low-pass prototype

            Bandpass SIW filter design

       l1   l2    l3

l1=l3=1.65 mm, 
l2=1.8mm, a=2.8mm
    SIW stub


     ws=2.8 mm and ls=5.4 mm.
SIW filter with the stub

               lo=1.1 mm 
      SIW filter 1

Substrate integrated waveguide iris filter
     Probing pads calibration

Measurement SIW filter 1
    Multimode cavity filter


      Multi-mode cavity Filter

Multi-mode cavity substrate integrated
 waveguide filter
Measurement SIW filter 2

• V-band SIW filters are designed at low-loss
  Taclamplus substrate developed for advanced
• Insertion loss of the filters is less than 1.5 dB with
  enhanced stopband and sharp roll-off.
• The filters can be integrated in 60 GHz Wireless
  Personal Area Network frontends as a part of the
Dielectric characterisation with Substrate
    Integrated Waveguide Resonators
                   D. Zelenchuk

         10th Millimetre-wave Users Group meeting
                            September 2004
                   13 September 2011
Ø Need to know correct value of a particular PCB
Ø Most of the PCB substrate properties are specified at 10GHz and below
Ø Microstrip or CPW resonator methods currently used for PCB materials
    C can be used directly on a PCB substrate
    L do not provide high accuracy for loss tangent due to low quality factor
    L are hard to scale to millimetre wave range
    L require separate samples to be designed for different thicknesses of
      the same material
Ø Waveguide cavity methods
    C remain the most accurate for both resonant frequency and loss tangent
    L require preparation of standalone samples and cannot be directly used
      for measurement on a PCB substrate
Substrate integrated waveguide
SIW Resonators
Microwave measurements
Nominal     Circular  Square(a=b)     Circular
           TLY-5A    TLY-5A         RT6010LM
a (mm)        16.4         15           16.4
h (mm)        1.52        1.52         0.635
Qc            1916        1884          596
e          2.17±0.02   2.17±0.02     10.2±0.25

tan d       0.0009      0.0009         0.0023

Measured    Circular   Square(a=b) Circular
           TLY-5A      TLY-5A     RT6010LM
F (GHz)     9.821725    9.934175   4.48875
Qu             607         637        260
k              0.33        0.03       0.62
e             2.168       2.176      10.38
tan d        0.0009      0.0009     0.0022
     Mm-wave measurement

TaclamPLUS is PTFE-based material with
permittivity of 2.1 and loss tangent of 0.0008 at
Loss enhancement factor
Effect of copper roughness

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