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					“Hedda Gabler” Review Quiz
1. Who raised Tesman? (A) Aunt Julle and Rina (B) Judge Brack (C) General Gabler (D) Aunt Rina 2. What is Tesman's academic specialty? (A) Mathematics (B) History (C) Literature (D) Philosophy 3. What kind of book has Ejlert just published? (A) A history of Norway (B) A history of the world (C) A treatise on alcoholism (D) A history of medieval Europe 4. Where did Hedda acquire her pistols? (A) They were a wedding present from Judge Brack. (B) They belonged to Tesman. (C) She bought them on her honeymoon. (D) They belonged to General Gabler. 5. Where did Ibsen live most of his life? (A) Italy and Germany (B) Poland (C) Austria and Germany (D) Norway 6. In what year was Hedda Gabler completed? (A) 1906 (B) 1828 (C) 1890 (D) 1885 7. For how many months did the Tesmans' honeymoon last? (A) 1 (B) 3 (C) 6 (D) 9 8. What did Hedda think of her honeymoon? (A) It was boring. (B) It was scenic. (C) It was relaxing. (D) It was exhausting.

9. To whom is Mrs. Elvsted married? (A) Ejlert (B) Her tutee (C) A professor (D) The District Magistrate 10. What is Ejlert's manuscript about? (A) divorce (B) the future (C) the history of Europe (D) Norwegian literature 11. What does Aunt Julle bring Tesman? (A) his old pistols (B) his academic papers (C) his slippers (D) his old baby cradle 12. Which of the following sentences is most true about Judge Brack? (A) He is a very important judge. (B) He wants to seduce Mrs. Elvsted. (C) He is an incorrigible drunk. (D) He hosts parties to which only men are invited. 13. How does Hedda drive Ejlert to drink? (A) by teasing him (B) by suggesting that he can win Mrs. Elvsted (C) as part of her seduction of him (D) by suggesting that Mrs. Elvsted doubts his self-discipline 14. Which of the following terms best describes Berte? (A) Careless (B) Refined (C) Prone to eavesdropping (D) Eager to please 15. Of what does Tesman declare himself jealous? (A) Brack's influence on Hedda (B) Hedda's domination in his own house (C) Hedda's love for Ejlert (D) the manuscript Ejlert has written 16. At whom does Hedda pretend to shoot? (A) quail (B) Brack (C) Berte (D) Ejlert

17. How has Tesman come to possess Ejlert's manuscript? (A) Ejlert dropped it while drunkenly walking the streets. (B) Tesman was able to steal it because Ejlert was so drunk. (C) Tesman has agreed to edit it for Ejlert. (D) Tesman agreed to keep it while Ejlert went to another party. 18. Which of the following is explicitly made clear in the play? (A) Tesman never slept with Hedda on their honeymoon. (B) Brack intends to have an affair with Hedda. (C) Ejlert used to love Hedda. (D) Tesman plans to have an affair with Mrs. Elvsted. 19. What are Mrs. Elvsted's thoughts upon hearing that Ejlert has "destroyed" his manuscript? (A) She is repulsed by his joy. (B) She says she hopes he did it beautifully. (C) She immediately vows to reconstruct it from the notes she has. (D) She says the action was akin to killing a child. 20. What happens while Ejlert and Tesman are at Brack's party? (A) Mrs. Tesman falls asleep. (B) Ejlert gives a long speech about his love for Hedda. (C) Hedda falls asleep. (D) Mrs. Elvsted gives up waiting for Ejlert and goes home. 21. When the play begins, Tesman assumes Ejlert is no longer an academic rival because: (A) He has not been invited to join the academy. (B) He has married. (C) He has been convicted of plagiarism. (D) He has become an alcoholic. 22. Whom does Hedda call "the cock of the yard"? (A) Judge Brack (B) Ejlert Lövborg (C) Tesman (D) Aunt Julle 23. What do Hedda and Ejlert pretend to do when they are found talking together? (A) look at pictures from the honeymoon (B) study Hedda's pistols (C) drink alcoholic punch (D) declare their mutual love

24. How is Hedda Gabler structured? (A) Into four two-scene acts (B) Into four scenes (C) Into four acts (D) Into five acts, of three scenes each 25. What is Hedda's last act before she dies? (A) She pretends to shoot Brack. (B) She plays the piano. (C) She declares that Mrs. Elvsted will be Tesman's next lover. (D) She eats a peach.

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