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Ideas for Your Wedding Gifts About the Author


									Ideas for Your Wedding Gifts
Your best friend Amy is going to get married. Undoubtedly you will try to find a wedding gift for her and her wedding. However, Amy does not have a gift registry and she does not ask specifically what she would like to get. You may feel a bit headache in such a case. Of course you can make some gifts by your hand to show your sincere. On the contrary, you may also consider the following ideas if you would like to send your friend a gift which is solid and useful. The most useful and flexible gift in the world is probably cash and money. Some may think that using cash as gift is a bit impolite, especially when we talk about wedding gifts since wedding is something we emphasize etiquette a lot. However, you may think of it in this way. First of all the couple has already spend thousands of dollars on their wedding. There is no doubt that they will need cash for their new lives after marriage. They may need it to buy a new car. They may even have to reserve the money for their child (who may come very soon). To this end cash is really a flexible and useful gift to your friend. Your friend should understand what you are doing if you really send them cash as wedding gift and I believe they will not think you are impersonal or impolite. Another idea of wedding gift you can consider is connected to the honeymoon of the couple. You can sponsor the honeymoon of the newly wed couple. However, you may need to discuss with the couple beforehand if you are going to consider this as your wedding gift. It will be not quite possible for one guest to sponsor the whole honeymoon. The expenses of the honeymoon should be divided into different parts. You can help the couple to set up a honeymoon registry if they do not have a gift registry. From this honeymoon registry other guests can sponsor different parts of the honeymoon. For example, a few of you may sponsor the air tickets. Another guest will sponsor the first night of accommodation and so on. Unless the couple is not going to have honeymoon, it will be very sweet of you to help the couple to set up a honeymoon registry and sponsor their honeymoon. The above two are undoubtedly very good ideas for wedding gifts for your friend. However, you may want to stick to a physical gift if you are a person who cares about the etiquette of weddings. In this case you may consider buying a bottle of wine as wedding gift. But this will only be good for some couples. For couples who do not really drink wine, it may not be a suitable wedding gift. However, if the couple is someone who loves wine, this gift can be a good one. You should try to do a little research on the habit of the couple. Certainly you will not buy your friend a bottle of red wine if they love champagne more.

About the Author
Jerry Leung is a wedding invitation designer with great interest in Chinese Style Wedding cards. He Designs a lot of Chinese Wedding Invitation Card. He runs a Blog about Wedding and also runs a Directory of Wedding Vendors.


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