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Booking Request Please fell out together and submit this to your DUNCAN HILL TRAVEL Wedding Advisory to aid you in finding the best destination and hotel for your honeymoon.
Travel Request Form Fax to: Personal Information
Bride’s full name Groom’s full name E-mail Phone Fax Mailing address City/Town Province Postal Code

Duncan 1.250.748.0166

Mill Bay 1.250.743.7996

Travel Information
When do you want to take your honeymoon? How long do you want your honeymoon to be? What is your budget? What do you envision your honeymoon to be? (At a beach, in the mountains etc.) Where do you prefer to go? (The Caribbean, Costa Rice, Hawaii, Cruise etc) What is your room category of choice for your honeymoon? (Ocean view, Suite with kitchenette, Honeymoon Suite etc.) What activities would you enjoy participating on your honeymoon? (Gambling, Shopping, Extreme Sports etc.) What would you like to do on your honeymoon? (Stay at a hotel, Tour on your own with a rental car, Go-as-you please with no reservations etc.) What are your top destinations you would like to travel to? (Hawaii, Costa Rica, England, Dominican Republic etc.) Will anyone be accompanying you on your honeymoon? On your honeymoon you where do you want to eat food from? (Local restaurants, Supermarkets: You’ll make your own food etc.) What would you like to do for fun at night on your honeymoon? (Go out dancing, Go to theatre, Experience culture etc.)






Duncan Office: 250.748.0391 Mill Bay Office 250.743.7125 Thank you for filling out this form. It will greatly assist us to find the perfect place for your honeymoon.

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