TwoBuckDuck Delivers "Daily Deals For Darn Little"

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					TwoBuckDuck Delivers "Daily Deals For Darn Little"
An exciting new money saving site has launched in Chicago! The clever site, offers consumers a unique deal every day. They negotiate big deals around town...and pass the savings on to consumers. All the consumer has to do is pay twobucks to get the deal!
Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 21, 2009 -- It's amazing how clever entrepreneurs heed the call "necessity is the mother of invention" during stressful economic times like these. One such example is Chicago marketing guru and entrepreneur Mark Gruen, who created the fun savings site, so consumers can get great deals. It's simply clever in its simplicity! The folks at TwoBuckDuck approach different kinds of companies, local and national, and negotiate terrific, almost unbelievable deals for products, services, food and fun. Then, every day, a new deal appears on the site. Consumers can get in on the deal by purchasing that day's TwoBuck certificate (for TwoBucks, of course), which is delivered via email. "It's a win-win-win" says Mark, whose title is "CWO" for Chief Waterfowl Officer. "The consumer wins because they get a guaranteed absolutely terrific and unique deal at a popular business. The business wins, because they get to meet new customers, reward existing customers, or fill seats that otherwise would have gone empty. And we win, because we're rewarded with Twobucks." Consumers are wild about it, too--in fact TwoBuckDuck has started developing a cult following. Here's some actual unsolicited customer comments: "Keep on bringin' these great deals! I look forward to 'em every morning!," "Wow. I am impressed. Thank you," "Congrats on your concept, I think its a great one!" Don't want to log on daily to see that day's daily deals? Simply add your name to their list, and you'll get advance notice of TwoBuck's deal for that day. As TwoBuck says, "Click twoday, save twomorrow." ###

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