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									How to Become Very Wealthy Without Anyone Knowing
Let’s face it; we all want to be wealthy. Wealth, whether it is livestock, buildings, gold or cash, gives us a lot of what we want out of life. Although wealth can also be defined in many other ways, for this brief article, I want to use the normally accepted concept of wealth; money.

There are really only three ways to get money; you can win or inherit it; you can take it by force or coercion; or you can earn it.

By far the most certain, ethical and safe way is to earn it. However, most people who choose this option usually do it by exchanging their time (and effort and skills) for money.

Business owners typically know that this is not the best way to go about earning money. A man (or woman) may start a business and employ people to do the day-to-day chores for him. By doing this he leverages his time by getting paid MORE (by his customers) than his employees cost him.

Most people, however, don’t have the initial money (investment capital) to start a business, so they end up working for somebody else all their lives. There could well be an alternative!

There is some buzz going around the internet at the moment about a company called ‘The Private Millionaire’. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than another Multi-Level-Marketing system (sometimes called Network Marketing, or Viral Marketing), but I thought I’d investigate a little deeper.

I had a good laugh at the initial web pages that suggest you can make $4 million and retire comfortably very quickly. This, I thought, is going to be a fun read. Let’s face it, most of us have seen similar offers that promise ridiculously high earning potential, and I thought this one would be no different. But I read on just for a chuckle.

On further inspection, this company, based in the U.K., seems to have hit upon a really great concept. This is how it works:

Firstly, the products they are selling are downloadable reports; nothing new there. But the way they market these reports is extremely clever.

The potential customer is taken to their initial page which very briefly explains that there are four downloadable reports, all of them about wealth creation. Two of the reports cost $16 each. The first report is free, and then you buy the second report from the person who referred you to the website.

The third report is also free, but then you buy the fourth report from the person who directed you to the website (i.e. the sponsor's sponsor). Total outlay for all the reports is $32. These are VERY well written reports by the way.

They do this because the person who promoted their company website gets paid this money. See how this is clever? It gets better.

The money goes DIRECTLY to the person who promoted the website; the money NEVER goes to the company the way most Networking Marketing companies operate. The Private Millionaires system manages this by allowing you to set-up your own PayPal (or SafePay, Or AlertPay) account so that your details are directly linked to each webpage.

Once a person has purchased the second non-free report for $16, they are then walked through a very thorough explanation of how to advertise their own webpage to other people. It gets even better, because they even make having your own web pages easy.

For a one-time fee of $72 (that’s for life!) they will create your web pages for your AND host them on their servers, again, for life! Officially they use a company called Website Developments for hosting, but I suspect this is affiliated with Private Millionaires.

If you have your own website, or you want to host the webpages on your own server, they make it easy for you to do that as well, giving you all the relevant links and technical details you’d require.

Like I said, when I first heard about this, I thought it was just another of those get-rich-quick schemes. However, now that I’ve looked into it a lot deeper, I think it’s really going to fly.

While I don’t think it will actually make anybody a millionaire, with the possible exception of the company owners, I DO believe that it will make

whoever joins it a LOT more money than the $104 that it costs to join. And I mean a LOT more!

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