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									Application Form                           Please return for the attention of the Manager

                                       Foot Locker Retail Ireland Ltd., 49 Lower O’Connell Street,
                                        Dublin 1, Ireland (hereinafter referred to as the Company)

  Please complete this application fully. If you have any difficulties in doing so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Personal                                           All information contained in this document will remain strictly confidential

 Store (Location):                                                            Date:

 Position Applied for:                                                        How did you hear of this Position?

 Title:                                                                       Mobile Phone No.:

 Surname:                                                                     Home Phone No.:

 First Names:                                                                 Work Phone No.:

 Are you available to work weekends and evenings?                                                                       Yes / No

 Current Address:

 Permanent Address: (if different to current address)

 Email Address:

 All candidates must provide proof of eligibility for employment in the country they are applying for and therefore submit
 appropriate documentation when requested.

 Are you legally entitled to work in the country that you are applying for?                                             Yes / No

 Do you have any relatives/partners employed by Foot Locker? If yes, give positions, locations and names.

 Position:                                 Location:                                                          Name:

 Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence relative to the position that you are applying for?                 Yes / No
Work History Foot Locker
 Have you previously worked for Foot Locker? If yes, give dates, position and location.

 Date: From                To                  Location:

 Vacancies may exist in other Foot Locker stores. Please list locations/areas where you would be willing to work:

Education             (Diploma/Certificate/Degree earned/Professional Certification)

 School (High School, University/College)             Year             Degree, Diploma or Certificate received

 Professional or other qualifications, including membership of professional societies and details of other specialist training,
 knowledge or experience relevant to retail and/or customer service:

Employment History
 Please detail your employment history starting with your current or most recent employer. If you have any gaps in your
 employment history due to unemployment, please note as well.

 Company Name:                                                                                                           Dates
 Telephone Number:                                                                                                       From:
 Address:                                                                                                                To:

 Nature of Employer’s Business:                                     Give 3 main responsibilities in your current role:
 Your Job Title:
 Supervisor’s Name:
 State notice period:
 Dates of any planned holiday arrangements:
 When would you be able to start work?

 Describe two achievements you have made in your current role:
 Company Name:                                                                                                          Dates
 Telephone Number:                                                                                                      From:
 Address:                                                                                                               To:

 Nature of Employer’s Business:
 Your Job Title:
 Supervisor’s Name:

 Give 3 main responsibilities in this role:                               Describe two achievements you have made in this role:

 Company Name:                                                                                                          Dates
 Telephone Number:                                                                                                      From:
 Address:                                                                                                               To:

 Nature of Employer’s Business:
 Your Job Title:
 Supervisor’s Name:

 Give 3 main responsibilities in this role:                               Describe two achievements you have made in this role:

Additional Information
 Tell us about a time when you provided extraordinary customer service by delivering the unexpected.

 Describe the most difficult customer service situation you have experienced and how you handled it.

 Tell us about a time when your job required you to coordinate your work with others. What did you like about it? What did you not like?

 Please specify the languages that you speak comfortably:
 Please provide names and addresses of your last two employers. If you don’t have two employers, School/University
 references are acceptable.

 Name:                                                                Name:
 Name of Company/School:                                              Name of Company/School:
 Position:                                                            Position:
 Address:                                                             Address:

 Telephone Number:                                                    Telephone Number:

 I declare that the information I have supplied in this form is true and complete. I understand that if it is subsequently discovered
 that any statements are false or misleading, I will be liable to have my application disqualified or subsequently may be liable to
 be dismissed from employment by the Company, where applicable by law. I further agree that the Company may make contact
 with any personal referee or past employer identified in this application for means of obtaining satisfactory references and that I
 consent to these references being disclosed to the Company.

Personal Data Notice and Consent
 I hereby consent that personal data collected via this Application Form may be processed by the Company for the
 purpose of managing my employment application as well as to create a database regarding possible future employment
 opportunities at Foot Locker. The personal data will be used by the Company and/or affiliated Foot Locker companies in
 the context of recruitment and selection, and the processing may include any manual or automated measures taken with
 the personal data, including but not limited to gathering, registration, storing, changing and disclosing the data to related
 Foot Locker companies.

 I hereby also consent that the Company may transfer the personal data to Foot Locker companies located outside the
 European Union.

 In case the application process would result in employment at Foot Locker, the data of the Application Form will be
 transferred to the personnel file. In case of an unsuccessful application, I consent to the fact that the data may be stored
 by the Company for a period of up to 6 months following completion of the application process.

 By filling in this Application Form, I explicitly authorize the Company to process the personal data it contains for the
 purposes described above (including the processing of data in connection with contact with my previous employer). I am
 aware that I have the right, in accordance with the applicable legislation, to review, access and correct my personal data.

                                                       Place and Date:                     Signed:

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