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Iran Gasoline Woes- Impetus for Refinery Expansions - PDF by GlobalData


Iran Gasoline Woes- Impetus for Refinery Expansions Summary Iran is the world’s fourth largest exporter of crude oil and in 2006 its export volume reached 2.38 million barrels per day. However, Iran is also the second biggest importer of gasoline after the United States. The disparity in these two facts lies in the configuration of refinery system in the country. The configuration of most refineries are simple, outdated and are awaiting refurbishment. The product mix coming out of refineries leans heavily towards heavy oil, gas oil and fuel oil etc. In 2007, gasoline comprised only of 16.0% of the refined product mix. Hence, gasoline is imported from India, China, Singapore and United Arab Emirates to meet its domestic demand coming from transportation segment. Scope • GlobalData viewpoints cover the latest events or important trends in the global oil and gas industry and provide our in-depth analysis of issues and challenges. Viewpoints offer expert opinions and GlobalData’s views of various developments that have been taking place in the oil and gas industry across the world. Reasons to Buy • Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights from GlobalData on the key events happening in the oil and gas industry. • Gain a strong understanding of the energy market and analyze the major trends in the global oil and gas industry today • Identify opportunities and challenges with the help of our analysis of the latest news and deals in the oil and gas industry • Increase future revenue and profitability with the help of information on latest operational, financial, and regulatory events

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