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Small Joints - Big Innovations

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Small Joints - Big Innovations Summary GlobalData viewpoints are an essential source of high quality information on all key events in the medical equipment industry. GlobalData viewpoints are typically our opinion on the key events, strategic rationale and its impact on the future outlook of the medical equipment sectors. GlobalData viewpoints cover financial deals and their impact on the competitive landscape, impact of product approvals on existing market segments, emerging technologies and products in develoopment, reimbursement policies and impact on procedure numbers, government policies and reforms to make devices safer and effective through regulatory changes. Scope • Viewpoints are a source of real-time and frequent updates on key events in the medical equipment sectors and provide insights on market size (historic and forecast), procedure numbers, pricing trends and competitive landscape • Viewpoints provide in depth analysis of market drivers, restraints and trends impacting the future of the sectors and sub-sectors • Viewpoints are analytical alerts that provide information on emerging technologies and products in development by sector with commentaries on clinical trial outcomes and commercialization plans Reasons to Buy • Be abreast of key events in the medical device industry • Make informed decisions by understanding the rationale behind key events • Align your market strategies with the events which can impact your business • Develop proactive marketing strategies and business plans through real-time updates of pipeline products, technologies and financial deals

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