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					School of Theology and Philosophy
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Take your
                                                                                Established in 1968, MVNU is an intentionally Christian teaching university                                        ministry to the
                                                                                for traditional age students, graduate students, and working adults who                                              next level!
                                                                                seek opportunities to learn and grow in an academic community of faith.
                                                                                Building upon the strong foundation of its main campus in Mount Vernon,
                                                                                Ohio, the University provides innovative undergraduate and graduate
                                                                                programs for working adults online and at several convenient Ohio locations.

“MVNU offers the best blend of educational philosophy and teaching/                                    Columbus-New Albany
 learning approach for a Master of Ministry program. The professors have                               5150 E. Dublin-Granville Rd.
 a great track record of excellence and motivation. The program challenges                                Columbus, OH 43081
 you through well-rounded training to maximize your ministry.
 My experience at MVNU has truly been life-changing and a blessing.”                                           Mansfield
                                                                                                      Mid-Ohio Conference Center
Rev. Terry Weyman, Jr. (MMin ’09)                                                                       890 West Fourth Street
Senior Pastor, Painesville Church of the Nazarene                                                        Mansfield, OH 44906

“The Master of Ministry program equipped me to delve into a deeper study of                                 Mount Vernon
 the Word to see the wondrous works of Jesus more clearly. I have also forged                              221 S. Main Street
                                                                                                        Mount Vernon, OH 43050
 positive relationships with several classmates during my time at MVNU.”
Tesa Crews                                                                                                      Newark
Current Student                                                                                            1935 Tamarack Road
                                                                                                            Newark, OH 43055
“The program allowed me to explore several areas of ministry hands-on,
 while deepening my biblical and theological understanding in class. Plus,
 the videoconference format was flexible and convenient. I am a better
 teacher, leader, and communicator for completing the program.”
Teresa A. Page, (MMin ’11)
Administrative Associate Pastor, Grove City Church of the Nazarene

“I have been so blessed by all of the teachers that I have had up to this
 point. Each one has been a perfect fit, teaching me and stretching me in
 preparation for what God has for me to do! I praise my God for the CMP
 program at MVNU. This is absolutely a dream come true for me!”
Donna Ebanks
Certificate of Ministry Preparation Student

                             APPLY TODAY!                                                        w w w. m v n u . e d u /g p s
                                                                                                                                                               School of Theology and Philosophy

                 Apply online at or
               call 1-800-839-2355 for a paper application.
                 Our caring staff will walk you through                                     JOIN THE THOUSANDS OF MVNU
                  the enrollment process step-by-step.                                     ADULT AND GRADUATE STUDENTS
                                                                                        WHO ASPIRE FOR SOMETHING MORE.
                    Free information sessions are also
                     available at a location near you.
School of Theology and Philosophy

A call to serve is a call to prepare for ministry in a variety of ways. The mission of the School of Theology and Philosophy
is to: guide students in defining and understanding the reality and the implications of God’s call upon their
lives, challenge students toward a global mission and servant’s heart, and enable students to serve by providing
practical experiences.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University                                                              Program Options
Highly professional programs                                                                   Master of Ministry Program                                                             Master of Divinity Program
 • Provides relevant and immediate application to ministry.                                    The Master of Ministry program is focused on equipping students with the               Through a partnership between MVNU and Nazarene Theological Seminary,
 • Designed by pastors for pastors.                                                            education, skills, and training useful in Christian ministry. This program combines    students can now earn a Master of Divinity from NTS without moving to Kansas City.
                                                                                               practical application with academic study. Students have the option of supervised      This 76-hour degree program (30 hours of which may be earned through MVNU’s
 • Faculty members provide insight from extensive experience in full-time ministry.            ministry by working with churches where they are mentored by strong pastoral           Master of Ministry courses), offers intensive module courses and videoconferenced
 • Students support each other academically and personally, and often form strong              leaders and church staff. The videoconferencing delivery system allows students        courses taught by full-time and adjunct NTS faculty. This program offers four
    networking relationships lasting beyond graduation.                                        to take courses within driving distance and complete the M.Min. degree in three        convenient ways to take MDiv classes:
                                                                                               semesters. Credits earned in this program can be transferred to graduate programs
                                                                                               at other universities, including the Master of Divinity program offered by Nazarene      • Attend NTS one-week modular classes at MVNU
A commitment to help students reach higher                                                     Theological Seminary (NTS).                                                                (August/October/January/March)
  • Designed to take ministry skills to a higher level.                                                                                                                                 • NTS videoconferencing classes at MVNU campus (Monday and Tuesday
  • MVNU’s foundation rests on biblical ethics and values with courses guided by a             Coursework includes:                                                                       mornings, afternoons, evenings; Thursday mornings)
    Christian worldview.                                                                         • Theology              • Preaching and Worship         • Leadership                   • NTS online classes or other formats
                                                                                                 • Biblical Studies      • Personal Growth               • Ministry                     • NTS in-service, one-week classes at their campus in Kansas City, Missouri
MVNU Mission Statement
Mount Vernon Nazarene University exists to shape lives through educating                       Master’s Choice Program                                                                Certificate of Ministry Preparation
the whole person and cultivating Christ-likeness for lifelong learning and service.            Through MVNU’s unique Master’s Choice program students have the opportunity to         The Certificate of Ministry Preparation (CMP) program is designed to provide
                                                                                               earn two degrees, the Master of Ministry (MVNU) and the Master of Divinity (NTS).      academic experiences for adults who want to increase their ministry effectiveness,
                                                                                               This program combines features from the Master of Ministry and Master of Divinity      but are unable to take a college program. Alongside those preparing for pastoral
The MVNU Difference                                                                            programs giving students more control, flexibility, and choices as they pursue their   ministry, other adults—including Sunday school teachers, youth workers, and church
The School of Theology and Philosophy at Mount Vernon Nazarene University has                  educational goals.                                                                     board members—can participate in this program to effectively prepare for ministry.
designed our graduate and professional programs to meet the needs of today’s ministry
student by allowing flexibility in schedule as well as delivery format. These educational      The 76-hour MDiv program is just 46 hours beyond the 30 hours that can be earned       The CMP program has received validation from the office of Clergy Development
options make it possible for students to find and complete the ministerial preparation         through Master of Ministry courses and students can earn the Nazarene Theological      and the International Course of Study Advisory Council of the Church of the
that best fits their educational and ministry goals, and is open to all regardless of their    Seminary MDiv degree without having to move to Kansas City. Students may utilize       Nazarene as a program that fulfills the educational requirements for ordination as
church affiliation.                                                                            up to five different delivery methods of course presentation.                          elder in the Church of the Nazarene.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Those who are not seeking the Certificate may be granted permission to audit these
Multiple Class Locations                                                                                                                                                              courses for the appropriate fee.
The Master of Ministry and Certificate of Ministry programs are available at
various locations throughout the state of Ohio. To find the location nearest you
call (740) 397-9000, ext. 3615 or e-mail                                                                                                                           Certificate of Ministry Development
                                                                                                                                                                                      The Certificate of Ministry Development (CMD) program is designed to provide
                                                                                                                                                                                      academic experiences for adults who want to increase their ministry effectiveness,
                                                                                                                                                                                      but are unable to take a graduate program. Alongside those preparing for pastoral
                                                                                                                                                                                      ministry, other adults—including Sunday school teachers, youth workers, and
                                                                                                                                                                                      church board members—can participate in this program to effectively prepare
                                                                                                                                                                                      for ministry.

                                                                                                                                                                                      The CMD program consists of 10 audited Master of Ministry Courses, but is not a
                                                                                                                                                                                      validated Course of Study Program like the CMP program.

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