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					School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                              March 2012


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Hi Everyone
Since my last report there have been further appointments to the School of Health Sciences. I am delighted to welcome
Cristina Blefari as Lecturer in Health Sciences (Nuclear Medicine). Welcome also to the new staff in school’s administrative
team: Sandra Huxtable – Research Administration EHHP Group; Susie Rock – Program and Course Administration Officer –
Occupational Therapy; Helen Cartwright – Program and Course Administration Officer – Medical Radiation;
Sylvia Starsky – Technical Officer-Lab Support.

I was delighted to attend the UniSA College First anniversary Luncheon last month. It was a pleasure to meet the staff and
some of the inaugural graduates, whose lives have been transformed by the experience, enabling them to achieve their
potential and open up new and exciting opportunities which now lie ahead. It was truly inspiring to learn how the College
has transformed the aspirations of the graduates and provided opportunities for educational advancement. Two such
graduates have now been accepted into degree programs in the School of Health Sciences. Congratulations to Camille
Dowdell and Ashley Parsons who have started BSc studies in Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. Thank you both for
accepting my invitation to write something for the current Newsletter. See pages 20 and 21. I was also delighted to
participate in the UniSA graduation ceremony this month. Congratulations to all the students who graduated across all the
programs in Health Sciences, and thanks to all those staff who found time to attend the ceremony this year. Your
attendance is important and is noted by students and their families.

Channel 7 Story – Little Heroes Foundation / UniSA
It was good to see the media coverage of some of the good work our staff are engaged in. Some of you may have seen the
coverage by Channel 7 of the Little Heroes Foundation.. Well done to Carmel Nottle, Maarten Immink and Jodie Quilliam
who worked with Louise Bastian and Andrew Read from the Leukaemia Foundation to make this project such a success.

Clinical Exercise Physiology Degree commences in 2013
In this month’s Newsletter, we announce the approval of an exciting new degree program. Thanks to Maarten Immink for
leading us up to this point in the development and launch of the new degree. Maarten provides an update on the program
on page 6 of the Newsletter.

Contributions to the HLS Newsletter
Thanks again for all your contributions to the Newsletter. We estimate that the circulation of the Newsletter now exceeds
3000. It is circulated to all students and staff in Health Sciences and to other UniSA staff and external stakeholders. It is also
available to the general public on the On the Pulse website where HLS Newsletters for the last 12 months may be found.
We are always pleased to learn of others who may be interested in receiving a copy. To communicate news about research,
national appointments, community engagements, awards, achievements and sporting endeavours, etc., please continue to
keep Kylie Fogarty ( informed of all your news. We are always open to suggestions to help raise
awareness and readability of the Newsletter. It is your newsletter. If you have ideas for what might be interesting regular
items to include, please let us know.
Thanks again to Kylie Fogarty for the excellent work on this month’s Newsletter.

Kind regards and may the Easter Bunny be good to you!
Roger Eston

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                                   Page 1
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                       March 2012

                                        Did You Know?
Since 1901 Australians life expectancy at birth has increased by approximately 23.5 years for males and 25 years
                                                    for females


                                              Source: Dr Janette Young


 Congratulations to Dr Maureen McEvoy on a successful application for the Ruth Grant Prize for 2011 and the award of
  her PhD.

                                                                               Maureen receiving her PhD from the
                                                                               Chancellor Dr Ian Gould at the March
                                                                               2012 Graduation Ceremony

 Congratulations to Dr Alison Coates on her recent appointment as Deputy Director of the Nutritional Physiology
  Research Centre (NPRC).

 Professor Roger Eston has been appointed to the new editorial board of Pediatric Exercise Science

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                           Page 2
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                        March 2012



                                                                                                          Recipient     Recipient
      Program                 Prize Title                           Description
                                                                                                         First Name     Surname
 U/G Physiotherapy      Kate Gilmore Reid      Awarded to the student with the highest academic
                        Prize                  achievement (in the final two years) in the Bachelor of
                                               Physiotherapy and whose clinical work has been                Joel         Fuller
                                               carried out with the greatest intelligence, skill and
 U/G Physiotherapy      Elma Casely Prize      Awarded to the student in the Bachelor of
                                               Physiotherapy whose assessments throughout the
                                                                                                             Joel         Fuller
                                               program have shown the greatest clinical and
                                               interpersonal skills.
 U/G Physiotherapy      Audrey Simpson Prize   Awarded annually for overall highest academic
                                               achievement in Acute Care in the Bachelor of                  Yan         Gerlach
 U/G Physiotherapy      Geoffrey Maitland      Awarded to the student with the highest aggregate
                        Prize                  mark in Primary and Ambulatory Care in
                                                                                                             Yan         Gerlach
                                               Physiotherapy and Advanced Rehabilitation in the
                                               Bachelor of Physiotherapy.
 U/G Physiotherapy      Andrea Warden-         Awarded on completion of the Bachelor of
                        Flood Prize            Physiotherapy to the student with the highest mark in       Victoria      Wright
                                               the adult component of the Rehabilitation course.
 U/G Physiotherapy      Helen S Blair Prize    Awarded to the student with the highest academic
                                               achievement in the paediatric components of the             Amanda      D'Alessandro
                                               Bachelor of Physiotherapy.
 U/G Physiotherapy      Jeanne-Marie Ganne     Awarded to the final year student in the Bachelor of
                        Prize in Women's       Physiotherapy who has demonstrated outstanding
                                                                                                          Hi Fu Ruth      Tung
                        Health                 achievement and application of knowledge in the area
                                               of Women's Health.
 U/G Physiotherapy      Physiotherapy          Awarded to the student in the Bachelor of
                        Research Foundation    Physiotherapy with Honours who receives the highest        Katherine     Bowering
                        Prize                  mark for the Honours thesis.
 U/G Physiotherapy      Australian             Awarded to the student selected by their peers as
                        Physiotherapy          making an outstanding contribution to the Student
                        Association (SA        Committee of the Australian Physiotherapy                                Michalski-
                        Branch) Student        Association (SA Branch).                                                  Russell
                        Group Perpetual
 U/G Physiotherapy      Sheila Bailey          The Sheila Bailey Physiotherapy Prize is open to
                        Physiotherapy Prize    eligible South Australian students whose home is in a
                                               rural‚ remote or isolated area and who are enrolled as
                                               a full-time internal student in the second year of the
                                               Bachelor of Physiotherapy (IBPZ) program. They must
                                               have completed SACE Year 12 in a rural, remote or            Aimee        Wohling
                                               isolated area before commencing the Bachelor of
                                               Physiotherapy. The prize will be Awarded on the basis
                                               of program grade point average on completion of the
                                               first year of the program.
 Master of              Elma Casely Prize      Awarded to the student in the Master of
 Physiotherapy          (GE)                   Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry) whose assessments
                                                                                                          Penelope        Harris
 (Graduate Entry)                              throughout the program have shown the greatest
                                               clinical and human relationship skills.

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                              Page 3
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                            March 2012

 Master of              Ruth Grant Prize (GE)     Awarded to the student with the highest academic
 Physiotherapy                                    achievement in the Master of Physiotherapy                  Jacqueline     Haskett
 (Graduate Entry)                                 (Graduate Entry).
 P/G Physiotherapy      Brooks Running Prize      Awarded to the student in the Master of
                                                  Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy with the
                                                  highest academic achievement in the sports
                                                                                                                Joseph      Orlando
                                                  component of the program.

                                                                                                                Mark          Chan

 P/G Physiotherapy      Patricia Trott Prize      Awarded to the student in the Master of
                                                  Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy for the
                                                  highest academic achievement in the clinical courses
                                                  of the musculoskeletal component of the program             Matthew        Belton
                                                  (REHB 5057 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Theory
                                                  and Practice and REHB 5056 Musculoskeletal
                                                  Physiotherapy Theory and Management
 P/G Physiotherapy      Marie Hammond             Awarded to the student with the highest academic
                        Award                     achievement in the Master of Musculoskeletal and               Toby        Moen
                                                  Sports Physiotherapy.
 P/G Physiotherapy      Ruth Grant Prize          Awarded annually to the student in the research
                        (Post Grd)                program of Master of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
                                                  or Doctor of Philosophy who must be a
                                                  physiotherapist and who distinguishes themselves in
                                                  their dedication and application to research in             Maureen        McEvoy

 U/G Medical            Australian Institute of   Awarded to the best student in the Bachelor of
 Radiation              Radiography (SA           Medical Radiation Science (Medical imaging) program,
                        Branch) Award in          based on best overall performance.                            Bonnie      McGregor
                        Medical Imaging
 U/G Medical            Australian & New          Awarded to the most outstanding student in the
 Radiation              Zealand Society of        Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Nuclear
                                                                                                                Saima        Ahmad
                        Nuclear Medicine          Medicine) program, based on best overall
                        (ANZSNM) Prize            performance.
 U/G Medical            Australian Institute of   Awarded to the best student in the Bachelor of
 Radiation              Radiography (SA           Medical Radiation Science (Radiation Therapy)
                                                                                                                Lauren     Chamberlain
                        Branch) Award in          program, based on best overall performance.
                        Radiation Therapy
 P/G Medical            Australian                Awarded annually to the postgraduate medical
 Radiation              Sonographers              sonography student submitting the best written paper
                        Association (ASA)         pertaining to the practice of medical sonography, that
                        Student Award             is suitable for either oral presentation at the next ASA        Lia        Bruno
                                                  Annual National Conference or for publication in
                                                  Sound Effects.
 U/G Podiatry           JR Pickerring Prize       Awarded to the student in the Bachelor of Podiatry
                                                  who achieves the highest aggregate mark in the
                                                                                                                 Kate        Young
                                                  courses Clinical Biomechanics 400 and Clinical
                                                  Biomechanics 401
 U/G Podiatry           TG Mitchell Prize         Awarded to the student in the Bachelor of Podiatry
                                                  with the highest academic achievement in Podiatry
                                                  Clinical Studies 100, 101, 200, 201, 300, 301 and 400,        Kerwin       Talbot
                                                  Podiatry Practice 201, 400 and 401, and Applied
                                                  Podiatry Practice 300 and 301

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                                  Page 4
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                         March 2012

 U/G Podiatry           Staff Award for          Awarded to the student in the Bachelor of Podiatry
                        Podiatric Clinical       whose assessments throughout the program have
                                                                                                            Carlie    Altman
                        Practice                 shown the greatest clinical and human relationship
 U/G Human                                       Awarded to the most outstanding first year student in
 Movement               Nancy Whittingham        the Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)           Corey       Berg
                        Award                    who continues in the program.
 U/G Human                                       Awarded annually to an outstanding final year student
 Movement                                        in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Human
                        Norm Clarke              Movement) program, on the basis of performance in
                        Fellowship in Physical   the course, Physical Rehabilitation, overall academic       Clint    Bellenger
                        Activity Award           record and a Directed Study project in physical
                                                 Rehabilitation undertaken at the Hampstead
                                                 Rehabilitation Centre.
 U/G Human              Outdoor Educators'       Awarded to the graduand based on the highest
 Movement               Association Tertiary     academic performance in a sub-major or major in
                                                                                                             Lisa      Sachse
                        Outdoor Education        Outdoor Education.
 U/G Human              Port Adelaide            Awarded annually to the most outstanding graduand
 Movement               Football Club Award      in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Human
                                                 Movement) who has demonstrated the highest                  Carly    Malcolm
                                                 academic performance in courses related to Sports
 U/G Occupational       OCC SCIENCE              Awarded annually to the final year student in the
 Therapy                                         Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
                                                 who has demonstrated the highest academic                 Nicholas    Easton
                                                 performance in courses related to occupational
 U/G Occupational       Marjorie Black Prize     Awarded to the most successful student in the psycho-
 Therapy                                         social sections of the Bachelor of Applied Science        Nicholas    Easton
                                                 (Occupational Therapy).
 U/G Occupational       KONEKT Prize             Awarded annually to the final year student in the
 Therapy                                         Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
                                                 who has demonstrated the highest academic                 Ashleigh   Drumm
                                                 performance in courses related to injury management
                                                 and worker rehabilitation.
 U/G Occupational       OT Reg Board Prize -     Awarded annually to a final year student in the
 Therapy                2011                     Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
                                                 who has demonstrated the highest academic and
                                                 practical performance in the courses relating to          Nicholas    Easton
                                                 enabling occupation studies and occupational therapy
                                                 field work practice over the 4 years of the degree
 U/G Occupational       OT Australia SA          Awarded annually to a final year undergraduate
 Therapy                                         occupational therapy student who has demonstrated
                                                 the highest academic performance in courses relating      Nicholas    Easton
                                                 to research and evidence base practice, with the
                                                 exclusion of honours' related courses
 U/G Occupational       Cecilie Bearup Prize     Awarded annually to the student who, on completion
 Therapy                in Occupational          of the program for the Bachelor of Applied Science
                        Therapy                  (Occupational Therapy), is perceived by School staff        Lisa      Porter
                                                 members, clinicians and student peers to embody the
                                                 highest professional qualifications.

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                              Page 5
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                             March 2012


The Program Notification Statement for our School’s new 4-year Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology degree has now
been approved.

The Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology will allow the graduate to gain Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA)
accreditation at both Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist levels.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) are recognised allied health professionals that have specialised skills for the delivery
of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and
injuries. Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and many private health insurers recognise AEPs and provide cover
for clinical exercise physiology services. Clinical Exercise Physiology as a profession or specialisation is recognised
internationally by such organisations as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the British Association of Sport
and Exercise Sciences (BASES) and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

This degree will be a significant contribution to the already popular Human Movement program as it will meet the market
demand (both domestic and international) for an allied health professional qualification degree within the area of exercise
and sport science. Similar 4-year degrees at universities such as Queensland University of Technology, University of
Queensland, University of Wollongong and University of Western Australia have proven to be quite popular.

The Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology is currently in the Program Development phase in preparation for a 2013 intake
of about 40 students. Also in 2013, an application with ESSA’s National University Course Accreditation Program (NUCAP)
will be made to accredit this new degree along with the Graduate Diploma of Clinical Exercise Science (Exercise Physiologist
accreditation) and the exercise and sport science study stream of the Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and
Health Studies) (Exercise Scientist accreditation).
                                                                                                       Dr Maarten Immink

Para Hills High School – Tuesday, 21 March and Roma Mitchell Secondary College – Wednesday, 22 March 2012

The workshop aims to:

1. Provide opportunities for student engagement;

2. Increase awareness of and aspirations towards further education;

3. Collect data for research;

4. Create opportunities for University outreach

Manager: Claire Neylon (Exercise Physiology Student)

Claire was in charge to develop a general plan of the workshop (including times, dates, number of UniSA
students/volunteers/staff and FUn participants involved); liaise with UniSA staff, students and volunteers, and with FUn site
coordinators to organise the workshops; recruit UniSA students/volunteers to deliver the workshop; and provide evaluation
reports to the FUn-UniSA program manager. Claire recruited several Human Movement students, who have delivered the
workshop and shared experiences with the FUn-UniSA participants in 2 northern Adelaide high schools.

The table below shows the type of activities included in the workshop:

Test                                   Fitness Component                      Equipment needed
Vertical Jump                          Power                                  Vertical jump
Horizontal/broad Jump                  Power                                  Tape measure
30 second arm curl                     Muscular strength/endurance            Stop watch, hand weight
30 second sit to stand                 Muscular strength/endurance            Stop watch, chair
Grip strength                          Arm strength                           Grip strength dynamometer
Sit and Reach                          Flexibility                            Sit and reach
Back scratch                           Flexibility                            Tape measure

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                                 Page 6
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                   March 2012

35m timed sprint                     Power and speed   Cone markers, stop watch
Accuracy (kicking and/or throwing)   Accuracy          sheet
Balance testing                      Balance
Illinois Agility Run                 Agility
Heart Rate (resting and after 35 m

                                                                                  Dr Edoardo Rosso

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                       Page 7
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                                March 2012


We would like to bring to the attention of Staff that the University of South Australia Physiotherapy Clinic has been
operating since February and will continue until December. Appointments are available between 9.00am and 5.30pm. Ring
8302 2541 or email (

Services include acute musculoskeletal and orthopaedic assessment and management, facilitation to self-manage for more
chronic presentations, and neurological rehabilitation.

Emergency appointments are available on Monday mornings, so that advice and treatment of acute weekend sporting
injuries can be provided promptly. There is a strong emphasis on the service being evidence based, and outcome driven.

The Clinic is staffed by final year physiotherapy students, and by fully qualified physiotherapists who are undertaking post
graduate study. These students all work in consultation with, and under the direct supervision of, physiotherapy staff of
the School of Health Sciences.

An administration fee of $10 for the initial visit and $5 for all follow-up visits applies if consulting an under graduate
student. The same fees apply for consultation with post-graduate students or alternatively the refund cheque from private
medical insurance.

Please also tell your families and friends about this service. We are keen to have more clients.

                                                                                                         Dr Maureen McEvoy

     NEWLY REFURBISHED GYM has students and staff eager to prove that EXERCISE really does BENEFIT at City East!

There is a hive of activity in the newly refurbished Exercise Benefits Health and Fitness Centre.

With a new management team and fresh new look the gym is attracting lots of attention and members are enjoying the
facilities 10 times more often than the same period last year!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, pop down (come on - the stairs please) to level 2 Centenary Building and see what all the
excitement is about. In addition to the great facilities UniSA Staff can now take advantage of the salary sacrifice option for
their already competitive membership fee. Salary sacrifice can save you around 40% of the membership fee.

What can I salary sacrifice?

 UniSA managed fitness centres located on UniSA premises and available to the public will be exempt from fringe
  benefits tax (FBT). Membership fees for these centres will be eligible to salary sacrifice. Please note: Membership fees
  incurred at an externally operated gym are NOT eligible for salary sacrificing.

   The following UniSA fitness centre membership fees may be salary sacrificed subject to the conditions outlined above:
   Fitness centres run by the School of Health Sciences:

 The Magill Sports Centre;
 The City East Health and Fitness Centre.

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                               Page 8
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                            March 2012

What do I do next - How do I claim?

1. Read the Salary Sacrifice Guidelines & Conditions

2. Attach the original tax invoice and proof of payment to the HRIS 044 - Salary Sacrifice Form

3. If the salary sacrifice claim is for managing tax affairs or membership fees for a work-related professional association
   please complete the appropriate declaration on page 2 of the HRIS 044.

4. Forward HRIS044, original tax invoice and proof of payment to the Consultant Salary Sacrifice,
   Human Resources Unit, Third Floor, 101 Currie Street, GPO Box 2471, Adelaide 5000

Membership Fees and Health Assessments

Joining a HLS Health and Fitness Centres is easy. Simply fill out stage one and two of the Pre-exercise Application Form
(PDF, 208KB) and a Membership Application Form (DOC, 90KB). Alternately you can complete the paperwork on your first
visit. Choose from the affordable options and prices to suit your lifestyle (all prices include GST). Membership is reciprocal
between the City East and Magill Health and Fitness Centres.

Membership Type                            Casual           10 Visits       3 months         6 months           12 months
UniSA Students/UniSA Staff/School
                                           $6.00            $55             $85              $145               $290
Students/Concession Card Holders
University Students (non UniSA)            $7.00            $65             $95              $165               $320
General Public                             $8.00            $70             $100             $175               $340

Swimming Pool (Magill)

Prices for the Magill Pool are available on the pool website. A combined gym and pool pass is also available.

                                                                                                                 Jodie Quilliam

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                                Page 9
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                     March 2012

                              TUESDAY 27 MARCH 2012

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                   Page 10
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                          March 2012


Already Study Period 2 seems to be slipping away quickly, and we will all soon be looking at planning teaching for the
second half of the year. I am amazed at the commitment and energy that goes into teaching the students in our school.

The newly formed teaching and learning committee (STALC) had their inaugural meeting this week, and I believe this
committee will also generate enthusiasm for teaching and help us all to improve the student experience. The Chair of
STALC will be decided over the next few weeks, and I look forward to working with the Chair and the committee to support
teaching and learning across the school. Many ideas were put forward at this first meeting, so watch this space!

The Program Management Group also met this week. Tim Sawyer was invited to provide a report on the Foundations of
Health course. All undergraduate students (>500 students) take this course, and since its inception in 2010, it has been
refined by the teaching and learning team, resulting in high student satisfaction rates. The aim of this course is to provide
students with an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Health Professionals with particular reference to the
consumer's position and perspective. Students taking the course are educated in academic integrity issues, how to work in
teams, reasoning in health, and the roles of health professionals in the Australian setting. Students also undertake an IPL
module and are provided with comprehensive feedback on all their work. Well done to the teaching team who are
educating our first year students in good habits from the start!

The Program Directors were also visited by Tania Kanellos (Deputy Director Academic Services), Sonia Hamilton (Credit and
Admissions Officer, Division Health Science) and Matt Golotta (Team leader Campus Central). The discussion was around
how Program Directors could use Credit Assessor to streamline the credit assessment process.

I would like to thank everyone who responded to the mentoring questions (especially to those who offered to provide
mentorship!) circulated by email. Kylie and I will work through the responses and determine the best way to facilitate
mentoring in the school.

I hope everyone enjoys the Easter break.
                                                                                            Associate Professor Kerry Thoirs


 Congratulations to PhD candidate Lauren Frensham, who was recently Awarded a payment under the School HDR
  Publication Incentive Scheme for his publication 'Influences of micronutrient and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on
  cognition, learning and behaviour: Methodological considerations and implications for general populations of children
  and adolescents in developed societies. This paper was accepted for publication in Nutrition Reviews.

 Congratulations to Dr Anh Ngo, Research Fellow from the Social Epidemiology & Evaluation Research Group, who has
  been selected as one of the top 10 most productive graduates of 2007-11 from the Health Promotion & Behavioural
  Sciences Faculty, University of Texas – Houston School of Public Health

 The final report for an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant LP0775217 “Cardiac ARIA Index: Measuring
  accessibility to cardiovascular services in rural and remote Australia via applied geographic spatial technology” has been
  released. This project was led by Assoc/Prof Robyn Clark (QUT and adjunct UniSA) and others, including CI-E Mr Neil
  Coffee (Social Epidemiology & Evaluation Research Group, UniSA).The link to the report and further information can be
  found on the project website: /cardiac-aria

   Recent publications from the Cardiac ARIA Project:

   1. Clark RA, Coffee N, Turner D, Eckert K, Bamford E, van Gaans D, Astles P, Milligan M, Smail T, Stewart S, Coombe D,
      Sutcliffe C, Wilkinson D, Tonkin A, On behalf of the Cardiac-ARIA project group (2012). Cardiac ARIA Index:
      Measuring accessibility to cardiovascular services in rural and remote Australia via applied geographic spatial
      technology. Retrieved from:

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                             Page 11
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                             March 2012

   2. Robyn A. Clark; Neil Coffee; Dorothy Turner; Kerena A. Eckert; Deborah van Gaans; David Wilkinson; Simon Stewart;
      and Andrew M. Tonkin (2012). Application of Geographic Modeling Techniques to Quantify Spatial Access to Health
      Services Before and After an Acute Cardiac Event: The Cardiac ARIA Project. Circulation Journal of the American
      Heart Association, online.(2010 ISI
      1 Year IF = 14.432, 5 Year IF = 14.932 (Social Sciences: N/A; Sciences: 1/114 in Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems,
      1/66 in Hematology, 1/68 in Peripheral Vascular Disease)


        Recent studies (reported in the last newsletter) by Gaynor Parfitt, Roger Eston and Harrison Evans, have attracted
         some attention recently. Under the heading ‘Forget Boot Camp: Exercise doesn’t have to be painful!’ the studies
         were highlighted on ‘The Conversation’ web site. The page has been read over 2300 times since its release on
         March 27 ! The studies showed that when previously sedentary individuals were asked to self-regulate exercise
         on a treadmill at an intensity they perceived to be ‘somewhat hard’, three times per week for 8 weeks, leads to
         significant improvements in aerobic capacity, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Importantly, the exercise
         intensity was also perceived to be pleasant, which is a critical factor for exercise adherence. Their studies have also
         shown that this approach can be used to predict aerobic fitness in sedentary and active individuals.



The Department of Veterans’ Affairs invites applications for its applied research programme. The programme commissions
research that contributes to the development of improved policies and service delivery, or enables the department to
better identify the health and well-being needs of the veteran community.

The ARP is not a grant scheme. It is an applied research program where the research must have a direct use to DVA policy
or service delivery.

Research priorities are:

•younger veterans and transition;
•veterans’ physical and mental health: a wellness approach;
•ageing issues for veterans and war widows;
•promoting the use of DVA data.

The applicant must be a principal researcher with significant expertise in their field.
The budget is approximately $2.4 million per annum, with 10 to 20 awards available each year.
The closing date for applications is 11 May 2012

Please contact Bruce Chadwick for more information or ext 22333.

Criteria for Applications

DVA is looking for high quality, veteran-specific and policy-relevant research proposals from established experts in their
research field and/or cross-disciplinary teams.

Successful applications will be those which deliver the maximum benefit to the veteran or defence communities through
informing policy and service delivery. Applications that are successful will demonstrate detailed, logical research
methodology, appropriate use of funds and innovative research questions. Specifically, applications are assessed against
the following criteria:

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                                Page 12
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                            March 2012

    Benefits for DVA
      Alignment with DVA Research Priorities (see below)
      Relevance to DVA, including level of expected benefit to the veteran/defence community
      The applied and practical nature of the research for the sponsoring DVA business area, including the degree to
          which the research is expected to inform policy or service delivery
    Economic Assessment
      Value for money in accordance with Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines
      Availability of Applied Research Program funds
    Research Quality
      Experience and achievements of the Principal Researcher and research team
      High quality research design that is clearly explained in the application form, uses a suitable methodology, and is
          rigorous and achievable
    Priority for DVA and Project Sponsors
      Alignment with overall business area strategic direction(s)
      Merit in relation to other research proposals received


ARP applications should be submitted by a Principal Researcher who has significant expertise in their field and the ability to
supervise any other team members identified who will work on the project. There are no specific eligibility requirements
(such as Australian citizenship).

Services agreements for ARP projects are between DVA and the organisation for which the Principal Researcher will be
working at the time of the project. Most ARP projects are delivered by Australian universities or in some cases other expert
research providers.

If non-research organisations (such as ex-service organisations) would like to participate in an ARP application they would
generally form a project partnership with a suitable research institution and Principal Researcher.

Application and Funding Processes and Timeframes

All ARP projects require sponsorship by a DVA business area. It is strongly recommended that researchers contact the ARP
Secretariat well before the application closing date, providing basic information about their proposed research questions
and methodology, in order to be put in contact with a suitable business area. That area will be able to discuss how the
proposed research might meet their business needs and whether they would be willing to sponsor the application. The
business area may also be able to provide assistance in preparing the application for funding.

This step can help increase the likelihood of an application being successful, by helping the researcher target the project at
DVA’s priorities. Where the project may need to draw on DVA data, this step will also be important because the sponsoring
area can advise on whether the desired data is likely to be available and whether it would be suitable for the intended
research use. During the project, the sponsoring area will be a source of information and guidance to help focus the
research, analysis and reporting to meet DVA’s policy needs. On completion the sponsoring area will have a role in
disseminating the findings within DVA to achieve maximum impact for the research.

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                               Page 13
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                           March 2012


1. Auger N, Harper S, Barry A, Trempe N, Daniel M (2012). Life expectancy gap between the Francophone majority and
   Anglophone minority of a Canadian population. European Journal of Epidemiology; 27(1): 27-38.
   1 Year IF = 4.535 5 Year IF = 3.642 (Social Sciences: N/A; Sciences: 8/140 in Public, Environmental & Occupational

2. Auger N, Park A, Harper S, Daniel M, Roncarolo F, Platt R (2012). Educational inequalities in preterm and term small-for-
   gestational-age birth over time. Annals of Epidemiology; 22(3): 160-167.
   1 Year IF = 3.238, 5yr: 3.387 (Social Sciences: N/A; Sciences: 21/142 in Public, Environmental and Occupational Health)

3. Coffee N, Turner D, Clark RA, Eckert K, Coombe D, Hugo G, van Gaans D, Wilkinson D, Stewart S, Tonkin AA. On behalf of
   the Cardiac-ARIA project team (2012). Measuring National Accessibility to Cardiac Services Using Geographic
   Information Systems. Applied Geography, 34: 445-455.
   1 Year IF = 1.904, 5 Year IF = 2.320 (Social Sciences: 10/67 in Geography; Sciences: N/A)

4. Immink, M.A., Wright, D.L. & Barnes, W.S. (2012). Temperature dependency in motor skill learning. Journal of Motor
   Behavior, 44(2), 105-113.
   1 Year IF = 1.65, 5 Year IF = 2.02 (Neurosciences 108/239).

5. Lebel A, Kestens Y, Pampalon R, Thériault M, Daniel M, Subramanian SV (2012). Local context influence, activity space
   and foodscape exposure in two Canadian metropolitan settings: Is daily mobility exposure associated with overweight?
   Journal of Obesity; 2012:1-9.
   IF = Not Available

6. Nelson E.D., Ramberg J. E., Best, T., Sinnott, R.A (2012). Neurologic effects of exogenous saccharides: A review of
   controlled human, animal, and in vitro studies. Nutritional Neuroscience
   1 Y IF = 1.301; 5 Y IF = 1.599 (Nutrition and Dietetics 44/70)

7. Tomkinson, G.R., Macfarlane, D., Noi, S., Kim, D.-Y., Wang, Z., & Hong, R. Temporal changes in long-distance running
   performance of Asian children between 1964 and 2009. Sports Medicine, 42(4), 267-279.
   IF = 5.1 (Sports Science by Web of Science 1/80).

8. Trahair LG, Horowitz M, Rayner CK, Gentilcore D, Lange K, Wishart JM, Jones KL. (2012) Comparative effects of
   variations in duodenal glucose load on glycemic, insulinemic, and incretin responses in healthy young and older
   subjects. J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 97(3):844-851.
   2 Year IF = 6.49, 5 year IF = 6.44 (Endocrinology and Metabolism 13/116).

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                              Page 14
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                        March 2012


 Dr Alison Coates presented at the International Life Sciences Institute SEAR A'Asia at the Stamford Grand Glenelg on
  Thursday 22 March. Presentation Title: New research on health effects of cocoa, grape and oat polyphenols.
  Professor Peter Howe also attended the same conference and Chaired the 2 session titled Overview of the Evidence:
  Part 2.

 Dr Talitha Best presented “Nutritional Science in CM’s” at the National Launch of Complementary Medicines Today, a
  publication of the Complementary Healthcare council of Australia. 28 February 2012 in Sydney.

 In the first issue of Naturally Australia Magazine (a consumer magazine to promote health/nutrition/ dietary
  supplements) with Researchers-In-Business research fellow Dr Talitha Best gave an interview and editorial promoting
  research in nutrition and brain health, and the Researcher-in-Business project: Available online: or on youtube

 Dr Rose Boucaut was an invited speaker at the recent JobFit conference in Canberra (March 2012) where she gave a
  presentation on Safety Culture. Rose was also on a panel discussion on the topic of OHS.

 Congratulations to Professor Alan Crockett on his abstract “Change in lung function over time in male metropolitan fire-
   fighters and general population controls” which was selected as one of the top four abstracts submitted (236 Abstracts
   in total were submitted) to the 6 World Conference of the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG),
                                                 th  th
   Edinburgh International Conference Centre, 25 -28 April 2012.

19 – 21 July 2012 (Brisbane)

31 October – 3 November 2012 (Sydney)

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                           Page 15
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                        March 2012



Travel Review
The review of travel management in the Division is complete. The review involved analysing current arrangements through
interviews and surveys with key personnel including frequent travellers, data and process analysis, and reviewing recent
internal audit findings relating to travel management in the Division.

The travel management function has been endorsed by Division Executive and will include the following:

 Consolidate administrative support for travel within the Division to the UniSA Travel team, reporting through to
  Strategic Procurement to streamline the coordination and administration of travel planning and booking for all Division
  staff (and students where applicable);
 Adopt travel administration processes utilised by ITEE and EASS;
 Utilise the electronic Travel Booking Request Form;
 Establish authority for School and Institute Managers to approve domestic travel;
 Provide periodic reports to relevant Division staff on travel plans in HSC (e.g. International team);
 Replicate the travel component of the ITEE/EASS Service Guide on the HSC Service Guide.

Marketing and International

Marketing and international proposals have been presented to Division Executive and an all-staff forum to release the
managing change discussion paper for a 10 day consultation period will be held on 23 March. Formal feedback will be
collected and used to inform the final managing change proposal which will be presented to Division Executive.

Finance and Academic Services

The proposals for finance and academic services are currently being reviewed by key stakeholders and all staff forums for
the release of managing change discussion papers for those areas will be scheduled soon.


The proposal for research is in development; release dates for the managing change discussion paper have not yet been


If you have any feedback please use the Suggestion/feedback box which is located on the front counter in the School Office
or use the online feedback form at
                                                                                                            Raewyn Todd


Staff VPN Access

PLEASE NOTE: Staff do not need to remote access into a University computer to be able to access the University network
drives, this can be performed by using a VPN and mapping your network drives on your home computer. If you have any
problems or questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk on 8302 5000.

What is a VPN and when should I use it?

 You should use VPN in the following situations:
  o when you are connected to the internet from outside University network (e.g. through an ISP, other organisations).
  o you have a valid active UniSA network account (username and password).
  o and you want to access the University's controlled resources (e.g. network shares).

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                           Page 16
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                      March 2012

Why can't I see my network drives when connected by VPN?

If you are using a personal computer to connect to the UniSA network via VPN your network drives will not automatically
be connected. You can however manually map the required network drives once you have established a VPN connection.

Before mapping a network drive you will need to know the correct path on the network (usually in the format:
\\servername\sharepath) and may need to contact your local IT support for this information.
The Cisco IPSec VPN software and an installation guide on setting up this software is available online at - under the remote access using Cisco IPSec VPN – off-
campus section. If you have any problems or questions, please contact the IT HelpDesk on 8302 5000.




    Bachelor of Physiotherapy          Rachael Plummer                                Bachelor of Health Science
 Abby Rebecca Curnow                                                                        Sarah Hockey
                                       Rebecca Kate Thiele
 Aimee Louise Wohling                  Sareen McLinton                           Bachelor of Applied Science (Human
 Alexander Paul Bogumil                Steven Richard Trumble                      Movement and Health Studies)
 Amanda Jane Kenyon                    Sue Mei Yong
 Amanda Louise D'Alessandro            Tessa Amber Rawolle                        Clint Ronald Bellenger
 Bree Ann Hanna                        Thomas Paul Orschulok                      Corey Wade Berg
 Cara Eleanor Gleeson                  Tiffany Zoe Co                             Jacqueline Marie Schar
 Chloe Wai Yan Chan                    Vanessa Elise Shribman                     Johanna Lesley Pontt
 Clarice Phan                          Veronica Shum                              Matthew Kevin Alcock
 Eileen Cheng Hee Ting                 Victoria Kate Wright                       Matthew Robert Hocking
 Ellen Kate O'callaghan                Yan Gerlach                                Simone Attelia Versace
 Emma Louise Freer                     Zara Jade Wachtel                          Thomas John Pope
 Ernest Christian Lourens              Zuhra Sadri
 Eunice Ern Pak                                                                  Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)
 Felicity Anna Braithwaite                 Bachelor of Applied Science              or Bachelor of Applied Science
 Gurpreet Kaur                               (Occupational Therapy)                   (Honours) (Specialisation)
 Hanna Marie Waldron
 Hayley Melissa Godfrey                Amelia Kate McDonell
                                       Belinda Jayne Jacob                        Amanda Jayne Richardson
 Hazel Louise Anderson
                                       David John Desteno                         Caitlin McMillen Dowell
 Jacki Braden Eads
                                       Emily Jean Kinne                           Helen Mills
 Jenny Chan
                                       Jasmin Tait van Leuven                     Laura Gallagher
 Jessica Kate Kemp
                                       Jessica Mammone                            Maximillian James Nelson
 Jessica Lauren Di Giorgio
                                       Julia Kate Jacob                           Rebecca Jean Sharp
 Jessica Louise Stanhope
 Joel Thomas Fuller                    Kathryn Mary Jenkin
 Jordan Louise Cameron                 Lisa Jane Porter
 Josephine Ceravolo                    Lorraine Suet Yee Ng
 Katherine Joy Padget                  Maria Anne West
 Kiera April Sayers                    Megan Louise Freckleton
 Lisa Marie Crowder                    Mieka Louise van Rijn
                                       Molly Kathleen Schultz

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                         Page 17
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                           March 2012

 Lok Sze Katrina Li                Nicholas Peter Easton
 Lucy Kate Schipanski              Scott Leslie Weeks
 Megan Annie O'connor              Shoshannah Kate Williams
 Megan Elizabeth McDermott
 Michael James Giakoumis                  Bachelor of Podiatry
 Michael Paul Rigoni               Andrew John Blacket
 Nadia Alison Velaitis             Jessica Rose Lehmann
 Nawal Church
 Nicholas James Brown

  Bachelor of Medical Radiation    Kosta Hellmanns
            Sciences               Laura Adele Archer
                                   Lauren Alyce Black
  Alison Marie Davey
                                   Lauren Jade Chamberlain
  Amelia Rose Moffatt
                                   Louise Claire Harris
  Anya Dashko
                                   Mercedes Mifsud
  Binh Quoc Pham
                                   Nathanael Nicholas Gilfillan
  Bonnie Frances Mcgregor
                                   Porsha Kate Calverley
  Bradley James Walton
                                   Rebecca Jade Colmer
  Ching Hong Wong
                                   Rossene Kapsambelis
  Ching Ting May Cheung
                                   Saima Ahmad
  Clare Lauren O'sullivan
                                   Sally Laura McDonald
  Danielle Kate Lutze
                                   Sarah Jane Alford
  Guanying Xue
                                   Sung Mach
  Heath Fitzpatrick
                                   Swati Kulkarni
  Ho Chun Chuan
                                   Thomas David Settimio
  Janessa Louise Baddeley
                                   Tyler J Fitzpatrick
  Jessica Mary Trestrail
                                   Young Nang Jung
  Joanne Wenyu Nee
                                   Yuanting Xiao
  Kiara Spadavecchia


       Bachelor of Physiotherapy               James Anthony Mack          Michelle Gabrielle Samaras
           Adam Jack Lake               Jamie Charles Seymour Wetherell         Mieke Boerema
         Aimie Louise Laube                     Jamila Kate Ansaar           Nicholas James Flood
        Amilia Dorothy Krinas                    Jenna Kate Bown               Nicola Kate Marsh
          Amy Susanna Hunt                 Jennifer Percival Messenger        Nicole Janelle Afford
          Anthony Guiducci                   Jonathon Peter Windsor         Phoebe Aloise Steinfort
             Bay Shu Ling                      Joseph John Fantasia        Rachael Anne Nicholls Bell
       Benjamin David Wright                        Joshua Bogle               Rachel Jane Wells
      Brooke Alyssa Barrowcliffe                Julia Marie Bennett              Rocky Callisto
        Caitlin Ann Collenette                  Julia Rose Simmons            Rohan Glynn Miegel
       Cameron John Simmons                     Kate Marie Redden           Samuel Peter Bushaway
           Caroline Franze                   Katherine Jane Bowering       Samuel Robert Crompton
         Chan Yanying Joyce                         Kevin Doan                Sara May Yee Cheh
            Chih Wei Chen                      Kimberley Han Li Teo            Sarah Kate Wilson
        Chloe Frances Limbert                    Kristian Generoso Ricci     Sarah Louise Perkins

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                               Page 18
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                March 2012

     Chloe Rebecca Vanderhout                      Laura Catherine Perry        Stephanie Marie Korolis
            Chong'en Lee                         Laura Jane Hundertmark         Stuart Andrew Thomson
        Claire Margaret Grant                        Laura Joy Poppleton            Sze Ching Wong
         Daniella Scorsonelli                        Lauren Hannah Gillis     Timothy James Brandenburg
            Ella Rejepova                            Lisa Corine Dempsey           Ty Barry Ferguson
           Ellie Kate Davis                           Luke David Finlay             Vanessa Alvaro
        Emily Huetone Wong                            Luke Francis Duffy       Vivienne Jeneth Maxwell
         Emily Jacquelin Reid                    Madeline Mary Ingrames             Wing-Yan Mau
          Emma Kate Reilly                              Marco Mittiga            Xavier Patrick Hogan
       Erin Mary Farquharson                            Margie Price                  Xiaoqi Chen
       Gabrielle Louise Brunner                      Marni Bonny Smith                  Yi Jiang
          Grace Pearl Byass                             Matt Ransom                  Yik Chun Tam
        Hannah Louise Dyson                      Matthew James Crocker             Zoe Lee Douglass
          Hayley Beth Leake                       Matthew James Dunbar
          Ivan Khai Wen Lee                          Megan Jane Wright

      Bachelor of Applied Science          Grace Hoppenbrouwers             Bachelor of Health Sciences
       (Occupational Therapy)
                                           Grogan Kirsty Ann
   Abbey Louise Mengler                                                      Elyse Jade Preston
                                           Hannah Eileen Priede
   Alice Jane Button                                                         Joanna Marie Wilcock
                                           Hannah Stephanie Halstead
   Alice Mary Knight                                                         Karolina Louisa Suzanna Kerkemeyer
                                           Jenna Kathleen Aldenhoven
   Anita Sheridan Maywald
                                           Julia Dianne Mitchell
   Anna Stephanie Coote
                                           Katherine Elaine Burnard
   Ashleigh Kate Horsell                                                    Bachelor of Podiatry
                                           Katherine Teresa Raspa
   Ashleigh Renee Drumm
                                           Kathleen Amanda White             Carly Ann Bertram
   Ashley Gilbert Richard
                                           Kelly Suzanne Tellam              Hilda Rahmanian
   Bethany Louise Taylor
                                           Kendall Alyce Mattschoss          Jason Kuang
   Bettina Joy Sattler
                                           Meagan Jane Saville               Kate Hannah Young
   Bronwyn Anne Humbler
                                           Melissa Jane Wright               Kerwin Ashleigh Talbot
   Casey May Schmidt
                                           Melissa Louise Brown              Laura Victoria Hutchison
   Celia Marie Farmer
                                           Michelle Lyn Keane
   Dorcas Suat Ling Chan
                                           Mitchelle Rose Trezise
   Ekaterina Ivanova
                                           Nicola Wendy Halls
   Eliza Jane Huppatz
                                           Tamra Lee Eardley-Harris
   Emily Jane Toma
                                           Temika Jai Dungey
   Erina Sipos
                                           Tessa Jane Bilney
   Felicia Ru Jun Tan
                                           Tyson Klaassen-Smith

 Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science   Hoang Anh Vu                       Rebecca Louise Butcher
                                         Irene Ngo                          Sonja Suzanne Franov
 Aamela Usman Modan
                                         Jaskirat Singh Saini               Stephanie Marie Ambrosi
 Abbey Louise Franklin
                                         Jessi Lee Mackay                   Thi Minh Huong Vu
 Alexandra Jane Matthews
                                         Jessica Ann Bell                   Tracy Truong
 Alexandra Rose Hall
                                         Joanne Tran                        Trinh Tuyet Bui
 Alma Pavlicevic
                                         Joanne Vuong                       Victoria Christabel Pierce
 Ashlee Marie Faggionato
                                         John Ian Hindmarsh                 Wing Tung Michelle Leung
 Belinda Le Nguyen
                                         Julia Elizabeth Pfeiffer
 Benjamin Siew Fi Yip
                                         Kimberly Lynh Nguyen
 Bernice Elizabeth Hamlyn

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                   Page 19
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                          March 2012

 Bich Nguyen                                 Laura Shannon Butterfield
 Brianna Rose Robertson                      Lennard Kyle Bernardo
 Brooklyn Jade Buchecker                     Lisa Cathryn McWhinnie
 Caitlin Grace Caballero                     Lisa Jane Bini
 Carly Anne Cilento                          Manho Kim
 Carolyn Noyes                               Mariko Amafuji
 Chia Bao Ling                               Matthew Frank Schneider
 Christine Amanda Fenech                     Melanie Ho
 David James Coverdale                       Michael Leslie Contibas
 Elise Miranda Goddard                       Mohammad Hadi Azimi
                                                                                     Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)
 Emilie Jan Ogonowski                        Nathan James Geue
                                                                                        or Bachelor of Applied Science
 Emma Jessica Brook                          Patrick Miranda                              (Honours) (Specialisation)
 Hannah Marie Clark                          Phuong Nam Tran                           Ashley Sarah Fulton
                                                                                       Carl Thomas Woods
   Bachelor of Applied Science (Human        Bachelor of Applied Science (Human
     Movement and Health Studies)                                                      Jarryd Luke Wallace
                                             Movement Health Stud) Bachelor of
                                                                                       Liam Daniel Crook
                                             Educ (Middle Secondary)
  Carly Anne Malcolm                                                                   Melinda Jane Speechley
  Daniel Jordan                               Eleni Glouftsis
  David William West                          Fletcher Cody Clarke
  Gabriel Robert Phillips                     Katherine Mary Fenoughty
  Joseph Polisena                             Olivia Catherine Hayman
  Josephine Anne Grigg                        Phillip Mark Ward
  Joshua Allen Muller                         Samantha Denise Rowe
  Laura Kendall Mahlburg                      Tabitha Verity Ryan
  Lisa Kate Sachse
  Lisa Michelle Turnbull
  Lucy Jane Affolter
  Matthew James Dean
  Maxwell Wayne Phillips
  Meredith Woolsey
  Oliver John Morgan
  Ryan Paul Jeffries
  Samuel Mark Sverdloff

UNISA COLLEGE – two students share their experience

In 2005 at the age of 12 I was diagnosed with Leukaemia. I received two years of chemotherapy treatment as well as
radiotherapy to my brain. However after receiving radiotherapy everything went wrong. Within the two weeks that
followed my radiotherapy I lost all my short-term memory and fine motor skills. I was referred to an occupational therapy
practice where I started to undergo 2-3 intense sessions a week. I thoroughly enjoyed my occupational therapy sessions
and after two years I had nearly fully regained my short-term memory and fine motor skills. Throughout my treatment I
was unable to attend school, therefore missing over two years of education. Although I had missed most of years 7, 8 and
9, I was determined to return to school and in 2008 I started year 10. With an inspired passion for occupational therapy I
decided that I wanted to go ahead and study at University. I attended a UniSA open day in 2009 to find out what I would
need to do in order to get into an occupational therapy course. It was at this open day that I was informed of the UniSA
College pathway. In 2010 after completing year 11, I made a brave decision to apply for a foundation course with the UniSA
College, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. I absolutely loved my time at the college, not only
did I learn a multitude of invaluable information and make many lifelong friends; it also opened up opportunities that I had
only dreamt of. In 2011 I graduated from the college and applied for a bachelor of occupational therapy and to my delight I

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                             Page 20
School of Health Sciences Newsletter                                                             March 2012

got accepted. I am very excited to be starting my studies this year and look forward to what the future holds. Never give up
                                                                                                            Camille Dowdell

My name is Ashley Parsons and I am studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. It took me a while to get me where I am today
as I originally had a gap year from school in which time I completed my certificate 3 and 4 in Personal Training. During this
time I began to feel like I wanted to study more and go on to teaching others. This brought me to the STAT test, having not
competed for a tertiary admissions score in year 12 the previous year. A few months later I found out I had not been
offered teaching but however been offered a place at the UniSA college completing Foundation Studies. Being accepted
there meant I was to complete a year of preparative study and achieve a competitive GPA to transfer into a chosen area of
study. Throughout the year I held onto a 6.5 GPA and applied for a Bachelor of Physiotherapy having always been
interested in the dynamics of the human body. A few months went by and offers’ were released. I was excited to find I had
received an offer into Physiotherapy and at the beginning of this year I began my journey into the most important four
years of study I will undertake. In the future I would like to see myself at a professional sporting club of some sort, with the
possibility of owning my own practice.
                                                                                                                Ashley Parsons


Scholarship Applications for the NAHSSS Allied Health, Clinical Placement Scholarships are now open.

This Scholarship supports Allied Health and Oral Health students to undertake a clinical placement in a rural or remote
Australian community during their degree. Applications are open to eligible students within Australia, from metropolitan,
regional, rural and remote areas.

For more information about the Clinical Placement Scholarship or to read about NAHSSS scholar experiences, please visit
our website at Alternatively you can contact Shirley Singh (Clinical Placement Scholarship Manager) or
Caitlin Thompson (Scholarship Stream Assistant) on 1800 338 061.


If you are interested in pursuing a Development Officer role within the Woodville-West Torrens Football Club. Please
contact Ben Hopkins, Metropolitan Programs Manager (North), SA National Football League, Mobile - 0439 789 931, for more information.


The Para Hills Football Club is seeking assistance with Trainer duties on Saturday’s, Tuesday or Thursday night to help with
general strapping, injury prevention, rehabilitation assistance etc. If you may be interested please contact Scott Charlton
on 0431 013 891.

HLS Newsletter – March 2012                                                                                Page 21

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