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									Free Consultation Offer
This letter can be sent to potential or existing customers by a company to offer free
consultation. Free consultation is an economical and effective way to market and
advertise a company’s services in order to gain new clientele. Customize the
information of the company, the recipient’s information, the type of services offered, and
more. This letter is ideal for small businesses that want to gain more clientele by offering
free initial consultation.
              ______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s name]
             ______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s address]
             ______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s address]

                                               ______________________ [Instructions: Insert the date]

______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Customer’s name]
______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Customer’s address]
______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Customer’s address]

       RE: _____________________ [Instruction: Insert the Company’s name] -- Free
Consultation Offer

Dear __________________, [Instructions: Insert the Customer’s name]

       My name is ___________________, [Instructions: Insert the name of the person
sending this offer] and I am the ___________________ [Instructions: Insert the job title of
this person] at __________________. [Instructions: Insert the Company’s name] I am
writing because we are currently offering our preferred customers a free consultation to
demonstrate the services that we at _________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s
name] can provide.

        As you are surely aware, _________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s
name] is known industry wide for its affordable, effective and high quality
_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the type of service provided] services. We
welcome the opportunity to speak with you and show you how we at _____________________
[Instructions: Insert the Company’s name] can assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact me
in at your earliest possible convenience to schedule a convenient time for the consultation.

       I am sure you will be excited when you see what we have to offer and look forward to
discussing our services with you.

                                                                 Best Regards,

                                                                 __________ [Instructions: Insert name]
                                                                 __________ [Instructions: Insert title]
                                                                 __________ [Instructions: Insert phone #]
                                                                 __________ [Instructions: Insert email]

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