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					Giuliani remembers 9/11 this clip was likely paid for by the owner of CNN. Time Warner INC the video ad I chose to go with was and after looking around on the web I found that they are owned by Mars, Inc (the candy company!?). Mars Inc was probably the company that paid to have the advertisements to be made for the Giuliani news clip I do detect a secondary opinion by Giuliani when he made claims about Americans safety and how he thinks we will be attacked again. Giuliani states when asked about the safety of America "I expect we are going to get attacked again but I am thankful that we got these five years. As for the pedigree commercial I did not detect a secondary opinion. The pedigree commercials appeal emotionally to both pet owners and pet lovers. By showing a cute dog pedigree makes a consumer think about their dogs or animals. Pedigree appeals to peoples emotions in order to get people to buy their products throwing in the comments that they help homeless animals with the proceeds that come from people buying their products is appealing emotionally to consumers. –Good analysis of the add and the CNN video. The same is true for the CNN news clip. The interview came across in a very emotionally appealing manner. It showed how people may have very different opinions on the subjects that 9/11 raised, but everyone was emotionally invested in what happened. No matter what a person views may be about the war about Guantánamo Bay or the Patriot Act remembering 9/11 is hard for most because of the emotions that it invokes in them. I'm not at all skeptical of the source the video is Giuliani telling his pinions and feelings of this tragic day in history. I think that Rudy Giuliani concern and feelings are trustworthy. I’m not skeptical because what he has to say appeals to my emotions, I have similar feelings as he does. I do not think he is biased about the 9/11 attacks. –Nice job discussing the emotion of both clips. The claims that the ads are making is that pedigree is really good for dogs. I think that giving your pet good healthy food is just like making sure your own child gets a well balanced meal. The ad also tries to involve feelings by showing cute animals and making references to cats being slow. Even though I don’t have a dog I would give pedigree a try once i get a dog. Great analysis Lavisha. My only comment is: make sure that you proof read and submit papers that are high academic quality.

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