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					Part A. 1. Pertaining to the lower back  lumbo/o 2. Pertaining to below the stomach  gastr/o- (actually the correct term should be hypogastric) 3. Pertaining to the naval -  umbilic/o4. Pertaining to the front part  anter/o5. Pertaining to going toward the front part  ventr/o6. Pertaining to the groin  inguin/o7. Pertaining to the back part  post/o8. Pertaining to going toward the back part dors/o 9. Pertaining to going toward the middle  medi/o10. Pertaining to going toward the side  later/o11. Pertaining to above  super/o12. Pertaining to below  infer/o13. In the direction of the tailbone  caud/o

B. Define the following words or word parts. -ad  A prefix denoting ‘towards’ as in adduction. -ior  A suffix denoting comparatives as in ‘superior’. -ics  A suffix denoting a body of facts, knowledge, principles as in ‘kinetics’; also denotes actions, activities, or practices of as in athletics. Ana-  A prefix that could mean three things: Upward or up as in anabolism; backward or back as in ‘ anaplasia’, and again or anew as in ‘anaphylaxis’ Prone  Lying on abdomen or face down. Supine  Lying on back or face and palms up. viscera- Refers to the internal organs of the body. transverse  Lying or extending across or in a cross direction.

Hypo-  A prefix that denotes a decrease as in ‘hypothermia’; or may also mean below as in ‘hypogastric’ Re-  A prefix that denotes repetition as in regurgitate; or may also mean a withdrawal or backward motion as in retrace.

Part C Medical Word Anteroposterior Prefix Combining form Suffix Definition

Antero-poster-ior A description (meaning (meaning (A suffix of location Sentence: To take an front surface back surface denoting that denotes anteroposterior view of an or belly side of body) comparatives) from front to X-ray, it must be taken of body) back. from the front of the person with his back against the film plate. Midsagittal Mid(A prefix Sentence: The cerebellum, which means cerebrum, and the brain being at or stem lie within the near the midsagittal section of the middle point) brain. . Sagitta -al (A Latin word (a suffix that which means denotes ‘arrow’) pertaining to) An imaginary midline plane through body or a location along an imaginary plane that passes through the midline of the body or an organ. An adverb that means away from the point of origin or attachment.

Distally Sentence: The knee is distally located from the hip.

Dist (From the word distance denoting farthest from point of attachment to trunk)

-ally (an adverbial suffix attached to certain adjectives)

Proximally Sentence: It is a relief that her sustained injury is proximally located from her head.

Proxim -ally (From a Latin (an adverbial word suffix ‘proximus’ attached to which denotes certain nearest the adjectives) point of attachment or point of origin)

An adverb that means toward the point of origin or attachment.


Physio (From the Sentence: If you study Greek word physiology, you will learn ‘physis’ how the body organs work which means and function. natural or physical)

-logy A study (From a dealing with Greek word the functions ‘logus’ which and activities means a study of living of) organisms and their parts.

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