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					Staff Directory Web Page
Update Your Staff Directoy Web Page
1. Go to the district website: 2. Click the Staff Resources tab 3. Click the Staff Directory & Staff Web Page button -----------------------------------  4. Click the Long or Short Form button Long Form: Designed to set up a single teacher/staff web page with three text areas for information and up to six links to other web pages/sites. Short Form: Designed for teachers/staff with an external web site such as TeacherWeb. By using the Short Form your staff page will only display the contact information and a single link to your web site. TIP: Most teachers use the Short Form as it provides the information most students and parents are searching… your contact information and a link to your TeacherWeb or Moodle courses. 5. Enter your username and password (same as your email account)
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6. Type the information on the form TIP: In most cases, you do not want to change your password. 7. Scroll to the bottom of the page… type a Link Name to label the hyperlink -----  8. Paste the URL address to link to your TeacherWeb or Moodle courses ---------  TIP: Notice the http:// is already provided. Do not include this in your form ----  9. Click the Update button to save your changes ------------------------------------------  10. Click the Live Page link… make sure you hyperlink works correctly

How do I link to all my Moodle courses?
1. Go to the NP Moodle home page: 2. Click the link to your school… click your name or team/department 3. You will see a list of your Moodle courses… copy the URL address 4. Paste the link into your Staff Directory form as described above