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									Natures Best Acne Skin Care Product

So what causes Acne? That is the million dollar question somebody has yet to answer. In addition to choosing the best acne skin care product, there are certain things you can consider doing in order to alleviate your acne symptoms: 1) NEVER squeeze your spots. Yes I know it is tempting especially when they have come to a head. But despite what you may have been told, there is no guarantee that you will squeeze out all of the bacteria in one go. It is more likely you will push this spot causing bacteria back into other areas of your skin which may lead to a future outbreak. Never pay anyone to squeeze your spots for you. While they may get rid of the spots, the red mark they leave behind is likely to be permanent. You would be better served using a topical anti acne treatment such as Benzoyl Peroxide. It may take a couple of days but it will get rid of the spots. 2) If you have a cyst and feel that you have to get rid of it today then see a dermatologist for treatment via cortisone injections. But this is a last resort and only for the larger cysts. 3) Look at the cosmetics you are using. Are they suitable for acne sufferers? A lot of makeup products actually end up clogging up your pores – a factor in acne so you may be making your condition a lot worse by trying to cover it up. 4) When reviewing your skin care products, also look at the stuff you put in your hair. Shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays etc end up on our faces via sweating or sleeping. Your latest acne eruption may be caused by the fancy new shampoo you have started to use. 5) Use gentle over the counter remedies such as Olay Total Effects or Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy system before moving on to the stronger medications. Harsh treatment of your skin condition will only cause it to deteriorate. 6) Look to your diet – whilst we all know that fast food, sugar and saturated fats are bad for your skin, you may be allergic to something in your diet. Some people find that giving up dairy products helps clear up their acne. But do so under the supervision of your doctor – you do not want to trade your acne for brittle bone disease 7) Look at your stress levels. We all need an element of stress in our lives but unfortunately most have more than enough. Gentle exercise and having fun are great ways to reduce stress and hopefully help improve your acne. 8) Clay based face masks have helped numerous people combat their pimples.

9) Increase the quantity of vitamin A, E and Zinc in your diet as these vitamins and minerals are often low in acne sufferers. But if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant check with your doctor first before taking a supplement. 10) Eat more berries – strawberries, blackberries, cherries, black and red currants all contain natural anti-inflammatory agents which may help reduce/prevent an acne breakout. These fruits are natures best acne skin care product.

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