WARNING_ They Are Desperate To Start The Iran War_ by VegasStreetProphet


									WARNING! They Are Desperate To Start
The Iran War!

Jim Stone 9/21/2012 http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/desperate.html

The world is being pushed to war on purpose, and those attempting to push this war are
desperate. Fortunately, a majority of nations have intelligence agencies with a better
ability to discover the truth than even the best of the truth movement, and now that the
false flag genie is out of the bottle and under public scrutiny the elite have lost their
primary war starting weapon. Phony items such as the Muhammad flick are now quickly
skewered and shown for what they are, and absent it coming to light so quickly I really
think we would be at war right now. Too many people cried foul for it to work, and even
a few nailed the entire psy op dead on.

But there is still cause for concern. They may not have profited from the Muhammad
film festival, but they are also not giving up on the overall theatrical presentation. It
seems like since their war on Iran got stifled, they are after another object of their hatred,
- Japan. How is it that suddenly the Chinese people are now in a rage? This following
on the heels of a colossal failure in the Middle East is more than suspicious, it's
damning. It's almost like they are trying to at least get their hands on a plain donut after
dropping the sugar coated one in the desert sand.

My advice to the world: Don't fall for any of it. There is not going to be some mythical
great awakening and push for war by ANYONE outside of external instigation, truth be
told people almost never care about what is going on even 50 miles from them, people
just want to live their lives. And in all cases, the local government will be what people
have to deal with face to face, and it is their own local situation that they will naturally
get emotional about, NOT some stupid batch of islands no one lives on or an obscure,
poorly produced youtube video.

The biggest danger we face is the fact that the people in charge of the theatrics are very
powerful, and for some reason they are very desperate. They want a war. They know
there is a major awareness happening in at least 15 percent of the public, and a gray
awareness in approximately half. That's too much for them to deal with, statistically
speaking three percent is the safety threshold. That may sound like a small number, but
that is the magic number and we are well past that, far too many people see the lie
machine for what it is. So our odds of war are in fact being determined by their ratio of
desperation to that of public awareness. And that ratio is at a tipping point, it is
impossible to know which way it is going to tilt.

Please don't fall for the next scam. Please do not fall for ANY scam. The wars are
wanted and pushed by the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, a few loose nuts in Israel, the
American Jewish community as proven by their tainted media, and the American
military industrial machine and it's associated criminals such as Clinton and Bush. The
silliness of the Mohammed movie proves that the real war pushers are in a minority
even within that minority, because the poor production quality proves the talent pool is
very small. Unfortunately the worst criminals rise to the top among those who govern
wealthy people who slouch in their vigilance and submit to being heavily robbed by
taxes which then in turn only provide the money to fund further corruption. This has
happened to America, and for far too long, SO LONG now that all of the big players are
in an increasingly small group. And that group has an agenda of world domination.

I learned an important thing in business. If someone decides they are going to steal and
are not stopped or at least reprimanded for stealing, the stealing will escalate until it hits
100 percent theft. This trend also follows in politics. If politicians are allowed to be a
criminals and are allowed to become worse and worse theives and murderers, those
criminals, if funded with enough resources, will continue in their crimes until they rob
and destroy the entire world. That is what we are up against, and we are one step away
from it. They will do it by the consent of silence, DO NOT give them that!.

I am not certain they will manage to pull this off, but I am very worried. If they were not
so desperate to make the final push I would put our odds at 50/50. But they ARE
desperate, and desperate people do stupid things. Arrogance also plays a major role
here, and if their desperation and arrogance happens to be at the right ratio they will go
ahead with their war, consent be damned. They GOT their massive surveillance
machine in place and have enough prison camps to handle the worst dissenters. And
with the amount of awareness at a level far beyond three percent, THAT is what we
need to worry about. I advise people that no matter what happens to get reported in the
news, call it fake until you prove every point of the accompanying story line is not, and if
they go ahead with the war anyway, LOCK AND LOAD, you are going to need to.


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