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                                            PROPOSED OUTREACH PLAN

The Fulbright-mtvU award will be awarded to projects that focus on contemporary or popular music as a cultural force
for expression and change. Grantees are required to communicate their experiences during their Fulbright year
abroad through mtvU print, broadcast, or online media.

As a Fulbright-mtvU applicant, we ask that you develop an outreach plan that addresses how you intend to share
your ongoing Fulbright experiences with the mtvU community. Please use the space below to describe your plan,
including specific goals, planned activities, resources, timing, and expected results. Please do not exceed the
space allotted.

NOTE: Your plan must be submitted to IIE as part of your initial application. Please note, also, that in addition
to the activities that you propose to carry out, you may also be invited to participate in special
activities/programs/conferences developed or suggested by the U.S. Department of State, mtvU and/or the Institute
of International Education.

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YOUR NAME:                                                 COUNTRY

GOALS: Explain in detail the specific goals of your outreach plan, and how you anticipate your project will
create change in your proposed country. For example, Aaron Shneyer, one of the inaugural recipients of
the Fulbright-mtvU Award, used music "to empower Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians by creating
opportunities and spaces for young musicians from opposing sides to work together, hear each other, and
amplify their voices to influence the world around them.". Aaron started a nonprofit organization, Heartbeat,
as a result of his Fulbright-mtvU Award.

ACTIVITIES: Describe the activities you plan to undertake to share your experience and knowledge with the
mtvU audience, e.g., vlogs/blogs, .photoessays, diaries throughout your year abroad.
RESOURCES: What resources do you expect to use to carry out these activities (e.g., PowerPoint
presentation, photographs, demonstrations, Web Site.)?

TIMING: Outline a tentative timeline for the implementation of these activities.

IMPACTED AND EXPECTED RESULTS: Impacted and Expected Results: Describe in detail the results you
expect from your outreach activities and how your plan supports the Fulbright-mtvU objective of cross-
cultural interaction and music as a global force for mutual understanding and change.


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