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									Low-Carbon Technology & CLP
CLP believes that technology and                                                          development of new technologies. The incremental
                                                                                          costs of cleaner energy will ultimately have to be
innovation will make vital contributions
                                                                                          passed along to consumers.
to the development of low-carbon
energy.                                                                                   In the long-term, low-carbon energy is a sustainable
                                                                                          business. CLP will transform our portfolio to
CLP’s traditional role was to bring proven technologies                                   low-carbon technologies in order to remain competitive
to our region. Given the urgency of climate change,                                       in a future carbon-constrained market.
CLP has moved upstream into demonstration,
commercialisation, and early adoption of technologies                                     CLP’s Investments in Low-carbon Technology
with the potential for significant savings in carbon
emissions.                                                                                CLP has been developing low-carbon power plants
                                                                                          since the 1980s when we began preparation on the
At the scale necessary to address global carbon                                           Chinese mainland’s first commercial nuclear power
emissions, low-carbon energy costs more than                                              plant. Today, over 10% of CLP’s generation portfolio is
conventional energy. Many low-carbon technologies                                         from non-carbon emitting sources.
are not yet widely employed partly because of the
associated high costs. Increasing green consumer                                          CLP will accelerate the development of low-carbon
demand will drive the market for low-carbon                                               technologies to meet our demanding target of reducing
technologies. Innovation and operating experiences                                        our carbon emissions intensity by 75% by year 2050,
will help bring the incremental cost down.                                                with our 2007 emissions intensity as the baseline.
                                                                                          CLP particularly looks towards developments in carbon
Policy support and new business models are                                                capture and storage as a way to enable the continued
necessary to share the incremental cost of low-carbon                                     use of strategically important fuels without irreparable
energy. To encourage the development of low-carbon                                        harm. We are seeking opportunities to help bring and
technologies, policies such as production tax credit                                      demonstrate this technology in our service areas. CLP
and on-grid tariffs are needed to assure investors that                                   also looks towards new developments in emerging
their investment costs can be recovered. Businesses                                       renewables, such as hot rock geothermal and ocean
will need to invest in projects that help accelerate the                                  energy— tidal, current and wave.

                                                                                                                      Climate Vision 2050
                               1997                                           2006                              CO2 Emissions Intensity Targets
                               CLP’s first                                     Investment in                      through Low-Carbon Portfolio
      1985                     hydropower project :                           biomass :
      Entered agreement        Huaiji Hydro-electric                          Boxing Biomass
      with GNIC to build       Power Project                                  Combined Heat
                                                        CLP’s first wind
      Guangdong Daya                                                          & Power Plant
                                                        farm investment :
      Bay Nuclear Power
                                                        Changdao Wind Farm

                                                         Establishment of                                 2010          2020          2035          2050
          1996                                           CLP’s first new         2008                      0.8           0.7           0.45          0.2
                                                         supercritical coal     Investment in hot         kg CO2 /kWh   kg CO2 /kWh   kg CO2 /kWh   kg CO2 /kWh
          Began construction
                                                         plant :                rock geothermal :
          of Black Point
                                                         Fangchenggang          Petratherm Ltd.
          Power Station
                                                         Power Station
                                   1999                                         Investment in
                                   Began energy                                 concentrated solar PV :
                                   efficiency services                           Solar Systems
                                   in Hong Kong
                                                                                Established CLP Energy
                                                                                Services & Technology
                                                                                (Shenzhen) Company
                                                                                in Guangdong,
                                                                                Chinese mainland
   CLP’s Low-carbon Technology Investments
   CLP is well-positioned to bring innovations and new         •    CLP has a large portfolio of new wind farms in the
   technologies to the Asia-Pacific region as we have                Asia-Pacific region. Our portfolio includes over
   extensive experience in early technology adoption                600MW (net equity) of operating wind farms as well
   and transfer.                                                    as those under development and construction.
                                                                    Our wind farm investments span from Australia,
   •    In 1985, CLP entered into a joint venture with              the Chinese mainland, to India.
        Guangdong Nuclear Investment Company (GNIC)
        to build the Chinese mainland’s first commercial        •    CLP is a major investor in the commercialisation
        nuclear power plant at Daya Bay, which was                  of concentrated solar photovoltaic technology. We
        commissioned in 1994. Through the joint venture,            invested in Solar Systems in 2008 to accelerate
        CLP brought advanced equipment and technology               the scale-up of the technology to utility-size through
        from overseas to build the pressurised water reactor        demonstration and commercialisation. Through
        nuclear plant.                                              our partnership with Solar Systems, we will develop
                                                                    a 2MW pilot plant and subsequently build a 154MW
   •    CLP was the first power company in Hong Kong                 plant in northern Victoria, Australia.
        to incorporate natural gas power generation with
        commissioning of Black Point Power Station             •    CLP is positioned as an early mover in hot rock
        (BPPS) between 1996 and 2006. The power plant               geothermal technology. We are investing in
        uses state-of-the-art combined-cycle gas                    Petratherm Ltd., a leading developer of geothermal
        turbine technology.                                         technology in Australia and overseas. We aim to
                                                                    accelerate the advancement of the hot rock
   •    CLP is among the early adopters of advanced                 geothermal technology through developing pilot and
        domestic supercritical coal technology and helps            demonstration plants.
        transfer this to other countries. In the Chinese
        mainland, CLP is the developer, the Engineering,       •    CLP is not only a leader in employing low-carbon
        Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor,              technologies, but is also a promoter of end-use
        majority owner and operator of the                          efficiency and renewable energy. In Hong Kong,
        1,200 megawatts (MW) supercritical plant at                 CLP helps commercial customers better understand
        Fangchenggang in the Guangxi Province. The                  their energy usage patterns, provides energy
        state-of-the-art plant uses domestic Chinese                audits, and offers customised energy saving
        supercritical boilers. CLP is transferring advanced         solutions. In Australia, we provide products for
        coal technology to other areas in Asia-Pacific,              customers to purchase renewable energy and to
        such as through our development of a                        offset their carbon emissions.
        supercritical coal plant in India.

CLP is transforming our portfolio through low-carbon           business opportunities to develop CLP’s low-carbon
technology because it is the responsible way to conduct        portfolio. We will expand our renewable energy
business in the face of climate change. We also                portfolio, continue our investments in natural gas-fired
believe that developing a clean energy portfolio is the        generation, nuclear power and energy efficiency
pathway to sustaining our business in the long-term.           in our operations, as well as transition towards clean
                                                               coal with carbon capture and storage. We will also
CLP will de-carbonise our portfolio to achieve our             continue to support our customers in reducing their
carbon emissions intensity reduction target. Our new           carbon footprints through energy saving services,
business group, CLP Carbon Ventures, will pursue               green energy and carbon offsets.

                                                                                                                   November 2008

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