The BERKELEY

                                                                                             Goodbye Andy
                                                                                             Salonen, sort of...

                                                                                                                       On Sunday, Sep-
                                                                                                                tember 11, the BTC
                                                                                                                Board of Directors
                                                                                                                and Andy will host
                                                                                                                and end of summer
                                                                                                                tennis event and a
                                                                                                                semi goodbye party
                                                                                                                for Andy. Andy is
                                                                                                                leaving his Sunday
                                                                                             and Monday post but will be still
                                                                                             working a couple of days a month at
                                                                                             the BTC.
                                                                                               From 3 to 5 p.m., Andy will run a
                                                                                             round-robin tennis event open to all
                                                                                             members. Eight courts will be used
             Workers use a Bobcat to dig holes for support piers of new deck                 and the sign up will be limited to 40
                                                                                             players. Please sign up on the bul-
The Lower Deck Expansion Commences…                                                          letin board.
The most extensive Club project since the renovation of the BTC pool                           Following the round-robin tennis
                                                                                             there will be a barbecue & margarita
has begun. Jetton Construction is the prime contractor and will build
                                                                                             party at the pool and tennis exhibi-
and oversee the repair and expansion of the lower deck and the building
                                                                                             tion on court #1. BTC’s young guns
of the Tunnel Road entrance’s ADA compliant ramp. Every effort will                          will play a set of doubles followed by
be made to minimize the impact upon the normal functioning of Club                           a serve return event for the juniors.
activities. The project is scheduled to take up to four months to complete                   The junior that can return the most
with December being the target month. Designed by Architects Dumi-                           serves will win a prize. The barbe-
can Mosey, the new deck will repair and double the size of the present                       cue and exhibition starts at 5 p.m.
one, bring viewers closer to courts 3 and 4 and allow for direct access to                   Please sign up so we know how may
Court 1. Its look will match that of the recently built upper deck with its                  hamburgers to buy. There is no charge
“palletized” deck and up-to-code metal and glass railings. The realities                     for the event.
of our local geology led to the necessity for the robust engineering of the
“coastal California commercial deck” such that it pass the most stringent
of commercial codes, i.e., it will not be your basic backyard deck. It will                   In this issue:
be built to adequately support crowds of people in future events for                          Lower Deck Project Begins ............ 1
many years.                                                                                   Andy Salonen Goodbye Party ........ 1
  Noise will be an unavoidable issue throughout the project but will be                       Pro’s Corner ...................................... 2
                                                                                              News and Announcements ............ 3
removing the existing hedges and roots and a bobcat for drilling holes                        The BTC Roving Eye ........................ 3
                                                                      -                       President’s Message ......................... 4

                                                                     (continued on page 4)
                       From the
                       Manager’s Desk
                       Geoff Hayes, Manager

                       As the summer ends and                      area, even when a lifeguard is on duty.
                      our lifeguards return to
                      school, members are remind-                   must have an adult in the water with them at
   ed that while our beautiful pool is open every                   all times.
   day, we will no longer have lifeguards on duty.             The lower deck renovation and expansion pro-
   The safety of children at the pool is always a            ject is underway, and the construction area is now
   big concern. Parents should participate with              surrounded by a temporary fence. Members and
   their children to follow the posted pool rules.           guests are reminded to stay out of the work site,
                                                  -          as well as being alert for workers carrying build-
         dren under the age of 14 must leave the             ing materials and the movement of heavy equip-
         swimming pool area or be accompanied                ment.
         by an adult.                                          Enjoy the BTC facilities, but keep safety in mind
                                                  -          at the pool and around the clubhouse.
         der 9 years of age in the swimming pool

                                                                    Swim Across America
                                                                    Swim Across America, Inc. (SAA) is again making
                  The Pro’s                                         waves to raise money and awareness for cancer re-
                                                                    search, prevention and treatment through swimming-
                  Lynne Rolley,
                  Tennis Director
                                             cancer through athleticism, community outreach and direct service. SAA is
                                             now in full gear readying for the SF Bay and Pool Swims in September. The
T such a great time with the camps           can happen anytime from now, through the 24th of September.
and programs. Fall after school pro-           Funds from the SAA swims in the Bay Area will support cancer research
grams will begin September 6 and             at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) Center for
hope you all will be continuing. Adult       Cancer Research, as well as the Cancer Survivor Clinic at UCSF Medical
clinics will be resuming after Labor         Center. This year the fund will be committed to expanding their growing
Day with the addition of Roger’s “Early      Pediatric Tissue Bank, as well as fellowships for postdoctoral fellows in their
Bird” program. Our teaching staff has        transition to independence.
attended 2 seminars on 10 and Under            In the month of September, BTC members will be seeing the Swim Across
tennis to get familiar with all the oppor-
tunities to encourage young children to      house. Dr. Elizabeth Trachtenberg, a BTC member and CHORI Scientist, is
                                             swimming in support of these cancer research programs. More personally,
leaders in the community in promoting        she is swimming for her father, father-in-law and other relatives and friends
10 and Under tennis.                         who are now suffering or have suffered from cancer. To support her swim,
   Alexander Winslow will begin his new
responsibilities as Activities Coordina-     nFrancisco?px=1074536&pg=personal&fr_id=1184 . Or, consider joining the
tor at BTC. He is in the process of plan-    Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland SF Bay swim or pool swim
ning some exciting social tennis events      events. Beth says if she can do a mile, anyone can!
and hope you will all participate and          Please support our efforts in raising awareness and funds for this impor-
enjoy. Please let us know if you would       tant work!
like to help in any way!
News and Announcements…
The Berkeley Tennis Club Foundation has received a very generous donation
  from the Jim McManus Family. Jim was a long time BTC member who passed
                                                                                      The BTC Roving Eye…
  away in January. Having played all over the world and settling down with                (everyone is fair game)
  in family in Ponte Vedra, Florida, Jim always considered the BTC his “tennis
  home”. His playing career included being an All-American and captain of the
  Cal tennis team, and US Davis Cup team member. He was, also, one of the
  founders of the Association of Tennis Players (ATP) along with Arthur Ashe.
  The ATP building in Ponte Vedra, Florida has been named in honor of him. The
  BTCF is very grateful for this contribution in his memory.
NEW!!!! Gentle Yoga will be offered Wednesdays 3:30-4:45pm.
  Wendy Williams, yoga instructor and physical therapist, will teach this new class

  knowledge of healthy alignment, stretching and strengthening. This class is
  suitable for those new to yoga as well as experienced yogis. The class is free to
  members, $10 for non-members, donations welcome.
Erika Smith
  Philadelphia Grasscourts in July.
New Members                                  Membership Status Changes
  Dana Hill (Single)                           Donald & Carol Brown - resigned
  Robert & Heather Lake (Family)               Tom Cordi & Irene Zanini - active
  Michael & Shirley Mueller (Couple)           Bill & Nina Ricks - inactive
  Peter & Nancy O’Brien (Couple)               Peggy Rourke - resigned
  Bill & Peggy Samuels (Couple)              Born to:
  Dennis & Heather Schrag (Family)             Jesse & Lindsey Antin                            Cathy Billecci
  Morten Simonsen & Hope Benham (Family)              - Mason Galen
  Jay and Linda Steuer (Family)
  Francois Vandermewe (Associate)
New Applicants and Sponsors
  Steve Holtzman & Eva Cohen                   Walter Garms
  Hans Kuypers & Ellen de Neef-Kuypers         Patrice Chung
  Karyn Mandan                                 Alma Gardner

BTC September Events
Tesla on Display at the BTC -Thursday, September 8th- 4pm-8pm
BTC member Ted Shelton’s company Gemz is working with the electric car
company Tesla to introduce their new family sedan to communities around

mile range on a single charge. The car is being manufactured right here in
California at the old NUMMI plant off 880 in Fremont.
Tesla is hosting an event for BTC members and a select group of interested
parties in the Rockridge/Elmwood neighborhood. One of the new cars will
be on display. Refreshments will be served and Tesla employees will be on
hand to answer questions from interested members.
BTC vs Montclair Tennis Association: Friday, September 9th @ 5pm
Come out and participate in a fun social mixed ladder competition.                               Blair Easton
3.5-and up - rating, no partner necessary. If you are interested in participat-
ing, sign up at the BTC bulletin board. This event will be followed by dinner
at 7:00 in the senior room together - $15 per person.
                                                                                      Coming in October…
              Movie Night!
                                                                                      The 2nd BTC Harvest Dance!
              Friday, September 16 at 7:00pm
                                                                                      Last year’s event was such a fun
              Popcorn and skittles, with the viewing of renown director
                                                                                      success and we anticipate an
               mining ship, investigating a suspected SOS, lands on a distant
                                                                                      even greater turnout.
               planet. The crew discovers some strange creatures.                     Stay tuned for more details...
Starring Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt...
                  President’s Message…
                  Bill Rodgers

                  A     t our July Board meeting BTC           appropriate salary, but also to looking at our man-
General Manager, Geoff Hayes, announced to us his              agement structure. As a Club member you will be
intention to retire in 2012 at whatever is earlier - -         solicited for your ideas as the process goes along. As
his 65th birthday or when a replacement is found.              you know, our members are a talented and connected
Everyone on the Board appreciates Geoff’s typical              group of individuals and that excellent feedback from
generous attitude in giving us this long lead time.                                                                  -
I am sure that over the next months we will be me-
                                                               visions for success of the future BTC. So although we
For me I know that Geoff spent many extra, unpaid
                                                               will be losing Geoff, we have an opportunity to keep
hours serving the Club by attending all the com-
                                                               up our tradition of excellence.
mittee meetings and events. As well I appreciate his
leadership and management on the upgrades to the                 On another note: Lynne Rolley reports that her elev-
venue during his tenure. The courts, the clubhouse             en weekly summer junior clinics attracted 20-25 play-
and the pool area are all in better shape now than             ers every week. Tennis is alive and well in the East
they have been for a long time. On behalf of all the           Bay. In addition, all her assistants are now trained in
members, thank you Geoff.                                      the Quick Start program for teaching ten and under
  Your Board members realize that this is a water-
shed event for our Club as we have not hired new               #7 & #8 soon and USTA is helping on this by cover-
management for many years. The Board has already               ing half of the cost.
                                                   -             Sign up and plan to attend the “almost gone” event
ment. The current committee is made up of those                for Andy Salonen on September 11.
now serving Board Members who will continue on
the Board in 2012. Initial efforts will go setting up a        BTC Forever,
timeline to not only an updated job description and

Lower Deck Project…                  (continued from page 1)

extent of damage beneath the             three weeks. All the peripheral           committee and management will
existing deck and/or problems            stair systems will be built concur-       diligently review any and all
with the drilling of the holes for       rently followed by painting and           contingencies and change orders
the piers such as hitting existing                                                 for accuracy and adherence to the
pipes or obstructing large rocks         and plumbing.                             prime contract.
will be revealed during this early         Unlike the upper deck, there              Temporary inconveniences
time frame. Once the foundation          should be minimal impact on traf-         of construction will pass soon
milestone is reached, framing                                                      enough, and the Club will have
will commence along with insula-         possible exception of the work on         a stylish deck of which members
                                         Tunnel Road entrance ramp. This           can enjoy and feel proud. Extend-
of a waterproof membrane over            ramp along with the one designed          ing both northward and eastward
present deck (above the women’s          into the lower deck will meet             beyond the shadow of the Club-
locker room). Six weeks into             ADA requirements.                         house (especially during the fall
the project, after water testing           The project will have substantial       and winter months), closer full
and the membrane milestone is            consequences on the cash position         sunlit court viewing and direct
reached, the palletized deck top         of the Club. Besides taking out a         access to Court 1 in will be a new
and clapboard siding phase will          temporary line of credit from the         and welcome experience for pre-
begin and take approximately             bank, the House and Grounds               sent and future members.

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