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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. TL=Anthony (Tony) Lazzaro (KC current boyfriend at time of child dissappearence) AH=Amy Huizenga (close friend of KC during time of child disappearance) KC=Casey Anthony Caylee=Caylee Anthony (Missing child of KC Anthony) CA=Cindy Anthony (KC Mother) RM=Ricardo Morales (KC ex and friend) JP=J.P. Chatt (RM Roommate and friend of KC) Troy=Troy Brown (Amy and RM roommate and friend of KC) GA=George Anthony (KC father) LA=Lee Anthony (KC brother) BS=Brittney Sheuiber (high school friend of KC, but not that close) ZG=Zeniada Fernandez-Gonzalez (alleged kidnapper nanny) JG=Jesse Grund (KC ex fiance‟, thought father of Caylee but not) 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. LG=Lauren Gibbs(Troy‟s ex, and KC bestfriend) BB=Brian Burner(Shovel Guy) WW=Will Waters RH=Ryan Huffman RL=Ryan Lopez LE=Law Enforcement CS=Chris Stuz GR=Gary Ridgeway (Tow Truck Guy) S=Sanchez (Amscot manager) JR=Jamie Relander (shot girl) MC=Mattew Crisp Kish=Maria Kish SD=Sean Daly (KC‟s best guy friend) JD=John Daly JH=Jeffery Hopkins











14 AH=Casey had two flat tires on highway 408, called RM and Troy to come and help her with the flats (That night RM, Troy, AH, KC went out to Voyage). RM=agrees with AH statement Troy=Says KC stated, “I have to get home to be there when Caylee wakes up”. She attempted to drive on a flat (other one fixed), but failed. Pulled over, and Tony and RM drove her home. GA=KC had car towed to the house, and AH paid for that.

15 JG=KC called him to tell him about the 2 flat tires









24 RM=KC and Caylee spent the night with him Troy=Went to WildWings with KC and met Amy there at UCF. Said they went to party whe was, and played beer pong. JG=KC met Tony this night TL=Djing friend Daniel Howard‟s b-day party at Chris Kokkino‟s Place. AH= in Tallahasse-KC, Troy, and went to Wildwings then the viliages for party TL was djin

AH= “No Clothes”Party at Lake Vaj with KC and Troy wearing flag. Troy=Confirmed JG= Ran into Brandon AH=CA says she had Caylee this night






30 RM=KC & Caylee spent the night with him

31 TL=KC and TL’s first date Pool Party @ Arden Villages, and then to the movies in K then to Estelle Goodwin (TL FRIEND) house in KC’s car. KC Didn’t spend the nigh mom called and she had to go home. RM=KC and Caylee stayed the night at his home, sometime during the night Caylee taken somewhere, because KC was alone when RM woke up. JG=KC come up to his apartment at the party, and brings him down to meet TL. CA=Says she never remembers asking KC to bring Caylee home in the middle of th GA-says that he and CA went to Coco Beach for the day

1 TL=went to BBQ in KC‟s Car at Ryan Lopez‟s house (Pegasus Connection apartments). Took him home that evening. JG=Amy, RM, and Troy went to Voyage club, and KC wasn‟t with them. That was strange, but text everyone and said she was already out, but no one knew where. AH=Comes back from Tallahassee

2 TL=KC and Caylee come over to TL‟s pool, and spend the day. Left around 5:30-6:30pm he went home before. JG=KC tells RM that she kissed TL. AIRPORT LADY=Says she saw Caylee w/ redheaded women boarding plane from Orlando to Atlanta.


4 TL= KC, Clint, TL, and Maria went to Troy‟s party then back to TL. KC did not spend the night said she had to leave because mom wanted her home. Troy=Troy‟s birthday party at Voyage. Casey, Tony, new person a friends came. RM was there too. JG=states KC, TL, and 2 friends left around 12:3012:45am 11 TL=Says either this day or th the 12 stopped by KC‟s parents to get gas cans. Troy=Leaves for DC through the 18th JG=KC changes Facebook to reflect relationship with TL perRM JG=Amy and Ricardo go to Voyage nightclub w/o KC RM=AH and RM go to Voyage w/o KC.

5 Troy=Troy, Amy, RM went to strip club for Troy‟s actual b-day. No KC.AH confirms LA=Last time he saw Caylee at his mom‟s house, but KC wasn‟t there.

6 LA=Casey goes to Fusion for first time. Made plans with RM, but broke them saying she had to work. AH=says KC tells her she needs to go to Fusion to check on her daughter,later changed to boss‟s daughter.

7 RM= KC & Caylee came over 11pm and spent the night AH=Casey and Caylee were there, and AH moves in to RM w/JP. CA=Visits Dad

8 RM= KC and Caylee left late morning. Talk to her from home later that day CA=says KC&Caylee spent this night@home

9 TL= got his jeep out of the shop. KC and Caylee picked him up from school and took him to get his jeep. BS=KC sends her Myspace message. Text around the 9th RM=KC comes back over after 8pm w/ Caylee, spends the night. They have sex. AH=KC&Caylee spend night with them@RM

10 RM=Left for work that morning, and never saw Caylee again. He doesn‟t see KC much until July 1st BB=Left for Chicago with family AH=saw KC leave with Caylee on this morning.

12 TL= went with KC & Caylee to her parents home to change Caylee then to the mall to promote hip-hop showcase in KC‟s car. RM=left for Tampa after work. JG=KC was supposed to go to Jacksonville with Amy, but said her dad had a stroke, and called RM and told him the same story. AH=KC was supposed to go to Jacksonville with her

13 TL=Hip-Hop Showcase night at Fusion, and KC went came back and spent the night with him. RM=Came back from Tampa, KC called asking him to go to Fusion, said no, then told him about dad‟s mini-stroke. Said she said she was in the hospital with him all night. Kristen=says her, KC, Caylee, went to Blanchard Park or on the 12th Kish=Kc went out with Clint, her & TL Fusion 20 Troy=KC texts him wanting him to go to Fusion BB=Sees KC back into garage again, never sees child, but doesn‟t know if the child is with her. Between 12:00pm and 3:00pm LA=KC runs out of gas sometime between this date and the 27th. LE=Believes this is the date her and Tony stole the gas cans. AH=says text from KC on this date reveals she ran out of gas Kish=KC, Tony, her, and Clint. @ Fusion.

14 GA=father just started new job JG-=*says no one had any contact with KC at all CS=saw her at scoops this day, 15th or 16th.

15 LA=All KC‟s yahoo email deleted from this day through July 15th. CA&GA=Went to visit KC‟s granddad at Mt. Dora for father‟s day. When they got back KC was there, and download the pics and nursing home video onto Myspace. CA=Visits Dad for Father‟s day, says that she talk to Caylee last when she put her to bed. GA=was working this night, and didn‟t see the baby being put to bed

16 BB=Came back from Chicago around 6pm Sees KC back her car in garage, but not the car once inside. CA=Leaves for work 8am, never puts eyes or ears on KC or Caylee. GA=Leaves for work 11:45am says he sees KC and Caylee get in the car and leave JG=says He called KC 12min conversation. KC=7:58pm Tl and KC goes to Blockbuster GA=10 till 1:00pm saw KC and Caylee leave, KC toldhim she was spending the night with Zani and Caylee because she had to work late. LE=says CA said that KC and Caylee were staying @ the Hard Rock hotel with Zani. Says they had to move KC‟s event to Bush Gardens Tampa, and KC said Zani got in a car accident and was hospitalized @ Tampa General Hospital

17 BB=KC backed her car in garage, strange cause she normally parks on the street. JG=No one can account for KC from this date until the 27th. Believes she was with Tony CS-Said KC came by for 2 hours after 5pm, no Caylee ZG= visits Sawgrass apartments LE=Says KC told CA that the hospital was keeping Zani this night too, and she was staying with her.


What happened this day?

19 BB= on this day or the 18th KC asked to borrow a shovel while he was doing yard work. Said she needed to dig up a bamboo root she had been tripping over. 1:30 pm. She takes the shovel into the garage, and the garage is open. KC knocks on door and return shovels approx. 2:30pm. Clean clothes, didn‟t change, and no sweat or dirt. MC=says KC called him that morning saying her bf TL was looking for an apartment.



23 BB= Thinks he saw KC this day in a green pick up truck. Doesn‟t know if he saw her or heard her. Afternoon, and with a male with brown hair.Made speculation to his wife that it was like she was, “moving out”, and he didn‟t see KC all this coming weekend. So he wondered why she would care about a bamboo root, when she wasn‟t staying there anymore. LA=*Looks like gas cans stolen from shed on this day* GA=Believes this day he chased KC in his wife‟s truck to see what was going on with her.

24 Troy=12:40pm Facebook message from KC says, “have yet to move into the house, hell, I haven‟t even been at my own house, drama, I will fill you in later”. JG=calls KC, and they have some sort of deep conversation with KC. Says he HEARD Caylee in the background, KC says, “Stop Caylee No.” LE=files gas can burglary 10:00amBB=GA comes over to tell him about gas cans taken.GA= 10:30amNotices gas cans are gone from shed files report. Around 2:30 KC come over shoves gas cans at GA

25 JG=No Contact AH=says KC calledsaid horrible smell in car LA=Sometime this week, KC see‟s dad, and won‟t let him access the trunk. Grabs gas cans quickly, and shoves them towards GA.

26 JG=No contact TL=KC runs out of gas? Has grocery bags with food from parents house.

27 JG=KC calls him worried about his situation, and invites him to Fusion. S=notices KC‟s car at Amscot 7:00am AH=Get‟s text message saying she ran out of gas on this day. Says she found animal plastered to car. Said she stayed on phone with her while KC waited on Tony to pick her up. JR=worked this night at Fusion (shot girl) Kish=All white party @ Fusion, not sure if KC went. GA=Says KC was telling them she was in Jacksonvilee /w JH and his sone Zach

28 JG=Receives a call from KC wanting to borrow a gas can from me, cause she ran out of gas again. At 1:25pm AH=KCtext her about needing gas cans TL=Stayed at his house this night

29 TL=Casey spends the night. JG=Car is at Amscot SB=Get‟s order for a tow from Amscot

30 RM=KC spent the night at RM and AH house. AL=Leaves to go to New York@9.58 LE&GR=Car gets towed from Amscot there by 9:06am AH=KC comes to her home and wants to go to Target for gas cans 9:35am. Confirms she spent the night. GA=says he worked this day




1 RM=KC spent last night without Caylee on couch, and Amy was talking with her that morning when he left for work. Stayed all day and spent this night there too. JG=Says KC calls 10:15am, and asks to take a shower says, can‟t get into Tony‟s and can‟t go home. He says yes, and she arrives at 10:39am, has a bag, showers and stays until 12:00. Roommate arrives (Rick Oswald), and meets her. KC calls Amy at 12:56pm AH=says KC got her nails done on this date. SD= saw KC at the Ale House JH=See‟s KC @ Ale House

2 RM=RM leaves to go out of town to Boston at airport 4pm Troy=Picks up RM takes him to airport then picks up his friend Melissa England they go out to Voyage (AH, Melissa, Troy& KC tells Melissa, “they should go get tattoos” Melissa says, “Your crazy, I‟m not getting another tattoo.” AH=goes to voyage too, KC spends the night with them, and steals Amy‟s money. SD=Saw her at tattoo shop, and later that night KC met them up at Wild Wings

3 Troy=Casey gets her tattoo “Buena Vita” Troy goes to work and Casey and Melissa hang out for 5 hours, she never once brings up Caylee..this bothered Melissa. Went to The Lodge that evening (Troy, KC, & Melissa) Says KC said Lee called, and she was upset and saying, “My brother is looking for me, we have to leave”. Says Casey fought on telephone with mom this day, and only seemed upset when family was intervening during this time. JG=KC texts him saying, there‟s something going on with my family right now, if my mom tries to call you don‟t say anything, I‟ll take care of it. Says got tattoo at 2:26pm

4 Troy=went out of town for the 3rd and 4th of July. Sarasota LG=Says she saw Brittany for the first time in awhile and Brittany is friends with her roommate. WW=said KC said, “You know I have a daughter”? he said, “yes Amy told me” The go to lake for fireworks around 8:30pm and KC is on phone with Tony at 9:10pm spoke to him the whole time, and never mentioned Caylee. JG=got call from KC@3:17pm asks her what was going on yesterday, says, “don‟t want to talk about it, I will call you later when I get drunk”. 11 Troy=Troy flies out to Puerto Rico, had a job interview. WW=KC texts says, please come see me at The Sake Bar. He says, „why would I want to if Tony is going to be there at 1:30am. LA=Registered letter concerning car comes but missed by them JR=KC worked this night at Fusion

5 TL=Comes back from NY. Says KC starts waking up in nightmare sweats. WW=Left with AH at 1:30am from July 4th party to go home. KC shows up at his house 9:30am. 11:30am He leaves with KC to go to Zaxby‟s 12:00, then Target, and IKEA . Left IKEA around 4pm. When at lunch she talked about Caylee, said that her and her friend were going to move in together to split the cost of a nanny and have her live there. They message back and forth the entire next week when Tony wasn‟t around. AH=KC is very giddy and happy this morning because Tony is coming back. SD=says he saw KC & TL on this date at Wild Wings was with Annie


6 Troy=Mellissa and Troy go bowling. KC text messaged Troy implying she was coming to join them, but never shows. TL=says he and KC go to Wildwings andmeet up with Sean Daly & Annie

7 WW=Text him and said, “you‟re really the sweetest guy I ever met @8:29 am CS=Sees her @Wildwings with Lassen and Sean Daly SD=says Wildwings on 5th with Annie KC is with TL. 14 RM= KC texts him asking if he needs a ride from the airport. Or on 15th.

8 RM=Comes back from Boston, KC texts him asks if he needs ride from airport, says no but could hang at Chili‟s until flight to Puerto Rico (leaving that day and going with AH, JP) AH=goes to airport for trip, and KC drives her in Amy‟s car. SD=saw her at The Ale House JH=saw her at The Ale House

9 JG=Says RM leaves for Puerto Rico on this date.

10 Troy=says Casey called him, and there was some texting about getting a new car on this date of the 11th. Said she couldn‟t go to Puerto Rico because she needed a new car , and a new place to live. WW=Says he and KC were supposed to hang out and ride helicopter at 7:30pm, he tried to reach her texting, but she didn‟t respond until 7:00-7:15pm said, “I can‟t make it, sorry” with Na-Naw.


13 CS=KC text him about his birthday. LA=New registered letter sticker re: car

15 CA=George and I pick up car from tow yard 1:55pm WW=KC sends text saying, “Caylee is missing to him around 10pm. LA=GA called him to check on CA around 8pm. Car in garage, trunk open, SMELL FILLS garage. He also states the Nanny name is Zenita. Picked up KC stuff from TL, said KC‟s bag was organized (not like her). Says no baby stuff at all, or on receipts CA got out of KC‟s wallet. Said got a call from Caylee around 12 noon, but only a 411 number, two numbers to NY state, and a 321 number. Said, KC said she did a stake out for a few days to try and recover Caylee…no way…SMELL was unreal You could smell it from the porch when the car was in the garage. JG=Says, Amy said, Casey was boasting about receiving a call from Caylee on a cellphone (when KC was driving Amy home from airport. AH=Says CA tells her about smell, and how she is worried. GA=says clothes LA picked up from TL of KC‟s were very cigarette smoke filled. 22


BS=Cindy says that KC has been coming home, and getting her things but not Caylee‟s. KC‟s Trunk open all day in driveway. LG=KC text‟s her to tell her Caylee is missing, but said she didn‟t know who took her.

17 BB=LE picks up shovel from him AH=says TL told her in an hour and ½ conversation that KC text him, and that he told authorities “If they never find her, guess who spends an eternity in jail”.



20 RM=Ricardo, Amy, Jesse, and Troy get timeline together BB=GA comes over and invites him to vigil. Asks him if he is the one that turned over the shovel. GA said they were setting up a timeline, and wanted to know what day he turned over the shovel. 27





26 RH= got arrested told LE that WW told him, KC had been in an accident and brought her car in for repairs, WW said uk mechanic/uk garage guy said it smelled like a dead body in the car.

RM=RM, AH, JP, Troy, Jeep?, and Will LA=Baez allowed him receipt





NOTES: RM says there is fellow Casey knows that lives out in the country…Steve Jones, the police are wondering about that. LA, RM, TL, AH-ALL SAY THE NANNY WAS referred to as “ZENITA” not ZENIDA” LA picked up KC’s things from TL at 1:30am. July 15th. LA=Says KC tells the family, not to trust Jesse while in jail (she couldn’t tell them why because of the video visitation, but they have been seeing each other on and off ever since they broke up secretly (sexual in nature), but not sure if after she met Tony this was true. He also says KC laptop was crashed when he picked it up, and he couldn’t even boot windows (July 15th) from TL home. SB=Says George had called Amscot, and knew how long the car had been there, said he didn’t know how George would have known it was at Amscot he never told him. LE=Says KC been using someone else’s computer to log into Photobucket Account, and LA says TL has a Laptop or someone in that house does. CA=Says Eric is Caylee biological father. Says he lives in Tennessee or Kentucky

GA=Says Backpack Caylee was wearing on the 16th, was not in the car when it was picked up. Only the car seat, her favorite doll “momma”, a steak knife, a different back pack of Caylee’s and KC’s slacks (he’s not sure which pair). In trunk: blue collapsible crate, coat hangers, and other misc. stuff.

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