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									The Biology
Kathy Hoppe, DAL
Mary Colvard, HHMI
Dr. Rob Jackson, Duke
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                          Name                Section
                     Alan Ascher/Sister   NYC
                     Mary Ita
                     *Lisa Brosnick       Southwestern
                     *Diane D’Gravio      Central Western
A Special
                     Angela Pegano        Southern
Thanks to the        Christine Mooney     North Central
Subject Area         Annick O’Reilly      Catskill-
Representatives                           Leatherstocking

for Biology. . . .   Jessica Poseluzny    Westchester
                     *Carol Ann Pryor     Nassau
                     *Kelly Ryan          Eastern
                     Sue Schafer          Mohawk Valley
                     Glen Cochrane        Suffolk
                     *Brian Fico          Central
                     Karen Huffman        Western
                     Peter Jablonski      Northwestern
In New York State Science
 The only way to make sense out of change
is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the
             dance.      ~ Alan Watts
Our New Reality
                         READ informational text;
                  Adopted in January 2011; required
                     write using evidence from text,
                    LITERACY in the science, content
                  instruction in k-12 CONTEN T AREA
                     draw conclusions from multiple
                    reading and writing grades 6-12
                          NYS will decide
                         whether or not to
                       adopt by NGSS after
                   Developed theNational Research
                   Council for public comment inthe
                   FINAL EDITION released in for the
                  Releasedto been finished Summer
                         has provide a guide
                                  of of 2010
                    development of2011 Generation
                           Science invested in
                        NYS is highlyStandards
                         the development of
                  NGSS available for public comment
                      NYS teachers and developed,
                    Standards are beingSTANYS are
                      based of the Framework for
                  in Jan/Feb on2012; STANYS will notify
                      participating in “confidential
                        members when by Achieve
                          reviews” of the NGSS
                     Science Educationavailable
Websites for reference
The role of STANYS
   Providing leadership
   Involved in the process in partnership with
    New York State Education Department
ü   Staying current for our members
ü   Annual Conference 2012 to address the
    changing situation

Mary Colvard
   Co-Author of Pearson’s
    Biology Review Book
   CIBT
   Educational Consultant
    for HHMI
   Dolan Learning Center
    for the Genes to

The Making of the Fittest:
  HHMI’s Night at the
  Movies in Your

“Reducing Our Footprint: Biology and
        Sustainable Energy”

           Dr. Rob Jackson
   Co-Author of the Campbell Biology
     Author of “The Earth Remains”
 Chair of Global
  Change at the
  Nicholas School of
  the Environment
  at Duke University
 Education:
      PhD, Utah State
          University, 1992
        M.S. Statistics, Utah
          University, 1992
        M.S. Ecology, Utah
          University, 1990
                                Dr. Robert B. Jackson
        B.S. Chemical
          Engineering, Rice
          University, 1983
 Murray F. Buell Award from the Ecological
  Society of America
 1999 Presidential Early Career Award in
  Science and Engineering from the
  National Science Foundation
         one of 19 scientists honored at the White
          House by President Clinton
   Fellow in the American Geophysical Union
   Over 75 papers

   Written intriguing
    books for students
    of all ages and
    grade levels

   Author of Biology
    (2010, 2008)
Door Prizes
 Ward’s Natural Science
 Educational Innovations
 Vernier Software and Technology
 Science Take Out
 Pellets Inc.
 Aquatic Ecosystems
 Digital Frog, International

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