; Top 10 Celebrity Near Death Experiences
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Top 10 Celebrity Near Death Experiences

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Travis Barker's recent brush with death was very scary; various other celebrities have not been as fortunate, including Aliyah, Princess Di, and Lisa Lopez of TLC. But before Barker's almost-fatal crash, many other celebrities came within inches of death, but survived to tell the tale. Here is a list of the top 10 celebrity near death experiences

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									Top 10 Celebrity Near Death Experiences

10. Kelsey Grammer Heart Attack May 31, 2008 Originally reported as mild heart attack, Grammer revealed later that attending doctors had to restart his heart with paddles.

9. Star Jones Heart Attack August 2003 After undergoing gastric bypass surgery ironically intended to improve Jones’s health, she suffered a heart attack that nearly ended her life.

8. Jerry Seinfeld Fiat Flip March 29, 2008
The Associated Press reported that the comedian’s Fiat flipped over, but in truth, only the brakes failed.

7. Gary Busey Motorcycle Crash December 4, 1988
The eccentric actor claims he actually saw the Grim Reaper after his bike wiped out and he cracked his skull open.

6. Elisha Cuthbert Hit by a car July 13, 2007 While crossing the street, the starlet was hit by an oncoming car. Several witnesses saw her bounce several feet off the hood.

5. David Lee Roth Nut Allergy July 10, 2008 A Canadian officer stopped Roth for speeding, only to find him badly swollen from an allergic reaction to having eaten some nuts.

4. Morgan Freeman Car Crash August 4, 2008 Freeman was badly injured when he crashed with a female passenger in his car. Though he recovered from the crash, his marriage did not.

3. Gordon Ramsey Nearly Drowned July 28, 2008 The world’s toughest chef was filming a clif dive in Iceland, but he failed to resurface for several seconds.

2. Rachel Bilson Car Crash Date Unknown The OC star ran with an unruly group in her teens, and at one point they suffered a major car accident. One person in the car remained unconscious for 2 days.

1. Travis Barker and DJ AM Plane Crash September 20, 2008
The musicians were on a learjet tha lost control and crashed. Four others died and both Barker and AM suffered severe

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