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									Spanish Pronunciation for Very, Very Beginners
By Angeles Fernández (

1. Las vocales
Notes: - Click on any blue word to open the sound file. - Roll mouse over any word or click on the arrow to see its English equivalent (translation).

a e i o u
• Listen and repeat this sounds as many times as necessary. • When you think you are ready, read first all the words from the list below, one by one, and then, click on the word to check its pronunciation.

ala malo rana mesa limón luna

mano nada algo todo ir venir

lobo casa perro gato hombre mujer

pelo papel cama ducha árbol flor


Spanish Pronunciation for Very, Very Beginners
EXERCISE Click on the blue words below, listen to each word and recognize it among the words on the right column.

word 1 word 2 word 3 word 4 word 5 word 6 word 7 word 8 word 9 word 10

lobo todo árbol luna ir limón rana ala mujer flor

Answers: Word No.1 – mujer Word No.2 – luna Word No.3 – lobo Word No.4 – árbol Word No.5 – ala Word No.6 – ir Word No.7 – rana Word No.8 – todo Word No.9 – flor Word No.10 – limón

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