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					Center for Prevention and Counseling
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For over 40 years dedicated to building healthy person at a time.

September 2013

                                                   Prevention Works Newsletter

 Inside this issue:
                                               Join us on November 1st for our
 CFPC’s Annual Fall        1
                                             Annual Substance Abuse Conference,
 Substance Abuse                                    “Our Drug Epidemic”
 Pathways to Prosperity    2       In Sussex County there were 9           abuse and law enforcement who
 Youth Summer Stress               overdose deaths in a 6 month            will help to explain what is causing
 Busters                           period due to either heroin,            this “epidemic” along with solutions
 School News               2       prescription drugs OR heroin and        for confronting this problem head
                                   prescription drugs. Nationally, there   on!
 Legal Issues of a Drug-   2       is a drug related death every 19        Please share this with others who
 Free Workplace                    minutes with a large percentage         are concerned about “our drug
 Power in Youth Teen       3       being caused by prescription drugs.     epidemic” in Sussex County!
 Camp                              To get a better understanding of
                                                                           For the registration form or to
                                   this issue, and to see why Route 23
 Vernon Youth Group        3                                               register online, go to http://
                                   has been referred to as “heroin
                                   highway,” join us for our annual
 Coordinated School        4                                               conference.html
                                   substance abuse conference on
                                   November 1st. This day will feature
 Carousel Fundraiser       4       experts in the field of substance
 Parents Who Host          5
 National Recovery Month 5
 Talk...They Hear You      6
 Community Trials          6
 Coalition for Healthy &   7
 Safe Communities

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         Page 2                                                                                           September 2013

Summer Stress Busters with Pathways to Prosperity Youth
This summer, children from
                                           those fears and stressors. During            what their children learned and
Compadres, Pathways to
                                           each forty five minute session,              ways to practice it at home. It was a
Prosperity’s youth program, met
                                           children learned a quick breathing           great five weeks and we had so
once a week to learn all sorts of
                                           exercise and participated in a stress        much fun practicing ways to relax!
ways to reduce stress and relax.
                                           reduction activity. Activities included      Brie Meade
The start of school can be stressful
                                           yoga, dance, listening and making            Pathways to Prosperity Coach
and scary for parents and children,
                                           music, and creating a mural. Each
so we worked on different
                                           week, parents received a recap of
techniques that could help minimize

We are pleased to present “Legal Issues of a Drug-Free Workplace”
The Center for Prevention and              businesses on Thursday, October              To register for this free event and
Counseling, The Partnership for a          3rd at SCCC’s Performing Arts                for further information:
Drug-Free New Jersey, the Sussex           Center. This is the first seminar of
County Chamber of Commerce and             this kind in our county and we hope
the Sussex County Community                you will join us for this exciting
College are pleased to present             event which is being offered at no
Legal Issues of a Drug-Free                cost for all who would like to attend.
Workplace for all Sussex County

School of Health and Addiction Studies—

                                                                                     Don’t miss our exciting fall
                                                                                     courses beginning this
                                                                                     All courses are still only $50
                                                                                     Class times are 8:30-3:30 in our 2nd
                                                                                     floor classroom
                                                                                     Both recert and CPS classes available
                                                                                     (CPS classes may be used for recert)
                                                                                     Register online at
                                                                                     Or print the school news brochure
                                                                                     below and send with payment to:
                                                                                         61 Spring St, 3rd Floor
                                                                                         Newton, NJ 07860
                                                                                         Attn.: Shelley Stuart
                                                                                     We look forward to seeing you!
                                                                                     Shelley Stuart, CHES
                                                                                     Coordinator, School of Health and           Addiction Studies
September 2013                                                                                            Page 3

Power in Youth Teen Camp
Just because it’s summer, doesn’t          having fun and interacting with
mean the prevention team stops!            other teens. This program was
In August, we were able to                 sponsored by the Sussex County
implement a Power in Youth Teen            Municipal Alliance.
Camp at the Family Support                 Ayla Satter
Organization in Newton. Teens that         Youth Educator
attended were trained in teamwork,
leadership and skill-building while
                                                                                      Ayla Satter leads group of teens.

Vernon Youth Group Update
Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute               discussed refusal skills and               The Vernon Coalition is a program
(LMTI) held a five day Leadership          different ways to remain above             of The Center for Prevention and
Conference from August 19th-23rd           negative influences.                       Counseling in Newton. Funding for
for high school students at Camp           LMTI provided workshops, small             this year was made possible
Ralph Mason in Hardwick, NJ. This          group discussions and a challenge          through the Coordinated School
annual summer camp opportunity is          ropes course throughout the week           Health grant, a program of the New
geared toward improving leadership         offering youth many opportunities          Jersey Department of Health’s
skills, team building and networking       for self-growth and community              Division of Adolescent Health.
for youth. Members of the Vernon           mindfulness. Toward the end of the
Coalition youth group attended this        week LMTI held a candlelight
week long camp and were given the          ceremony which allowed all
opportunity to see and interact with       students to reflect on their week at
incredibly inspirational national and      LMTI. This leadership conference
local presenters. Students also had        was a powerful conference that
the chance to work with peers from         inspired youth from many different
their own communities in order to          areas to make a difference not only
brainstorm ways to implement a             among themselves, but their
specific prevention plan during the        schools and communities as well.
upcoming school year.                      One Vernon student stated, “LMTI
During this leadership conference          opened up doors I didn't think could       Upcoming Events:
our action group implemented the           be unlocked. The whole experience               Monthly meetings
“Tag It” activity from the above the       made me see myself and others                   Girls World Expo
influence toolkit. “Tag It” helps our      differently. The events I have                  National Above the Influence Day
youth recognize different types of         participated in so far makes me            To learn more about these events
influences throughout their                want to be the BEST role model for         call Gemma at 973-383-4787 or
community and inspires them to             the middle-schoolers in Vernon!”
become powerful leaders and                The Vernon Coalition is looking
mentors. Being above the influence         forward to sending more Vernon             Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on
is not only about being above              youth to the Lindsey Meyer Teen            Facebook (Vernon Coalition youth
alcohol and other drugs but being          Institute next summer. To learn            group) and visit our website
above anything that can lead to a          more about the Vernon Coalition   
negative decision (bullying, drama,        youth group please email                   follow link to Vernon Coalition.
cheating, peer pressure, gossip).             Gemma Chalkley
Following this event, students                                                        Vernon Coalition-Youth Coordinator

  SCCC/ETV– Channel 20 Tune into Sussex County                      Not What the Doctor Ordered
  Community College’s Channel 20 for prevention                       10/3/2013 @ 4 & 10 PM
                                                                      10/4/2013 @ 6 & 10 AM
  programs about current drug problems and issues.
                                                                    Teen Addiction and the Path to Recovery
   Gangs, Drugs and Violence: A Threat to all Communities             10/10/2013 @ 4 & 10 PM
     9/19/2013 @ 4 & 10 PM                                            10/11/2013 @ 6 & 10 AM
     9/20/2013 @ 6 & 10 AM                                          Recovering from Addiction: The Kid’s Perspective
   Easy Access: The Abuse of Legal Drugs                              10/17/2013 @ 4 & 10 PM
     9/262013 @ 4 & 10 PM                                             10/18/2013 @ 6 & 10 AM
     9/272013 @ 6 & 10 AM
September 2013                                                                                      Page 4

Coordinated School Health—September 2013
                                          Union City High School in Hudson
                                          County for a five day youth           will bring back and implement using
                                          leadership experience at the          the new leadership skills they
                                          Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute which    perfected. The Action Plans focus
                                          was held at the YMCA’s Camp           on topics such as drug and alcohol
                                          Ralph Mason in Hardwick, NJ.          reduction and teen pregnancy
                                          Students participated in a Rope’s     prevention education.
                                          course and several nationally         Shelley Stuart
The Coordinated School Health             recognized speakers were featured     School Health Specialist
program sponsored twenty-one              during the camp. Additionally, the
students from various Sussex              students developed an Action Plan
County high schools as well as            for their own schools, which they

Pathways to Prosperity celebrates its Fourth Annual Carousel Fundraiser
Pathways to Prosperity (P2) will          play tickets, original artwork and    partnering with low-income families,
celebrate its Fourth Annual               jewelry by local artists, and many    called Path Leaders, to strengthen
Carousel fundraiser on October 23,        other incredible gift baskets. Last   our county. Pathways to Prosperity
2013 at Lake Mohawk Country               year, nearly 100 people attended      provides the resources and support
Club. It’s a night of dinner with         the event.                            to families in our county who have
friends, fun, and raffles all the while   Pathways to Prosperity, a             made a serious commitment to
raising funds to extend the efforts of    collaboration between                 change their lives by becoming self-
P2 to more County residents. The          NORWESCAP, United Way of              reliant and resilient. The outcomes
raffles will feature Vera Bradley         Northern NJ and the Center for        from our first four graduating
Bags, designer purses, Broadway           Prevention and Counseling, is         classes are significant for our Path
                                                                                Leaders and the community:
                                                                                    An increase of earned income
                                                                                      totaling $272,490.77;
                                                                                    Entrepreneurship through small
                                                                                      business startup and
                                                                                    $14,336 reduction in social
                                                                                      service and disability benefits;
                                                                                    Savings of $10,200 in
                                                                                      unemployment benefits;
                                                                                    2 homes removed from
                                                                                      foreclosure status saving the
                                                                                      banking industry $403,000;
                                                                                    Savings of $18,262 by
                                                                                    Debt reduction totaling
                                                                                    Increase in credit scores up to
                                                                                      100 points.
                                                                                The Basket Preview begins at 6:30
                                                                                pm. Tickets for the event are
                                                                                $55.00. For sponsor information or
                                                                                to purchase tickets call Dianna at
                                                                                973-383-4787. To purchase tickets
                                                                                online go to
                                                                                Dianna Morrison, CSW, CEPF, FSW
                                                                                Coordinator, Pathways to Prosperity
          Page 5                                                                                  September 2013

Parents Who Host Campaign Progresses in Vernon
After hearing Annmarie Shafer,          about 30 parents picked up a sign,
Coordinator of The Vernon               free of charge, to display at home.
Coalition, addressing underage          In addition, “Parents Who Host”
alcohol and other illegal drug use in   Pledge cards were mailed home as
Vernon Township teens, she was          part of the high school’s summer
asked to speak to parents of            mailing making parents aware of
athletes at a Vernon Township High      another way that they can take a
School parent/coaches meeting.          stand regarding alcohol related          they can be picked up from the
Parents of teens listened as the        parties. Bill Edelman, the high          concession stand during outdoor
most current information was briefly    school’s athletic director, stated at    athletic events.”
highlighted by Annmarie: “Alcohol       the meeting, “The one aspect of my
can program a teen brain for                                                     Since the meeting and a follow-up
                                        job that I will never adjust to is the
alcoholism and addiction.                                                        email from Bill Edelman to parents
                                        number of funerals that I have
Preventing underage drinking can                                                 of athletes, the response has been
                                        attended. We have lost far too
reduce problems related to every                                                 even more positive in support of the
                                        many young people to some type of
aspect of youth development. The                                                 Parents Who Host campaign
                                        alcohol or drug use and this must
brain develops with dynamic                                                      message. Talking about prevention
                                        stop. I’m sure every young person
changes well into the twenties and                                               is not always an easy sell.
                                        thinks, ’this will never happen to me
caring for our teen’s brains is of                                               However, when just one person
                                        or my family’.” He also commented,
utmost importance.”                                                              makes a stand, especially one as
                                        “I’m thrilled to say that 63 Vernon
                                                                                 well respected as Bill Edelman, the
In anticipation of the August 24th      parents have returned these pledge
                                                                                 message moves out there with
meeting, the Viking Club (the high      cards stating they will not host
                                                                                 greater momentum!! Thank you,
school’s athletic booster club)         alcohol parties. To the 63 parents
purchased 50 “Parents Who Host          who returned pledge cards…thank
Lose the Most” lawn signs and           you. This is a battle that we must       Annmarie Shafer
                                        win! If you would like a lawn sign,      Coordinator, The Vernon Coalition

September is National Recovery Month
September is “National Recovery         throughout the country in many
Month,” sponsored by the                different communities and settings
Substance Abuse and Mental              while offering a look at a passionate
Health Services Administration          new public recovery movement and
(SAMHSA). This observance raises        fueling a changing conversation
awareness of mental and                 that aims to transform public
substance use disorders,                opinion, and finally shift problematic
celebrates individuals in long-term     policy toward lasting recovery
recovery and acknowledges the           solutions.
work of prevention, treatment and       The film’s website quotes, “There
recovery support services in the        are over 23.5 million Americans
United States. To recognize             living in long-term recovery from
Recovery Month in Sussex County,        alcohol and other drug addiction.
The Center for Prevention and           Just like women with breast cancer,
Counseling is bringing a newly          or people with HIV/AIDS,
released documentary film to Unity      courageous addiction recovery            Town Square area. Please stop by
Church of Sussex County in              advocates are starting to come out       Newton on this day to help
Lafayette for public screening. All     of the shadows to tell their true        celebrate all those in long-term
are invited to come see this 82         stories while maintaining a deep         recovery. In addition, this month
minute feature film Saturday            respect and admiration for the long-     serves to lift up everyone who
evening, September 21, 2013, 8pm        standing, beautiful tradition of         strives for recovery and the
at Unity Church of Sussex County        anonymity at the level of film in        families, individuals and agencies
which is located at 25 Mudcut           accordance with 12-Step                  who support recovery by educating
Road, Lafayette, NJ. “The               Fellowships.” In addition, on            themselves and the world about
Anonymous People” film is               Thursday, September 26th, CFPC           substance use disorders and how
changing conversations about            will be honoring all those in            to bring the stigmas associated with
addiction from problems to              recovery by displaying a tribute to      these diseases out of the shadows
solutions. The film has been airing     Recovery Month in the Newton             and into solutions.
          Page 6                                                                                    ept                   3
                                                                                                   SD e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2

Campaign to Help Parents Talk to Younger Children About the Dangers of
Underage Drinking
                                        parents’ awareness about these            The strength of “Talk. They Hear
                                        issues and arms them with                 You.” exists in that by the age of 6,
                                        information they need to help them        most children understand that
                                        start conversations about alcohol         alcohol is only for adults. By the
                                        with their children before their          age of 9, many children begin to
                                        children become teenagers.                view alcohol more positively due to
                                        “Prevention specialists and               movies, media, and other adult
                                        researchers have the most recent          behaviors. Parents have a very
The Center for Prevention and
                                        and compelling information about          important and crucial time frame
Counseling in Newton is recently
                                        the dynamic changes that occur            within which they have a perfect
promoting “Talk. They Hear You.”,
                                        during adolescent brain                   opportunity to speak to children
a national public service
                                        development. Drug use during this         about family rules and expectations
announcement (PSA) campaign
                                        important brain development time          surrounding underage drinking,
that empowers parents to talk to
                                        can set patterns for lifelong drug        cigarette smoking and other drug
children as young as nine years old
                                        abuse. It is also clearly imperative      use. Discussing family beliefs early
about the dangers of underage
                                        that parents have a great deal of         and taking time for frequent casual
drinking. This campaign was
                                        influence on their children when it       conversations creates a dialogue
launched by the Substance Abuse
                                        comes to talking about the dangers        that encourages open
and Mental Health Services
                                        of alcohol and other drugs.               communication rather than
Administration (SAMHSA) in
                                        Speaking to youth before the age of       experiencing that “one big talk” that
conjunction with SAMHSA’s 2013
                                        nine, setting family expectations         everyone dreads.
National Prevention Week—an
annual health observance                early and being a good role model         The Center for Prevention and
dedicated to increasing awareness       will all help to ensure that you raise    Counseling has some other great
of, and action around, substance        drug-free kids.,” said Becky Carlson      tips on their website for parents and
abuse and mental health issues.         of The Center for Prevention and          caregivers to help prompt these
                                        Counseling.                               very needed conversations. Go to
Center for Prevention and
                                        “Talk. They Hear You.” features a
Counseling’s latest youth surveys
                                        series of TV, radio, and print            or visit
on underage drinking report that
                                        PSAs showing parents “seizing the
more than a quarter of Sussex
                                        moment” to talk with their children       for more information.
County youth engage in underage
drinking. Although there has been       about alcohol such as while               For more information about
progress in reducing the extent of      preparing dinner or doing chores          SAMHSA visit: http://
underage drinking in recent years,      together. By modeling behaviors 
particularly among those aged 17        through these PSAs, parents can
and younger, the rates of underage      see the many “natural”
drinking are still unacceptably high.   opportunities that exist for initiating
                                        the conversation about alcohol with
“Talk. They Hear You.” raises           their children.

Community Trials Intervention Youth Group
                                        school aged students with different       old, have a willingness to help
                                        interests and a common cause – to         others, want to make a difference in
                                        promote healthy, drug free lifestyles     the community and meet new
                                        among their community. Youth              people then come to our next
                                        leaders learn responsibility,             meeting on September 25th at
                                        commitment and leadership.                Louise Childs Library on Sparta
                                        Leaders also participate in public        Stanhope Road in Hopatcong at
  joined to make a difference”
   “I                                   speaking events, peer to peer             3:00 pm
                                        presentations and social media            For more information contact Tina -
  joined to get more involved in
                                        campaigns.                                Center for Prevention & Counseling
    my community”
                                        Currently 25 youth in Hopatcong           at 973-383-4787 ext. 236.
  joined and I am glad I did”
                                        are involved in the CTI Youth
The Community Trials Intervention                                                 Tina Thompson, CPS, CHES
                                        Advisory Board and we are looking
youth group in Hopatcong brings                                                   Community Trials Intervention
                                        for more! If you are over 15 years
together middle school and high                                                   Coordinator
September 2013                                                         December 2012                   Page 7

Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities
September 23 rd is National                members are concerned about the          dealing with group dynamics and
Family Day                                 pervasiveness of cyberbullying and         accepting differences among 6th –
“America’s drug problem is not             the devastating consequences it can        8th graders
going to be solved in courtrooms or        have on children! We are offering a      breaking down cliques and
legislative hearing rooms by judges        FREE MindCross online course that          eliminating intolerance for
and politicians. It will be solved in      will give parents, caregivers,             students in grades 9-12
living rooms and dining rooms and          educators and community members         Additionally, all middle schools and
across kitchen tables – by parents         the knowledge and information they      high schools will receive a banner
and families.” ~Joseph A. Califano,        need to understand, recognize,          with the Summit on a Positive
Jr., CASA Columbia Founder and             address and prevent cyberbullying.      School Climate’s theme, Connect
Chairman Emeritus                          It’s as easy as going to our            with Kindness (suggested by Sparta
As children age, it is vital to keep       homepage                                Middle School students and their
those lines of communication open,         ( ) and      advisor Maggie Dock), on it.
especially during adolescence              clicking on the CYBERBULLYING           Numerous staff members have
when they are at risk of engaging in       AWARENESS link that will take you       expressed appreciation for these
risky behavior including smoking,          directly to the online course. The      resources!
drinking or using other drugs. As          course takes about one hour to          What’s Your Anti-Drug
CASA Columbia, the organizers of           complete. I think you will agree that   Contest
Family Day, points out:                    proactive tool can help you protect     If they haven’t already, please
 A child who gets through their
                                           youth from cyberbullying.               remind 5-18 year-olds to enter our
   mid-twenties without smoking,           Questions? Call a Coalition staff       13th annual “What’s Your Anti-
   abusing alcohol or using illicit        member at 973-383-4787 or email         Drug?” contest by Friday, October
   drugs is virtually certain never to          25th. This contest is a great way for
   do so.                                  Week of Respect to be                   them to give a shout out to the
 During childhood and                    Observed in Schools                     positive influences in their lives …
   adolescence, using alcohol and          The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act    singing, sports, scouts, dancing,
   other drugs can interfere with          requires that the week beginning        drawing, family, friends, pets…
   your child’s physical, emotional,       with the first Monday in October of     whatever helps them stay alcohol
   and cognitive development and           each year be designated as a            and other drug free! Over fifty
   can inflict serious, sometimes          “Week of Respect” in New Jersey.        entries will be featured in the New
   irreversible brain damage in the        School districts and charter schools    Jersey Herald’s eight-page
   long term.                              (but not private schools for students   supplement on November 11th.
 The earlier and more often an           with disabilities), in order to         Three to five of the remaining
   adolescent smokes, drinks or            recognize the importance of             entries will be featured each
   uses illegal drugs, the likelier that   character education, are required to    Monday throughout the year in the
   adolescent is to become addicted.       observe the week by providing age-      school section of the New Jersey
   Adolescence is the critical period      appropriate instruction focusing on     Herald. Download an entry form
   for the initiation of risky substance   preventing harassment, intimation or    (
   use and its consequences.               bullying (HIB).                         pdf-files/2013-WYAD-
While there are no silver bullets –        As school began, we shared some         Submission.pdf or give us a call at
addiction can strike any family            ideas from Teaching Tolerance to        973-383-4787 to request a hard
regardless of ethnicity, affluence,        assist administrators and Anti-         copy. We look forward to sharing all
age or gender – parental                   bullying Specialists and                of the positive influences in the lives
engagement can be a simple,                Coordinators in observing the Week      of county youth!
effective tool to help you prevent         of Respect. Staff members were          For more information about
substance use in your kids. Make           sent links to Lesson Plans and Mix it   prevention efforts and resources in
every day Family Day in your               Up at Lunch Activities that can         Sussex County, check out the
home! To learn more, visit our             assist with the following:              Coalition’s Prevention Newsletter
website at                                  building empathy and creating
                                                                                   ( where             friendships in Pre-K and             coalition-parent-newsletter.htm) and
you can see Sussex County’s                   Kindergarten                         the Coalition web page (http://
participating restaurants for Family                                     
                                            teaching acceptance and
Day on September 23rd.                        teamwork in 1st and 2nd grades
Free Online Cyberbullying                   addressing empathy, acceptance
                                                                                   Becky Carlson
Course for Adults                             and cliques in grades 3-5            Coordinator, Coalition for Healthy &
Many parents and community                                                         Safe Communities
61 Spring Street (3rd Floor)
                                       Our Vision...
Newton, NJ 07860
                                       To develop the capacities of adults and children to sustain healthy
Phone: 973-383-4787
                                       lifestyles by providing services designed to foster addiction-free
Fax: 973-383-6576
                                       lifestyles, emotional wellness, financial stability and safe communities.
                                       Our Mission...
                                       To promote hope, health and recovery among all people by fostering
We’re on the web!                      a community in which individuals and families thrive.            Our Strategies...
                                       To use proven prevention strategies in all education programs
                                       To provide client-centered counseling
                                       To network with other service providers
                                       To be involved in the Sussex County community by maintaining active
                                       committee memberships
                                       To maintain an extensive Multimedia Resource Center
                                       To provide ongoing staff education
                                       To maintain a full range of no cost services through grant and
                                       foundation funding, and to charge reasonable rates for fee for service

Vernon Coalition Display at Library - “More teens die as a result of alcohol
abuse than all other illegal drugs combined.”

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