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					Onboarding AmeriCorps Members
         for Success
                        AmeriCorps 101
                            Part 2
• About YouthBuild and Public Allies and their
  connection to AmeriCorps

• Discuss Onboarding Process

• Share Some Inclusive Onboarding Strategies

• Pair and share activity
          About YouthBuild

• Low-income young people ages 16 to 24
• ½ of the time working toward GED/High
  School Diploma
• ½ of the time learning job skills and
  performing service by building affordable
  housing in their communities
What is YouthBuild?
   YouthBuild and AmeriCorps
• AmeriCorps National Direct grantee since
• Almost 3,000 members from low-income,
  disadvantaged communities
• 73 YouthBuild sites receive AmeriCorps
  funds and slots in 26 States + DC
• Primary service = building of low-income
          About Public Allies
• Founded in 1992, we are a national movement
  grounded in the conviction that everyone leads.
• Our mission is to advance new leadership to
  strengthen communities, nonprofits and civic
• Public Allies employs three integrated
  strategies to develop the next generation of
  leaders and re-define leadership for our times:
             About Public Allies
• The Public Allies signature AmeriCorps Ally Program
  identifies diverse young adults and prepares them for
  leadership through paid full-time nonprofit apprenticeships
  and rigorous leadership training.
• Our Alumni Programs connect and engage the growing
  Public Allies network of diverse leaders and invests in
  those positioned to make the greatest impact.
• Public Allies' training and consulting arm, The Leadership
  Practice, magnifies our results by helping leaders and
  organizations better harness the assets of diverse teams
  and communities
         How the Public Allies
     AmeriCorps Program Operates
• Consists of four components designed to cultivate
  the leadership potential of our members, impact
  social issues in the local communities in which we
  operate, and increase the capacity and
  effectiveness of the non profit sector
   – Apprenticeship
   – Team Service Project
   – Training and Learning
   – Individual Coaching and Development
Onboarding – The Wrong Way
YouthBuild Onboarding Process
 Typical YouthBuild Program Timeline
       Onboarding Strategies

• Is the program a right fit?
  ØShadow a current member

  ØCome visit the program: open-house or
   invitation to graduation

  ØHost orientation for families
       Onboarding Strategies
• Is the program a right fit?
  ØThe informational session – live and virtual
     § Setting expectations: time, commitment, workload,
       performance, culture
     § Early opportunity to screen for “fit” and service
     § Opportunity to extend the interview process from
       beyond just the formal interview
     § Opportunity to meet current members, alumni,
       partners, and staff
      Onboarding Strategies

• Fostering Community
  ØTeam-building exercises
  ØCommunity potluck meals
  ØGroup work
    § Formal mentoring set-up / serve alongside mentors
    § Bringing in former members to discuss experience
      = organic mentorship
      Onboarding Strategies
• Fostering Community
  ØEarly introduction of members to Alumni
  ØTwo week “Core Training” and retreat
  ØTeam Service Project
  ØEstablishing Group Norms
  ØShared Goal Setting and Accountability
  ØPersonal Story Telling
          Onboarding Strategies
• Connection to Service / AmeriCorps / Program
  Ø Share history and current breadth of AmeriCorps
      § Videos
      § Online research scavenger hunt
      § Use of the logo
  Ø In corporate AmeriCorps Pledge
  Ø State Commission events
  Ø Community Needs Assessment
  Ø Plan and/or participate in service project, but not necessarily
    primary service activity
        Onboarding Strategies

• Connection to Service / AmeriCorps / Program
  ØServant Leadership Curriculum
  ØLeadership Style Assessment/Inventory
  ØJoint Mid Year Retreat with other PA sites
  ØCollaborative Community Service Days
  ØTheories of Change Curriculum
        Onboarding Strategies

• Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and
  and Expectations
  ØGoing over member contract
    § Upfront and explicit about requirements
    § Pair and Share
  ØPlay a game to go over these - Jeopardy
  ØIndividual Service Plans – outline skill
   development & connect to career plan
        Onboarding Strategies
• Benefits of membership
  ØEmphasis on Education Award – make a plan for
   PSE usage/post-program placement support
  ØResume Prep – outline skill development &
   connect to career plan through service
  ØConnection to Leadership Development / Policy
    § Define leader, skills of leader and show how these
      members will gain these exact skills
       Onboarding Strategies
• Benefits of membership
  ØIndividual Coaching and goal setting
  ØEarly EOB during info sessions and orientations
  ØNetworking opportunities with Alumni
  ØEncouraging members to take advantage all the
   benefits that help sustain service
  ØSelf Care Curriculum
  ØCelebrating and promoting member impact and
           Pair and Share
üIs the Program a Right Fit?
üFostering Community
üConnecting to Service / AmeriCorps /
 Program Mission
üUnderstanding roles, responsibilities and
üBenefits of Membership
    Evaluating for Success

  What YouthBuild and Public Allies are
saying after their AmeriCorps experience.

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