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					                 Lakewood Rotary Board Meeting, October 8, 2008
Present:       Joel Feldman, Bob Zawilski, Ben Sclair, Clint Johnson, Bill Potter, Greg Horn,
               Clint Johnson, Mary Covelli-Johnson. GUEST: Jon Calder, Pat Caudill

Not present:   Astrid Arola, Paul Wulfestieg, Dave Guttu, Paul Guy

   1. Call to Order – 5:39 pm
   2. Secretary’s Report
           a. September Attendance 68.66%
           b. 117 members. Down four from start of the year.
           c. Wynn Hoffman in process.
           d. Club Runner is beta testing a billing feature and will soon roll out data porting to
              RI data. A change made in Club Runner will be reflected at RI.
           e. Dues still outstanding from: Faulk (Joel), Lensing (Greg), Livingston (Bill),
              Rubert (Ben), Sadler (Clint). Board members designated to contact members.
           f. Wojke has transferred to Hawks Prairie.
           g. Sally Smith has expressed interest in learning more about secretary’s position.
   3. Treasurer’s Report
           a. Pat filled in Astrid's report perfectly and with more detail. ;-)
           b. Much Q&A fielded ably by Pat. Astrid, you are in trouble.
           c. Funding discussion on Youth Exchange. Pat will double check approved budget
              versus bookkeeper's budget.
   4. President’s Announcements
           a. DG Beagle will be at October 10 meeting. Joel is requesting all board members
              arrive at 11 am.
                    i. Bobby Z., will update him on IB program.
                  ii. Bill Potter will query DG Beagle on ideas for single-source funding.
           b. MSC Mary Covelli-Johnson named to replace board vacancy created by Janine
Directors’ Reports:
   5. Membership & Fellowship (Mary Covelli-Johnson)
           a. New Member Committee (Stephanie Walsh). New Member committee is meeting
              on 10/21 at Lakewold at 5pm.
           b. Fireside/Information (John Magnuson)
           c. Puffins (John Korsmo)
           d. Membership Mentoring (Joe Quinn)
           e. Club Sports (Bill Potter)
           f. Fellowship (Janine Messenger)
           g. Revolving Dinner (Bud Montgomery)
           h. Floating Board (Joel Feldman)
           i. Attendance (Greg Rediske)
   6. Community Service–General (Paul Wulfestieg)
           a. Community Concerns (Steve Mazoff). CC had first meeting on Sept 12. Those in
              attendance were, Cindy Thompson, Cal Kushen, Bill Potter, Joe Quinn, and Mike
              Turner. We reviewed the 08/09 budget and discussed the general philosophical
              approach we should take with regard to the reduced budget. It is clear that we all
              seem to be on the same page. We will look to help to the best of our ability those
              organizations which benefit families and children in our area. We would ask what
          the organization does locally and who do they help. We also again discussed the
          secular nature of Rotary. We now have several requests in and I would anticipate
          that we will have a meeting in late October to review these requests plus those
          other which might come in between now and then. Please ask Joel to promptly
          forward to me any requests that come in which are within the purview of
          Community Concerns so that we can give timely review to same.
      b. Partners for Parks (Ted Wier)
      c. Courage Classic (Dave Guttu)
      d. Raffle (Ron Irwin)
      e. Sportsmans Dinner (Tony Robinson/Paul Wulfestieg).
                i. Kim Josue has agreed to the position of Auction Administrator. This is a
                   formalizing of what she has been doing for us the last several years.
               ii. Storage issues are being discussed.
             iii. Morris and Kim will determine trainees for auction software.
              iv. Paul W. will coordinate rental of the facility
               v. $5 raffle will continue again this year
              vi. Rick Selden wants to work with PEE to create volunteer schedule
             vii. Ben (in his absence) was assigned a few tasks relating to phones, club
                   runner and mail.
            viii. Vaughn will once again work with the Boy Scouts.
              ix. Duncan will handle signage
               x. “Raise the Paddle” ideas are requested by next meeting.
              xi. Meetings will be every other week until weekly is needed.
             xii. “Since the Sportsman’s Dinner is now the main fundraiser for the Club,
                   we will be starting announcements much earlier with the Club. Cindy
                   Thompson will get the procurement forms together and try to have them
                   ready for distribution within the next month. Additionally, Morris and
                   Cindy will work with Ben to get the appropriate forms on the Club Runner
            xiii. Next meeting, October 14, 8 am in Tony's office. Following meeting in the
                   McGavick Center.
      f. Major Project (Bob Zawilski/Greg Rediske). See below letter sent to Clover Park
          School District sent September 28, 2008.
7. Community Service–Youth (Bill Potter)
      a. Youth Sports & Activities (Eric Herbel). No report.
      b. Scholarship/Student Recognition (Robert Peterson)
      c. Next Step (Mike McGowan)
      d. RYLA & 4-Way Test Program (Jim Schultz). No response.
      e. Educator Recognition (Tony Robinson). Executing to plan.
      f. Lakeview Tutoring (Mark Blanchard)
      g. Youth Exchange (Greg Rediske). October 8, 3 exchange students will be
          interviewed. 2 are short term (non-cost) students. 1 long-term student that will be
          the first outbound student in a long time.
                i. Satu is looking to go on a cruise and none of the committee members area
8. Public Relations & Communications (Paul Guy)
      a. Publicity (Eric Herbel)
      b. Club Bulletin (Dave Sclair)
      c. Club Directory (Ben Sclair)
       d. Calendar (Dave Covey)
       e. Sunshine/Spiritual Support (Jan Luze/Jim Ray)
       f. Military Appreciation (Tracye Kakley)
       g. Risk Management (Gary Fulton)
9. Rotary Foundation & Rotary International (Clint Johnson)
       a. Paul Harris Foundation (Jim Schultz). Nothing significant to report - In the near
          future (late Oct, early Nov) we would like approximately 15-20 minutes of
          meeting time to present presentation developed by Dave Sclair and Mike
          McGowan on the Foundation. (Dave and Mike have developed this program for
          new members).
               i. District level foundation meeting at Oakbrook CC October 25.
       b. Lakewood Foundation (Clint Johnson). Met on October 6. Changing focus now
          that we have nearly $400,000 in principal. Foundation will be using the interest to
          develop some marketing tools to the greater Lakewood citizenry and target some
          heavy hitters. We will also be using the annual interest ($12,000) for larger
          contributions to local Lakewood projects or organizations. (Raising our visibility
          even more). Lots of good energy with the new community Board members –
          Andie Gernon, David Boyd, and Hugh Hedges. Dave Betz is now serving as
          President and Dave Covey remains as Secretary. Next meeting December 1.
               i. Looking for replacement board names: Mike Turner, Mike Lewis are two
                   names mentioned.
       c. World Affairs Conference (Bill Price). Nothing new to report.
       d. World Community Service (Mark Blanchard). Clint met with Mark as follow up
          to disheartening report from September report. Had a good chat with Mark. One
          item of note. The board is committed to funding investigative travel, for example.
          Task is to ID the program and then present to the club.
10. Club Administration (Dave Guttu)
       a. Program (Larry Faulk)
       b. Attendance/Greeters (Dan Livingston/Jim Skar)
       c. Sgt-At-Arms (Bill Young)
       d. District Affairs (Norm Tremaine)
       e. Installation Banquet (Joe Ghilarducci)
       f. By-Laws (Sam Hunter)
       g. Long Range Planning (Judy Hosea, Sacrificial Committee Chair). The Strategic
          Long Range Planning Committee met in September and are in the process of
          compiling a draft document that we hope to run by the Board in November. We
          will meet one additional time later this month to go over the draft and make sure
          we captured everything significant that we have discussed. Once the Board takes
          a look and offers input, we hope to follow up with a presentation to the club to
          solicit further input. We will ask that a meeting be set aside for this purpose... or
          will certainly be open to an alternative suggestion to get the buy in from the
          membership. Impact 2013 is in progress!
       h. Set-Up/Equipment (Richard Simmons)
11. Old Business
       a. Franciscan Health System funds request (Jon Calder). Letter and schematic
          presented. St. Clare is looking to expand emergency admittance and triage area.
          Foundation capital campaign kicks off October 2008. No architectural drawings
          yet. Project will kick off in earnest in 2009/2010. Total budget is projected at $1.5
          million. The ask is roughly 2% of total.
       b. DSG discussion. Bobby Z., presenting the idea of committees looking ahead to
          find projects and build this into a revolving system to access the funds.
12. New Business
       a. Nominating committee discussion. Bob Zawilski/Greg Rediske co-chair members
          including John Warner, John Magnuson, Judy Hosea, Rick Selden and Cindy
       b. MSC. Establish a committee to explore and organize a summer fundraiser and
          report back to the board with recommendations. Send suggestions of committee
          members to Joel for creation. Mary will be on the committee. Reach out to
          Stephanie Walsh.
13. Next Meeting: November 12, 2008
14. Adjourn – 7:03 pm.
September 24, 2008

Mrs. Debbie LeBeau
Clover Park School District
10903 Gravelly Lake Drive SW
Lakewood Washington 98499-1341

Dear Mrs. LeBeau:

It is with great pleasure that The Rotary Club of Lakewood presents the enclosed check for
$28,000.00 to the Clover Park School District. This check is given toward the progress in support
of the International Baccalaureate Programme being implemented at the General Harrison

As we indicated in prior correspondence, The Rotary Club of Lakewood will make progress
contributions towards the International Baccalaureate Programme each September 30th for the
coming four years. (2009,-10,-11, and 12)

It is our intent to review the progress made each year in this program prior to making our yearly
contributions as outlined above.

We, The Rotary Club of Lakewood and the citizens of Lakewood are very proud of your
decision to install the International Baccalaureate Programme and make it available to the
students of our community.

Lakewood Rotary plans to follow the implementation and success of this program and will help
the Clover Park School District in any way you see acceptable.

Thank you again for your foreword thinking in applying for the International Baccalaureate
Programme to be offered to Clover Park School District students.

Sincerely,                                           Sincerely,

Joel Feldman                                 Michael McGowan
President                                    Chairman
The Rotary Club of Lakewood                  International Baccalaureate Committee

Encl: $28,000.00 check

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