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									                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014


This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
Jan. 1 and March 31, 2014. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association
in conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

*Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.

           Name                  City         Stage         Amount            Investors                Description
3-V Biosciences            Menlo Park     Early Stage        $4,749,000 Kleiner Perkins        Therapeutics that modulate
                                                                        Caufield & Byers,      pathways for the treatment of
                                                                        New Enterprise         oncology

Acerta Pharma              San Carlos     Startup/Seed      $13,000,000 Frazier Healthcare,    Treatments for cancer and
                                                                        undisclosed firm       autoimmune diseases

Afferent Pharmaceuticals   San Mateo      Early Stage        $6,300,000 Domain Associates,     Clinical-stage
                                                                        undisclosed firm       biopharmaceutical company

Altura Medical             Menlo Park     Expansion          $4,000,000 SV Life Sciences      Medical devices
                                                                        Advisers, undisclosed

Atara Biotherapeutics      Brisbane       Early Stage       $13,500,000 Amgen, Domain          Drug development company
                                                                        Associates, Duff
                                                                        Ackerman &
                                                                        Goodrich, Kleiner
                                                                        Perkins Caufield &
                                                                        Byers, undisclosed

Bell Biosystems            Palo Alto      Expansion          $2,058,000 Undisclosed firm       Stem-cell research
                                                                                               technology tools

BioTrace Medical*          San Mateo      Startup/Seed       $3,500,000 Okapi Venture          Health care industry
                                                                        Capital, undisclosed

Cardiva Medical            Sunnyvale      Later Stage        $3,300,000 PTV Sciences           Medical device company

Cerebrotech Medical        Pleasanton     Early Stage        $2,000,000 TriStar Technology     Technology for non-invasive
Systems                                                                 Ventures,              monitoring of patients
                                                                        undisclosed firm

Cerephex                   Los Gatos      Early Stage        $9,820,000 Undisclosed firm,      Medical device company
                                                                        Versant Ventures

CogENT Therapeutics*       Hayward        Early Stage        $1,100,000 Band of Angels,        Medical device company
                                                                        undisclosed firm

Coherus Biosciences        Redwood City   Early Stage        $5,225,000 Sofinnova Ventures     Clinical-stage, biosimilar
                                                                                               biologics company

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                              Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

CytomX Therapeutics      South San       Early Stage        $4,400,000 Canaan Partners         Proteolytically-activated
                         Francisco                                                             antibodies

Earlens*                 Redwood City    Early Stage       $36,258,000 Aisling Capital, New    Medical device company
                                                                       undisclosed firm

Edison Pharmaceuticals   Mountain View   Later Stage       $50,000,000 Undisclosed firm        Treatment for children and
                                                                                               adults with mitochondrial

Element Science*         San Francisco   Startup/Seed      $12,500,100 Google Ventures,        Devices for the treatment of
                                                                       Prospect Venture        sudden cardiac death
                                                                       Partners, Third Rock

Endogastric Solutions    San Mateo       Later Stage          $358,000 Canaan Partners         Surgery solutions for
                                                                                               gastroesophageal reflux

First Aid Shot Therapy   Burlingame      Expansion          $7,048,100 Sofinnova Ventures,     Consumer healthcare
                                                                       undisclosed firms       company

Hampton Creek Foods      San Francisco   Early Stage       $22,999,900 Collaborative Fund,     Development of plant-based
                                                                       Eagle Cliff Partners,   egg ingredients
                                                                       Horizons Ventures,
                                                                       Khosla Ventures,
                                                                       undisclosed firms

Igenica                  Burlingame      Early Stage        $7,034,000 5AM Venture             Antibodies and ADCs for the
                                                                       Management,             treatment of cancer
                                                                       Column Group,
                                                                       OrbiMed Advisors,
                                                                       Third Rock Ventures

Intuity Medical          Sunnyvale       Later Stage        $1,500,000 Accuitive Medical       Therapeutic medical devices
                                                                       Ventures, Investor      to monitor blood glucose
                                                                       Growth Capital,         levels
                                                                       Thomas Mcnerney
                                                                       and Partners, U.S.
                                                                       Venture Partners,
                                                                       Venrock, Versant

Invuity                  San Francisco   Later Stage       $22,384,200 HealthCare Royalty      Visualization products for
                                                                       Partners, InterWest     minimally invasive surgical
                                                                       Partners, Kleiner       application
                                                                       Perkins Caufield &
                                                                       Byers, undisclosed
                                                                       firm, Valence Life
                                                                       Sciences, Windham
                                                                       Venture Partners

Jaguar Animal Health*    San Francisco   Startup/Seed       $2,000,000 Bioveda China Fund      Health solutions to all

K2 Therapeutics          San Francisco   Early Stage          $500,000 5AM Venture             Therapeutics for prevention
                                                                       Management              or treatment of microbial

KineMed                  Emeryville      Later Stage        $6,442,000 Undisclosed firm        Biotech company

Labrys Biologics         Foster City     Early Stage        $8,206,000 Canaan Partners,        Biotechnology company
                                                                       Sofinnova Ventures

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                                  Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Nanomix                       Emeryville     Later Stage       $12,000,000 Undisclosed firms     Nanotechnology company

NeoTract                      Pleasanton     Later Stage       $18,157,000 New Enterprise        Medical devices that address
                                                                           Associates            unmet needs in the field of

NeuraLieve                    Sunnyvale      Later Stage        $2,212,000 Undisclosed firm      Medical technology company

Nina Biotherapeutics          Brisbane       Startup/Seed         $878,000 Domain Associates,    Therapies to combat
                                                                           Kleiner Perkins       cachexia in cancer patients
                                                                           Caufield & Byers

Oculeve                       South San      Early Stage       $16,650,000 Kleiner Perkins       Treatment for dry eye
                              Francisco                                    Caufield & Byers,
                                                                           New Enterprise
                                                                           Associates, Versant

Pinta Biotherapeutics         Brisbane       Early Stage        $6,311,000 Domain Associates,    Therapies to reverse protein
                                                                           Kleiner Perkins       energy wasting in renal
                                                                           Caufield & Byers      disease

Powervision                   Belmont        Later Stage       $24,000,000 Advanced             Developing an
                                                                           Technology Ventures, accommodating intraocular
                                                                           Frazier Healthcare,  lens
                                                                           Johnson & Johnson
                                                                           Lexington Partners,
                                                                           Medtronic, Venrock

Providence Medical            Lafayette      Early Stage        $6,800,100 Aphelion Capital,     Medical device company
Technology*                                                                Researchoration
                                                                           Stanmore Medical

Pulmonx                       Redwood City   Later Stage        $9,999,900 Kaiser Permanente     Medical devices for the
                                                                           Ventures, Kleiner     treatment of pulmonary
                                                                           Perkins Caufield &    disorders
                                                                           Byers, Montreux
                                                                           Equity Partners,
                                                                           undisclosed firm

Rennovia                      Menlo Park     Expansion         $23,321,000 Undisclosed firm      Chemicals from renewable

Santa Maria Biotherapeutics   Brisbane       Early Stage        $6,311,000 Domain Associates,    Biotechnology company
                                                                           Kleiner Perkins
                                                                           Caufield & Byers

SFJ Pharmaceuticals           Pleasanton     Expansion            $450,000 Clarus Ventures,      Specialty pharma company
                                                                           undisclosed firm

Transcend Medical             Menlo Park     Later Stage       $22,500,000 Canaan Partners,      Medical devices
                                                                           HLM Venture
                                                                           Partners, Kaiser
                                                                           undisclosed firm

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                                Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Transcriptic                Menlo Park      Early Stage        $2,800,000 AME Cloud Ventures, Androbotic laboratory
                                                                          Boost VC, Data        infrastructure as a service
                                                                          Collective, Google
                                                                          Ventures, IA Ventures

Twist Bioscience            San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,923,000 Arch Venture       Products and services
                                                                          Partners, Paladin
                                                                          Capital Management

Versartis                   Redwood City    Early Stage       $10,000,000 Advent Venture         Biotechnology company
                                                                          Partners, Aisling
                                                                          Capital, Index
                                                                          Ventures, New Leaf
                                                                          Venture Partners,
                                                                          Sofinnova Ventures,
                                                                          undisclosed firms

Versartis                   Redwood City    Early Stage       $55,000,000 Advent Venture         Biotechnology company
                                                                          Partners, Aisling
                                                                          Capital, Fidelity
                                                                          Investment Funds II,
                                                                          New Leaf Venture
                                                                          Partners, Sofinnova
                                                                          undisclosed firm

ZIPLINE MEDICAL             Campbell        Expansion          $4,299,900 Claremont Creek      Noninvasive surgical skin
                                                                          Ventures, RA Capital closure devices
                                                                          Management, X/Seed
                                                                          Capital Management

               Name               City          Stage         Amount           Investors                  Description
AdStage                     San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,000,000 Undisclosed firm       Tools to help businesses
                                                                                                 advertise online

AppDirect                   San Francisco   Expansion         $35,000,000 Foundry Group,         Cloud service marketplace
                                                                          Mithril Capital        company
                                                                          StarVest Partners,
                                                                          undisclosed firm,
                                                                          iNovia Capital

ARIA Retirement Solutions   San Francisco   Expansion            $200,000 Polaris Partners       OME solutions

Chart.Io                    San Francisco   Early Stage        $2,151,000 Avalon Ventures GP     Google analytics for
                                                                                                 business data

Docker                      San Francisco   Expansion         $15,000,000 Benchmark Capital      Multi-language application
                                                                          Management,            platform
                                                                          Greylock Partners,
                                                                          Insight Venture
                                                                          Partners, Trinity
                                                                          undisclosed firm

Dropbox                     San Francisco   Expansion        $325,000,000 Sequoia Capital        Online file storage and
                                                                                                 sharing services

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                         Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Eventbrite          San Francisco   Later Stage       $60,000,000 T. Rowe Price           Online ticketing and event
                                                                  Threshold               planning company
                                                                  Partnerships, Tiger

Flite               San Francisco   Later Stage        $9,000,000 General Catalyst        Cloud-based advertising
                                                                  Partners, Sequoia       platform

Glyde               Palo Alto       Later Stage        $1,190,000 Charles River           Online e-commerce platform
                                                                  Ventures, RPM           for used goods

Jivox               Foster City     Expansion          $5,800,000 Helion Venture          Interactive video advertising
                                                                  Partners, Opus          technology company
                                                                  Capital, undisclosed

KAIZEN Platform     San Francisco   Early Stage        $5,000,000 Fidelity Ventures,      User interface A/B testing
                                                                  Gree Ventures           platform planbcd

Leadspace           Menlo Park      Expansion            $300,100 Battery Ventures        Engaged in social lead
                                                                                          targeting technology

m>PATH*             Palo Alto       Early Stage        $1,650,000 Jump Investors          Mobile-app management

Omniata*            San Francisco   Early Stage        $5,200,000 Creandum AB, Sigma Unified digital platform

Renewable Funding   Oakland         Expansion          $1,975,000 NGEN Partners           Financing solutions for
                                                                                          renewable energy

Stripe              San Francisco   Early Stage       $80,000,000 Founders Fund,          Platform that accepts
                                                                  General Catalyst        payments online
                                                                  Partners, Khosla
                                                                  Ventures, Sequoia

Vaurum*             Palo Alto       Early Stage          $990,000 Battery Ventures        Builds high-performance
                                                                                          exchange technology

Vungle              San Francisco   Early Stage       $16,999,800 AOL Ventures,           In-application video
                                                                  Crosslink Capital,      advertising platform
                                                                  Google Ventures,
                                                                  Softtech VC,
                                                                  Thomvest Ventures,
                                                                  Webb Investment

Webflow*            Mountain View   Early Stage        $1,500,000 Draper Fisher           Hosted platform for Web
                                                                  Jurvetson               designers to create
                                                                  International, Khosla   responsive Websites
                                                                  undisclosed firm, Y

             Name         City          Stage         Amount           Investors             Description
AirBnB              San Francisco   Expansion        $200,000,000 Andreessen Horowitz, Community marketplace
                                                                  Sequoia Capital

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                         Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

AltSchool            San Francisco   Early Stage       $34,344,100 Andreessen Horowitz, Network of micro-schools
                                                                   First Round Capital,
                                                                   Founders Fund,
                                                                   Harrison Street Real
                                                                   Estate Capital, Learn
                                                                   Capital Venture
                                                                   Partners, Omidyar
                                                                   Network Commons,
                                                                   undisclosed firm

Bandpage             San Francisco   Expansion          $8,500,000 GGV Capital, Mohr      Platform that allows bands
                                                                   Davidow Ventures       (or solo artists) create

BloomThat*           San Francisco   Early Stage        $2,000,100 SV Angel II Q,         Handcrafted flowers and
                                                                   undisclosed firms      delivery services

Blue Bottle Coffee   Oakland         Later Stage       $25,750,000 True Ventures,         Coffee roasting and retailing
                                                                   undisclosed firms

Bluevine Capital     Palo Alto       Early Stage        $4,000,200 Correlation Ventures, Online invoice financing
                                                                   Greylock Partners,    service
                                                                   Kima Ventures
                                                                   SASU, Kreos Capital
                                                                   IV, Lightspeed
                                                                   Venture Partners X,
                                                                   undisclosed firm

Boombotix            San Francisco   Expansion          $5,200,200 Baseline Ventures,    Wireless, loud, mp3 portable
                                                                   Correlation Ventures, speakers
                                                                   Great Oaks Venture
                                                                   Capital, Grishin
                                                                   Robotics, Redhills
                                                                   undisclosed firm,
                                                                   Walden Venture

CircleUp Network     San Francisco   Early Stage       $14,000,000 Canaan Partners,     Online private company
                                                                   Google Ventures,     investment platform
                                                                   Maveron, undisclosed
                                                                   firm, Union Square

Credit Karma         San Francisco   Expansion         $85,000,000 Google Ventures,     Consumer finance and
                                                                   Ribbit Capital,      technology company
                                                                   Susquehanna Growth
                                                                   Equity, Tiger Global

Crowdpac*            Palo Alto       Early Stage        $2,150,000 Correlation Ventures, Political marketplace
                                                                   InterWest Partners

Curious.com          Menlo Park      Early Stage       $15,000,000 GSV Capital,           Online education company
                                                                   Redpoint Ventures,
                                                                   undisclosed firm

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                           Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Deliv                  Palo Alto       Early Stage        $4,480,000 RPM Ventures,           Crowd-sourced same-day
                                                                     Upfront Ventures        delivery service for
                                                                                             multichannel retailers
EdSurge                Burlingame      Early Stage        $1,500,100 GSV Capital, Imagine Independent information
                                                                     K12, Learn Capital   resource and community
                                                                     Venture Partners,
                                                                     NewSchools Venture
                                                                     Fund, undisclosed

Established Tomorrow   San Francisco   Early Stage          $771,000 Undisclosed firm        Kitchen tools

Giga Omni Media        San Francisco   Later Stage        $8,000,000 Alloy Ventures, J. F.   Media company
                                                                     Shea Co., Reed
                                                                     Elsevier, True

Good.Co                San Francisco   Early Stage          $150,000 Norwest Venture         Users with a personality
                                                                     Partners, SparkLabs     profile test for the workplace
                                                                     Global Ventures,
                                                                     undisclosed firm

Hired*                 San Francisco   Expansion         $15,000,000 Crosslink Capital,      End-to-end recruitment
                                                                     Sherpa Ventures,        solutions company
                                                                     Sierra Ventures,
                                                                     Softtech VC

Indiegogo              San Francisco   Expansion         $40,000,000 Insight Venture         Crowdfunding platform
                                                                     Partners, Institutional
                                                                     Venture Partners,
                                                                     Kleiner Perkins
                                                                     Caufield & Byers,
                                                                     Ventures, MHS
                                                                     Capital Management,
                                                                     ff Venture Capital

Medium*                San Francisco   Early Stage       $25,000,000 Greylock Partners,      Publishing platform
                                                                     undisclosed firms

Melian Labs*           San Francisco   Early Stage        $7,700,000 Undisclosed firm,       Online destination to book
                                                                     Upfront Ventures        appointments

Minno                  San Francisco   Expansion         $18,499,800 Andreessen Horowitz, Online marketplace for
                                                                     Felicis Ventures, IA secondhand fashion
                                                                     Ventures, Lerer
                                                                     undisclosed firms

MUBI                   Palo Alto       Expansion          $7,500,000 MMC Ventures,           Global video on demand
                                                                     undisclosed firms,      platform
                                                                     Whitestar Capital

Myhealthteams          San Francisco   Expansion          $3,360,000 500 Startups, Adams Social and local networks
                                                                     Street Partners,
                                                                     HealthTech Capital,
                                                                     Sand Hill Angels,
                                                                     TEEC Angel Fund,
                                                                     The Westly Group,
                                                                     undisclosed firm

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                          Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Oja.la*               Palo Alto       Early Stage          $500,000 Alta Ventures Mexico, Online learning platform
                                                                    NXTP Labs SRL,
                                                                    undisclosed firms

OLSET*                San Francisco   Early Stage          $499,800 500 Startups,           Virtual travel agent
                                                                    Amidzad Partners,
                                                                    Co., undisclosed
                                                                    firms, XG Ventures

One Kings Lane        San Francisco   Expansion        $111,898,000 Greylock Partners,      Online sales destination for
                                                                    Institutional Venture   home decor products
                                                                    Partners, Kleiner
                                                                    Perkins Caufield &
                                                                    Byers, Tiger Global,
                                                                    undisclosed firms

Path                  San Francisco   Early Stage       $24,882,900 First Round Capital,    Online personal network
                                                                    Greylock Partners,
                                                                    Index Ventures,
                                                                    Insight Venture
                                                                    Partners, Kleiner
                                                                    Perkins Caufield &
                                                                    Byers, Redpoint
                                                                    undisclosed firm

Payward*              San Francisco   Early Stage        $5,000,000 Big Bang Ventures       Online exchange for Bitcoin

Peek Travel           San Francisco   Early Stage        $5,000,000 Undisclosed firm        Website for travellers

Piazza Technologies   Palo Alto       Expansion          $8,000,000 Bessemer Venture        Online collaboration platform
                                                                    Partners, Khosla

Play-i*               Sunnyvale       Early Stage        $8,000,000 Charles River           Robot toy company
                                                                    Ventures, Madrona
                                                                    Venture Group

Pley*                 San Jose        Early Stage        $6,750,000 Allegro Venture       LEGO subscription service
                                                                    Partners, Correlation provider
                                                                    Ventures, Floodgate
                                                                    Fund, Maven Venture
                                                                    Partners, Western

RealCrowd*            Palo Alto       Early Stage        $1,600,000 Andreessen Horowitz, Real estate technology
                                                                    Data Collective,      company
                                                                    General Catalyst
                                                                    Partners, Initialized
                                                                    Capital, undisclosed
                                                                    firms, Y Combinator

RocksBox*             San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,500,000 Matrix Partners,        Jewelry styling service
                                                                    undisclosed firm

ShopTap               San Francisco   Early Stage        $5,825,000 Javelin Venture         Community-driven online
                                                                    Partners                shopping platform

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                            Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Solar Mosaic            Oakland         Expansion          $6,477,000 Undisclosed firm      Online marketplace that
                                                                                            connects individuals to invest
                                                                                            in solar projects

Sonoma Beverage Works   Healdsburg      Early Stage        $1,000,000 Undisclosed firm      Line of organic and all-
                                                                                            natural hard ciders

Sprig*                  San Francisco   Early Stage       $11,733,000 Accel Partners & Co., Food delivery service
                                                                      Battery Ventures,     company
                                                                      Greylock Partners

StyleSeat               San Francisco   Early Stage       $10,200,000 Lightspeed Venture    Online platform for beauty
                                                                      Partners X,           and wellness professionals
                                                                      Lowercase Capital,
                                                                      undisclosed firm

Tapas Media             Santa Clara     Early Stage        $2,000,000 Undisclosed firm      Bite-sized Web and mobile

TRIA Beauty             Dublin          Later Stage        $1,126,000 Aisling Capital       Light-based skin care and at-
                                                                                            home laser hair removal

Trumaker                San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,500,100 Javelin Venture       Tailored clothes for men
                                                                      Partners, Rre
                                                                      undisclosed firm

Udemy                   San Francisco   Expansion         $10,609,000 Insight Venture       Online educational courses

UrbanSitter             San Francisco   Early Stage       $15,000,000 Aspect Ventures,      Online match service for
                                                                      Canaan Partners,      parents and babysitters
                                                                      DBL Investors, First
                                                                      Round Capital, Menlo
                                                                      Ventures, Rustic
                                                                      Partners, undisclosed

Veradox*                Menlo Park      Startup/Seed       $1,337,000 Battery Ventures      Products and services

Vertical Brands Media   San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,000,000 Glynn Capital        Apartment and roomate
                                                                      Management,          search engine
                                                                      Passport Capital,
                                                                      Rothenberg Ventures,
                                                                      undisclosed firm

Vivareal                Sebastopol      Expansion         $12,745,000 Accel Partners & Co., Online real estate
                                                                      Monashees Gestao      marketplace sevices
                                                                      de Investimentosa

YouNoodle*              San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,100,100 Undisclosed firms,    Engine for entrepreneurs,
                                                                      VegasTechFund         where startups are evaluated

Zumper                  San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,833,000 Kleiner Perkins       Online platform for tenants to
                                                                      Caufield & Byers,     rent real estate
                                                                      undisclosed firm

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                       Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

            Name         City          Stage       Amount            Investors              Description
Nutanix            San Jose        Expansion       $96,049,100 Battery Ventures,    Converged compute and
                                                               Greenspring          storage appliances
                                                               Associates, Khosla
                                                               Ventures, Lightspeed
                                                               Venture Partners X,
                                                               Morgan Stanley
                                                               Venture Partners,
                                                               Riverwood Capital
                                                               Group, SAP Ventures

Sentons            Sunnyvale       Early Stage      $5,492,000 Northern Light         Fabless semiconductor
                                                               Venture Capital        company

Tintri             Mountain View   Expansion       $75,000,000 Insight Venture       Storage for virtualization and
                                                               Partners, Lightspeed cloud environments
                                                               Venture Partners X,
                                                               Menlo Ventures, New
                                                               Enterprise Associates

            Name         City          Stage       Amount             Investors              Description
Nexmo              San Francisco   Expansion       $18,000,000 Intel Capital,        Global mobile messaging
                                                               Sorenson Capital
                                                               Partners, undisclosed

remind101          San Francisco   Expansion       $15,000,000 First Round Capital,   A communication solution to
                                                               Kleiner Perkins        help teachers extend their
                                                               Caufield & Byers,      classrooms

Skybox Imaging     Mountain View   Early Stage      $3,156,000 Canaan Partners        Satellite imagery, video and
                                                                                      Big Data analytics

Voxeet             Sausalito       Expansion          $504,900 Aquitaine Creation  Conferencing services
                                                               Investissement SAS,
                                                               Kima Ventures
                                                               SASU, Partech

Zoove              Palo Alto       Later Stage      $1,250,000 Highland Capital    Directory of vanity mobile
                                                               Partners, Rogers    phone numbers
                                                               Ventures, Worldview
                                                               Technology Partners

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                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

            Name               City           Stage       Amount             Investors                Description
Auris Surgical Robotics   Redwood City    Expansion       $34,377,000 Highland Capital       Surgical robotics and
                                                                      Partners, Lux Capital, visualization technology
                                                                      Mithril Capital

Blue River Technology     Mountain View   Early Stage      $9,999,900 Data Collective,       Computer-vision based
                                                                      Innovation             robotic systems for
                                                                      Endeavors, Khosla      agriculture

Complete Solar Solution   Foster City     Expansion        $2,954,000 Aquillian Investments Custom solar solutions

Kinestral Technologies    South San       Early Stage      $7,085,000 5AM Venture            Glass for commercial,
                          Francisco                                   Management,            residential and automotive
                                                                      undisclosed firm,      markets
                                                                      Versant Ventures

Knightscope*              Sunnyvale       Early Stage      $1,000,000 NTT Docomo             Autonomous technology
                                                                      Ventures,              platform
                                                                      undisclosed firm

Luxe*                     San Francisco   Startup/Seed     $1,500,000 Undisclosed firm,      Airfield services
                                                                      Upfront Ventures

Oorja Protonics           Fremont         Later Stage      $3,458,100 Duff Ackerman &        Methanol fuel cells
                                                                      Goodrich, Mingly
                                                                      Capital, Mingxin
                                                                      China Growth Fund

Primus Power              Hayward         Expansion       $20,000,000 Undisclosed firms      Commercializes energy
                                                                                             storage systems

Purfresh                  Menlo Park      Later Stage      $3,345,000 Chrysalix Energy       Atmosphere and supply
                                                                      Venture Capital,       chain management
                                                                      Foundation Capital,    technologies
                                                                      undisclosed firm

Smart Wire Grid           Oakland         Expansion       $13,393,000 RiverVest Venture      Technology solutions for the
                                                                      Partners               electric utility industry

Solaria                   Fremont         Later Stage      $6,106,000 CMEA Development       PV modules and system for
                                                                      Co., Sigma Partners    utility scale tracking

SunRun                    San Francisco   Expansion       $12,500,100 Foundation Capital,   Home solar power
                                                                      Madrone Capital       installation, financing and
                                                                      Partners, undisclosed leasing company

Tigo Energy               Los Gatos       Expansion        $4,000,000 Undisclosed firm       Smart modules and
                                                                                             optimizers for photovoltaic
                                                                                             solar installations

View                      Milpitas        Expansion       $99,999,900 Khosla Ventures,       Architectural dynamic glass
                                                                      Madrone Capital
                                                                      Partners, Sigma

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                             Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

VIRES Aeronautics       Livermore       Early Stage         $40,000 Draper Fisher         Wings for the aeronautics
                                                                    Jurvetson             industry
                                                                    International, Lemnos
                                                                    Labs, Promus
                                                                    undisclosed firm,

Vitriflex               San Jose        Expansion        $4,000,000 Undisclosed firm       Gas barrier film solar
                                                                                           technology for solar panels

Zero Motorcycles        Scotts Valley   Later Stage      $5,000,000 The Invus Group        Sells electric motorcycles

        Name                 City           Stage       Amount           Investors                 Description
ACCO Semiconductor      Sunnyvale       Later Stage     $11,143,900 Foundation Capital,    Analog and RF
                                                                    Partech International, semiconductor in ASIC,
                                                                    Pond Venture           ASSP and IP markets
                                                                    Partners, undisclosed

Aquantia                Milpitas        Later Stage     $16,085,000 Greylock Partners,    Ethernet connectivity
                                                                    Lightspeed Venture    solutions
                                                                    Partners X, New
                                                                    Associates, Pinnacle
                                                                    Nanotekhnologiy GK,
                                                                    VentureTech Alliance,

Crossbar                Santa Clara     Expansion       $25,471,200 Artiman Ventures,      Memory storage industry
                                                                    CBC Capital, Kleiner
                                                                    Perkins Caufield &
                                                                    Byers, Korea
                                                                    Investment Partners
                                                                    Co, Northern Light
                                                                    Venture Capital
                                                                    Development, SAIF
                                                                    Partners, TAO
                                                                    Venture Capital
                                                                    Partners, University
                                                                    of Michigan

EnVerv                  Milpitas        Expansion       $15,400,000 Benchmark Capital      Power line communication
                                                                    Management, New        (PLC) solutions
                                                                    Associates, UMC
                                                                    Capital, undisclosed
                                                                    firms, Walden

Invisage Technologies   Menlo Park      Expansion       $17,833,000 InterWest Partners,    Fabless semiconductor
                                                                    Nokia Growth           company
                                                                    Partners, Rockport
                                                                    Capital Partners

Lively                  San Francisco   Early Stage      $1,950,000 Second Avenue          Wireless sensors and a data-
                                                                    Partners               collection hub

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                           Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Sensys Networks        Berkeley        Later Stage      $2,500,000 Horizon Ventures,       Provider of wireless traffic
                                                                   Siemens Venture         detection
                                                                   Capital GmbH,
                                                                   Velocity, Voyager

             Name            City          Stage       Amount            Investors                 Description
Acompli*               San Francisco   Early Stage      $7,299,900 Felicis Ventures,       Mobile e-mail application
                                                                   Redpoint Ventures,
                                                                   undisclosed firm

Adallom Technologies   Menlo Park      Early Stage     $15,000,000 Index Ventures,         Content security services
                                                                   Sequoia Capital         provider

adRise                 San Francisco   Expansion        $2,076,000 Foundation Capital,     Connected TV advertising
                                                                   undisclosed firm        applications

Airbrite*              San Francisco   Early Stage      $2,000,100 SV Angel II Q,          E-commerce software to
                                                                   undisclosed firm, Y     companies going mobile

Altia Systems          Cupertino       Early Stage     $10,674,000 Intel Capital, Naya     Creator of the panacast
                                                                   Ventures                solution

Appgyver*              San Francisco   Expansion        $2,500,000 Initial Capital, Open   Mobile application
                                                                   Ocean Capital Oy        development platform for
                                                                                           Web developers

Apportable             San Francisco   Early Stage      $5,000,000 Google Ventures,        Mobile development
                                                                   undisclosed firms       technology company

Apprity*               Santa Clara     Early Stage      $8,000,000 Norwest Venture       Enabling enterprises to
                                                                   Partners, undisclosed accelerate their adoption of
                                                                   firm, Wing Venture    software as a service

Apptimize*             Mountain View   Early Stage      $2,100,800 Andreessen Horowitz, A/B testing software for
                                                                   Merus Capital         mobile applications
                                                                   undisclosed firms, XG
                                                                   Ventures, Y

atVenu*                Sausalito       Early Stage      $1,100,100 Real Ventures,          Mobile and Web based
                                                                   undisclosed firms       application

Autogrid Systems       Redwood City    Early Stage     $12,750,000 ClearSky Power &      Big Data analytics and cloud
                                                                   Technology Fund I,    computing solutions
                                                                   E.ON SE, Foundation
                                                                   Capital, undisclosed
                                                                   firm, Voyager Capital

Banjo                  Redwood City    Expansion       $15,999,900 Balderton Capital,      Social discovery application
                                                                   BlueRun Ventures,

Beckon                 San Mateo       Early Stage      $2,800,000 Canaan Partners         SaaS platform to give brands
                                                                                           visibility and insight

BeyondCore*            San Mateo       Later Stage      $9,650,000 Menlo Ventures,         Automated analytics
                                                                   undisclosed firm        software solutions

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                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Bislr Pty                  San Francisco   Early Stage      $1,050,000 Southern Cross         Intelligent marketing
                                                                       Venture Partners       solutions for professional

Blazent                    Burlingame      Later Stage      $3,000,000 HighBAR Ventures,      Information technology data
                                                                       Walden Venture         integrity engine

Blend Systems*             Los Altos       Early Stage      $2,400,000 BoxGroup,              Mobile applications
                                                                       Foundation Capital,
                                                                       Lerer Ventures,
                                                                       Maveron, New
                                                                       SparkLabs Global
                                                                       Ventures, Trinity
                                                                       Ventures, XG

Bluebox Security           San Francisco   Early Stage     $18,000,000 Andreessen Horowitz, Saves information thievery
                                                                       SV Angel II Q,       by securing company data
                                                                       Tenaya Capital,
                                                                       undisclosed firm

BlueTalon*                 Redwood City    Early Stage      $1,500,000 Data Collective        Single-click data
                                                                                              collaboration across
                                                                                              organizational boundaries

Boomtrain*                 San Francisco   Early Stage      $2,500,000 Correlation Ventures, Users sites, apps,
                                                                       undisclosed firm      notifications and e-mail

BrightBytes                San Francisco   Early Stage     $12,750,000 Bessemer Venture       Learning analytics company
                                                                       Partners, Learn
                                                                       Capital Venture
                                                                       Partners, Rethink

Caspida*                   Palo Alto       Startup/Seed     $9,525,000 Redpoint Ventures,     Cyber security solutions
                                                                       True Ventures

Cinemacraft Technologies   Mountain View   Expansion         $775,000 Fierce Capital,         Streaming on mobile devices
Pte                                                                   Samsung Venture

CircleCi                   San Francisco   Early Stage      $6,000,000 Draper Fisher          State of the art testing tools

ClassTwist                 San Francisco   Early Stage      $8,500,200 Felicis Ventures,     Classroom management tool
                                                                       General Catalyst      for teachers
                                                                       Partners, SV Angel II
                                                                       Q, Shasta Ventures,
                                                                       Softtech VC,
                                                                       undisclosed firm

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                          Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

ClearSlide            San Francisco   Expansion       $50,000,000 Bessemer Venture        Cloud-based sales
                                                                  Partners, Comcast       engagement platform
                                                                  Ventures, Felicis
                                                                  Ventures, Greylock
                                                                  undisclosed firm

ClearStory Data       Palo Alto       Early Stage     $21,000,000 Andreessen Horowitz, Tool for users to conduct self-
                                                                  Duff Ackerman &      driven Big Data
                                                                  Goodrich, Google
                                                                  Ventures, Khosla
                                                                  Ventures, Kleiner
                                                                  Perkins Caufield &

CliQr Technologies    Santa Clara     Early Stage      $8,000,000 Foundation Capital,     Hybrid cloud-application
                                                                  Google Ventures,        migration and management
                                                                  Translink Capital       solutions

Cloudera              Palo Alto       Expansion      $160,000,000 Google Ventures,     Services and support for
                                                                  MSD Capital, T.      Hadoop
                                                                  Rowe Price Threshold
                                                                  undisclosed firms

CloudPassage          San Francisco   Expansion       $25,500,000 Benchmark Capital       Cloud infrastructure security
                                                                  Management,             company
                                                                  Meritech Capital
                                                                  Partners, Musea
                                                                  Ventures, Shasta
                                                                  Ventures, Tenaya
                                                                  Capital, undisclosed

Connectandsell        San Mateo       Later Stage        $950,000 Undisclosed firm        SaaS sales acceleration

CoTap                 San Francisco   Early Stage     $10,000,000 Charles River       Secure messaging solution
                                                                  Ventures, Emergence
                                                                  Capital Partners

Coupa Software        San Mateo       Later Stage     $39,999,800 Battery Ventures,       Cloud-based purchasing and
                                                                  BlueRun Ventures,       procurement software
                                                                  Crosslink Capital, El
                                                                  Dorado Ventures,
                                                                  Icon Venture
                                                                  Advisors, Meritech
                                                                  Capital Partners,
                                                                  Mohr Davidow
                                                                  Ventures, Northgate

CyberSense*           Menlo Park      Early Stage      $5,000,000 BRM Capital, Opus       Cloud-based cybersecurity
                                                                  Capital                 solutions

Danville Group, The   San Ramon       Expansion          $965,000 Undisclosed firm        SaaS provider of
                                                                                          manufacturing enterprise

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                            Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Demandbase              San Francisco   Later Stage     $15,000,000 Adobe Systems,         Real-time targeting and
                                                                    Altos Ventures,        personalization platform
                                                                    Costanoa Venture
                                                                    Capital, Greenspring
                                                                    Ventures, Scale
                                                                    Venture Partners,
                                                                    Sigma Partners

DNAnexus                Mountain View   Expansion       $15,000,000 Claremont Creek       DNA data management and
                                                                    Ventures, First Round analysis platform
                                                                    Capital, Google
                                                                    Ventures, Tarrant

DocuSign                San Francisco   Later Stage     $85,000,300 Accel Partners & Co., E-Signature transaction
                                                                    Comcast Ventures,     management solutions
                                                                    Frazier Healthcare,
                                                                    Google Ventures,
                                                                    Ignition Partners,
                                                                    Kleiner Perkins
                                                                    Caufield & Byers,
                                                                    SAP Ventures, Scale
                                                                    Venture Partners,
                                                                    Sigma Partners,
                                                                    undisclosed firms

DreamFactory Software   Campbell        Later Stage      $1,000,000 New Enterprise         Applications for Web service
                                                                    Associates             platforms

Elastica                San Jose        Early Stage      $6,300,000 Mayfield Fund          Cloud application security

Elementum*              Mountain View   Early Stage     $44,000,000 Flextronics            Supply chain management
                                                                    International,         software
                                                                    Lightspeed Venture
                                                                    Partners X
Embrane                 Santa Clara     Expansion       $14,000,000 Lightspeed Venture    Application-centric network
                                                                    Partners X, New       services
                                                                    Associates, North
                                                                    Bridge Venture
                                                                    Partners, Presidio
                                                                    Stx, undisclosed firm

Epic Creations*         Palo Alto       Early Stage      $1,399,800 Innovation             Subscription-based e-book
                                                                    Endeavors, Maven       service
                                                                    Venture Partners,
                                                                    Menlo Ventures,
                                                                    Morado Venture
                                                                    undisclosed firm,
                                                                    Webb Investment

Famous Industries       San Francisco   Early Stage     $17,655,000 Insight Venture       Javascript framework
                                                                    Partners, undisclosed

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                                  Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

First Opinion                San Francisco   Early Stage      $1,200,000 500 Startups, Felicis Mobile messaging
                                                                         Ventures, Greylock    application for moms, and
                                                                         Partners, undisclosed another for doctors

Fitmob*                      San Francisco   Early Stage      $6,500,100 Mayfield Fund,          Fitness company
                                                                         undisclosed firms

Flurry                       San Francisco   Later Stage       $706,000 Crosslink Capital,       Mobile app analytics and
                                                                        Draper Fisher            advertising platform
                                                                        InterWest Partners,
                                                                        Menlo Ventures

Gemini Mobile Technologies   Foster City     Later Stage      $4,700,000 Undisclosed firm        Specializing in cloud storage

Gigwalk                      San Francisco   Early Stage     $10,000,000 August Capital        Mobile application
                                                                         Harrison Metal
                                                                         Capital, Nokia Growth
                                                                         Partners, Softtech
                                                                         VC, undisclosed firm

Glooko                       Palo Alto       Early Stage      $7,000,000 Samsung Venture         Applications developer
                                                                         undisclosed firm

Gobalto                      San Francisco   Expansion        $5,000,000 Aberdare Ventures, Cloud-based solutions to
                                                                         EDB Investments,   facilitate clinical-trial start-
                                                                         Qualcomm Ventures, ups
                                                                         undisclosed firm

Granular                     San Francisco   Expansion        $4,370,100 Andreessen Horowitz, Agricultural technology
                                                                         Google Ventures,     company
                                                                         Khosla Ventures

GuideSpark                   Menlo Park      Expansion       $15,000,000 IDG Ventures, New       Employee communications
                                                                         Enterprise              platform
                                                                         Associates, Storm

HeartFlow                    Redwood City    Expansion       $29,700,000 U.S. Venture Partners Non-invasive diagnosis of
                                                                                               coronary artery disease

High Fidelity                San Francisco   Early Stage      $2,500,000 True Ventures           Virtual world

Hoopla Software              San Jose        Expansion        $8,000,100 Illuminate Ventures, Sales performance
                                                                         Safeguard Scientifics, improvement software
                                                                         Trinity Ventures,
                                                                         undisclosed firm

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                            Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Hortonworks             Palo Alto       Early Stage    $100,000,000 Benchmark Capital      Software company
                                                                    BlackRock, Index
                                                                    Ventures, Passport
                                                                    Capital, Tenaya
                                                                    Capital, undisclosed

If You Can Co           San Mateo       Early Stage      $6,500,100 Almaz Capital         Subscription-based
                                                                    Partners, Greylock    educational video games
                                                                    Partners, undisclosed

Input Factory           Los Gatos       Early Stage        $198,000 Battery Ventures       Mobile voting application,

Intacct                 San Jose        Later Stage     $30,000,000 Battery Ventures,    Cloud financial management
                                                                    Bessemer Venture     platform provider
                                                                    Partners, Costanoa
                                                                    Venture Capital,
                                                                    Emergence Capital
                                                                    Partners, Morgan
                                                                    Creek Capital
                                                                    Management, Sigma
                                                                    Partners, Split Rock

Intercom App            San Francisco   Early Stage     $23,000,000 Bessemer Venture       Computer software and iPad
                                                                    Partners,              applications

Intuary*                San Francisco   Expansion        $3,250,000 Inventus Capital       Mobile applications
                                                                    Partners Fund I,
                                                                    undisclosed firm

Irrational Industries   Menlo Park      Early Stage      $6,649,800 500 Startups,      Cloud-based application
                                                                    Bessemer Venture   platform
                                                                    CrunchFund, Golden
                                                                    Gate Ventures Pte,
                                                                    LionRock Capital,
                                                                    undisclosed firm

iSocket                 San Francisco   Expansion        $5,000,000 Time Warner            Advertising platform provider
                                                                    undisclosed firms

Jelly Industries        San Francisco   Early Stage      $6,801,000 Greylock Partners      Picture posting and inquiry

Kahuna                  Mountain View   Expansion       $11,000,000 Sequoia Capital        Mobile marketing automation

Keen Systems            San Mateo       Early Stage      $1,625,100 500 Startups, IDG      Cloud-based e-commerce
                                                                    Capital Partners,      solution
                                                                    undisclosed firm

KeepSafe Software       San Francisco   Early Stage         $75,000 Asset Management       Password-locked photo
                                                                    Ventures, Floodgate    gallery on phones

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                      Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Kontagent         San Francisco   Expansion        $5,543,000 Battery Ventures,     Mobile customer intelligence
                                                              GGV Capital,          solution provider
                                                              Maverick Capital

Lattice Engines   San Mateo       Later Stage      $5,000,000 New Enterprise        Data-driven business
                                                              Associates, Sequoia   applications

LexSpot*          San Francisco   Early Stage       $800,100 500 Startups, Ulu      Platform that businesses to
                                                             Ventures,              discover immigration options
                                                             undisclosed firm

LiveMinutes       Redwood City    Early Stage      $1,754,000 Undisclosed firm      Real-time collaboration

Lumiata*          San Mateo       Early Stage      $4,000,000 Khosla Ventures       Predictive analytics around
                                                                                    medical science and patient

Malwarebytes*     San Jose        Later Stage     $30,000,000 Highland Capital      Anti-malware applications
                                                              Partners, undisclosed

MemSQL            San Francisco   Early Stage     $35,000,000 Accel Partners & Co., Database technology
                                                              Data Collective, First company
                                                              Round Capital,
                                                              Khosla Ventures,
                                                              undisclosed firm

Message Bus       San Francisco   Expansion        $4,075,000 North Bridge Venture Email messaging
                                                              Partners, True       applications

Mixamo            San Francisco   Expansion        $3,168,000 Granite Ventures      Online 3D character
                                                                                    animation service for 3D

Mixaroo*          Palo Alto       Early Stage      $7,000,000 Atlantic Bridge, Naya Applications used as a
                                                              Ventures, T-Venture television program guide
                                                              Holding GmbH,
                                                              Tribal.vc, undisclosed

Mobeam            Palo Alto       Expansion        $4,797,000 DFJ Athena, Mitsui & Light based communications
                                                              Co Global Investment technology

Mobile Iron       Mountain View   Expansion       $11,832,900 Norwest Venture       Security and management
                                                              Partners, Sequoia     solutions for mobile
                                                              Capital, Storm        applications

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                             Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

MuleSoft                 San Francisco   Later Stage     $50,550,200 Bay Partners,          Integration platform for
                                                                     Hummer Winblad         connecting SaaS and
                                                                     Venture Partners,      applications
                                                                     Lightspeed Venture
                                                                     Partners X, Meritech
                                                                     Capital Partners,
                                                                     Ventures, New
                                                                     Associates, SAP
                                                                     undisclosed firm

Nok Nok Labs             Palo Alto       Expansion       $16,497,900 Doll Capital           Authentication technology for
                                                                     Management,            the cloud
                                                                     ONSET Ventures,
                                                                     undisclosed firm

NPM*                     Oakland         Early Stage      $2,600,000 True Ventures,         Official package manager for
                                                                     undisclosed firms      Nodejs

OneFold*                 Menlo Park      Early Stage        $400,000 Studio 9+,             Mobile and wearable data
                                                                     undisclosed firm       analytics platform

Origami Logic            Menlo Park      Early Stage     $15,000,000 Accel Partners & Co., Visual analytical products for
                                                                     Jafco Ventures,       business users
                                                                     Lightspeed Venture
                                                                     Partners X

Palantir Technologies    Palo Alto       Later Stage    $101,551,000 The Founders Fund      Data analysis software

Paxata                   Redwood City    Early Stage      $7,784,000 In Q Tel               Adaptive data preparation

Piston Cloud Computing   San Francisco   Early Stage      $6,500,000 Hummer Winblad         Enterprise openstack
                                                                     Venture Partners,      company
                                                                     True Ventures

Plain Vanilla            San Francisco   Expansion       $21,868,000 Greycroft Partners     Real-time social trivia
                                                                                            platform for mobile devices

Platfora                 San Mateo       Early Stage     $38,000,000 Allegis Capital,       Big Data analytics software
                                                                     Andreessen Horowitz, company
                                                                     Battery Ventures, Citi
                                                                     Ventures, In Q Tel,
                                                                     Sutter Hill Ventures,
                                                                     Tenaya Capital,
                                                                     undisclosed firm

Polarion Software*       San Francisco   Later Stage     $10,000,000 Siemens Venture        Enterprise scale Web-based
                                                                     Capital GmbH           application lifecycle

Postmates                San Francisco   Expansion       $16,000,000 Spark Capital,         Logistics and delivery
                                                                     undisclosed firm       platform

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                           Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Premise Data*          San Francisco   Early Stage     $11,000,000 Bowery Capital,        Technology company
                                                                   Google Ventures,
                                                                   Harrison Metal

PubMatic               Redwood City    Expansion       $13,000,000 August Capital        Ad monetization and
                                                                   Management, Draper management solutions
                                                                   Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                   International, Helion
                                                                   Venture Partners,
                                                                   Nexus Venture
                                                                   Partners, Nokia
                                                                   Growth Partners

PunchTab               Palo Alto       Early Stage      $4,000,000 Mohr Davidow           Omni-channel loyalty
                                                                   Ventures,              platform
                                                                   undisclosed firm

Quanergy Systems       Sunnyvale       Startup/Seed     $2,690,000 Transportation      Technology company
                                                                   Technology Ventures

Qubell*                Menlo Park      Early Stage      $1,800,000 Benhamou Global        Application development and
                                                                   Ventures, Icon         configuration management
                                                                   Venture Partners

Radius Intelligence    San Francisco   Expansion       $12,999,900 BlueRun Ventures,     Sales platform for small
                                                                   Formation 8 Partners, business
                                                                   undisclosed firm

Reflektion*            San Mateo       Early Stage      $8,000,100 Intel Capital, Nike,   Retail analytics company
                                                                   undisclosed firm

RelateIQ               Palo Alto       Early Stage     $40,000,000 Accel Partners & Co., Relationship management
                                                                   Felicis Ventures,     software company
                                                                   Formation 8 Partners,
                                                                   Kleiner Perkins
                                                                   Caufield & Byers,
                                                                   Redpoint Ventures

Rentlytics*            San Francisco   Early Stage      $1,000,000 Trinity Ventures       Enterprise-grade business
                                                                                          intelligence tools

Replay Technologies*   Newark          Early Stage      $9,000,000 Alara Capital Partners FreeD technology to create
                                                                                          video viewing experiences

RiseSmart              San Jose        Expansion       $11,000,000 Accel Kkr, Norwest     Talent management
                                                                   Venture Partners,      solutions for corporate clients
                                                                   Storm Ventures

RiskIQ                 San Francisco   Expansion        $2,500,000 Summit Partners        Enterprise security solutions
                                                                                          beyond the firewall

Runscope               San Francisco   Early Stage      $6,000,000 General Catalyst       Tools for API-driven mobile
                                                                   Partners, Lerer        and Web applications
                                                                   Ventures, True

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                       Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Saisei Networks*   Sunnyvale       Early Stage      $5,600,000 Oxygen Ventures,      Developer of control
                                                               undisclosed firm      solutions

Secret*            San Francisco   Early Stage     $10,043,000 Google Ventures,      Social networking company
                                                               Kleiner Perkins
                                                               Caufield & Byers

ServiceMax         Pleasanton      Later Stage     $71,150,400 Adams Street          Software-as-a-service
                                                               Partners, Cross       (SaaS) provider
                                                               Creek Capital,
                                                               Crosslink Capital,
                                                               Emergence Capital
                                                               Partners, Kleiner
                                                               Perkins Caufield &
                                                               Byers, Mayfield Fund,
                                                               Meritech Capital
                                                               Partners, QuestMark
                                                               Partners, Trinity
                                                               undisclosed firms

Shape Security     Mountain View   Expansion       $39,999,800 Allegis Capital,      Web security technology
                                                               Google Ventures,
                                                               Kleiner Perkins
                                                               Caufield & Byers,
                                                               Norwest Venture
                                                               Partners, Sierra

Share Practice     San Francisco   Early Stage      $1,300,000 Base Ventures,        Mobile software applications
                                                               Founders Fund,        for physicians
                                                               Scrum Ventures,
                                                               undisclosed firms

Shotspotter        Newark          Later Stage      $7,682,000 City Light Capital, Gunfire alert and analysis
                                                               Claremont Creek     solutions
                                                               Ventures, Labrador
                                                               Ventures, Lauder
                                                               Partners, Levensohn
                                                               Capital Management

ShowEvidence       Santa Clara     Early Stage      $1,015,000 Follett               Internet software company,
                                                                                     which is focused on
                                                                                     performance assessment

Side.CR            San Francisco   Early Stage     $10,000,000 Avalon Ventures GP, Real-time ride-matching
                                                               Correlation Ventures, platform
                                                               undisclosed firm,
                                                               Union Square

Simply Hired       Sunnyvale       Later Stage      $6,000,000 Foundation Capital,   Vertical search engine
                                                               IDG Ventures          company

Skybox Security    San Jose        Later Stage      $2,700,000 Susquehanna Growth Risk analytics for
                                                               Equity, undisclosed cybersecurity

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                        Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

SnapLogic          San Mateo       Expansion        $2,000,000 Andreessen Horowitz, Enterprise cloud integration
                                                               Ignition Partners    company

Snowball Factory   San Francisco   Expansion         $849,000 Undisclosed firm,      Social media analytics tool
                                                              Upfront Ventures

Soar*              Mountain View   Early Stage      $2,500,000 Relay Ventures        Mobile application software

Splice Machine     San Francisco   Expansion       $15,000,000 InterWest Partners,   SQL-compliant database
                                                               Mohr Davidow

Stitcher           San Francisco   Expansion        $2,820,000 Benchmark Capital     On-demand Internet radio
                                                               Management, New       service
                                                               Atlantic Ventures

Strevus            San Francisco   Early Stage      $5,600,100 Blumberg              Information-gathering for
                                                               International         regulatory compliance
                                                               Partners, U.S.
                                                               Venture Partners,
                                                               undisclosed firm

Symphonic Audio    Mill Valley     Early Stage      $1,699,800 Kapor Capital,        Hearing technology
Technologies*                                                  undisclosed firm,
                                                               undisclosed firm,
                                                               VegasTechFund, Y

Tactile*           Redwood City    Early Stage     $11,200,000 Accel Partners & Co., Enterprise software company
                                                               Redpoint Ventures

TANGOME            Mountain View   Expansion      $200,000,000 Access BridgeGap      Mobile messaging
                                                               Ventures, Draper      application
                                                               Fisher Jurvetson
                                                               undisclosed firms

Tapingo            San Francisco   Early Stage     $10,500,000 Carmel Ventures       Mobile shopping platform
                                                               Fund, Khosla

ThreatMetrix       San Jose        Later Stage     $20,000,000 Adams Street          Fraud control device
                                                               Partners, August      solutions
                                                               Capital Management,
                                                               U.S. Venture
                                                               Partners, undisclosed

ThreatStream*      Redwood City    Early Stage      $3,999,900 Google Ventures,      Threat intelligence platform
                                                               Paladin Capital
                                                               undisclosed firm

Tonic Solutions*   Palo Alto       Early Stage      $2,529,000 Hearst                Medical data collection

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                 Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Totango      Palo Alto       Expansion       $15,500,000 Gemini Capital Fund     A customer engagement
                                                         Mgmt, InterWest         platform for software
                                                         Partners,               companies
                                                         Ventures, Pitango
                                                         Venture Capital
                                                         Management Israel

Tradeshift   San Francisco   Expansion       $75,000,000 Undisclosed firm        Solution for electronic

Trusper*     San Jose        Early Stage      $8,072,000 Doll Capital            Mobile app and Website that
                                                         Management,             help to share daily tips
                                                         undisclosed firm

Turn         Redwood City    Later Stage     $77,000,400 BlackRock, Focus     Software solutions for the
                                                         Ventures, Northport online advertising industries
                                                         Investments, Norwest
                                                         Venture Partners,
                                                         Shasta Ventures,
                                                         Trident Capital,
                                                         undisclosed firm

Vicarious    Union City      Expansion       $40,000,400 Felicis Ventures,     Artificial-intelligence research
                                                         Formation 8 Partners, company
                                                         Founders Fund,
                                                         Initialized Capital,
                                                         Khosla Ventures,
                                                         undisclosed firms

vIPtela*     San Jose        Early Stage     $33,500,000 Sequoia Capital         Computer networking start-
                                                                                 up company

Visually     San Francisco   Early Stage      $2,100,000 500 Startups,         Community platform for data
                                                         Correlation Ventures, visualization and infographics
                                                         Crosslink Capital,
                                                         Giza Venture Capital,
                                                         Kapor Capital, Quest
                                                         Venture Partners,
                                                         Softtech VC

Vobile       Santa Clara     Later Stage      $9,268,000 Steamboat Ventures      Video and audio content
                                                                                 identification and analytics

Walkme       San Francisco   Early Stage     $11,000,000 Gemini Capital Fund     Interactive online guidance
                                                         Mgmt, Giza Venture      system
                                                         Capital, Mangrove
                                                         Capital Partners,
                                                         Scale Venture

Watchup*     Menlo Park      Early Stage        $999,900 Microsoft Ventures,     App to watch the news on an
                                                         undisclosed firms       iPad

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                                  Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2014

Wealthfront                   Palo Alto       Expansion       $35,000,000 Duff Ackerman &        Automated investment
                                                                          Goodrich, Greylock     service
                                                                          Partners, Index
                                                                          Ventures, Ribbit
                                                                          undisclosed firm

Weft*                         San Francisco   Early Stage       $150,000 Andreessen Horowitz, Air traffic control system for
                                                                         undisclosed firms    cargo

Weyenot                       Menlo Park      Early Stage      $2,100,000 TransPacific Venture Mobile Web service for
                                                                          Partners, undisclosed sending gifts
Wickr*                        San Francisco   Early Stage      $9,000,000 Alsop Louie Partners, Self-destructing messaging
                                                                          John S. and James L. application
                                                                          Knight Foundation,
                                                                          Juniper Networks,
                                                                          undisclosed firm

wise.io*                      Berkeley        Early Stage      $2,587,000 Voyager Capital        Machine learning

Workboard*                    Redwood City    Early Stage      $2,750,000 Crosslink Capital,     Execution intelligence
                                                                          Granite Ventures, J.   applications for enterprise
                                                                          F. Shea Co., Opus      managers

Zenefits Insurance Services   San Francisco   Early Stage     $15,000,000 Andreessen Horowitz, Licensed insurance broker
                                                                          Maverick Capital,

ZenPayroll                    San Francisco   Early Stage     $20,000,000 General Catalyst       Cloud-based payroll services
                                                                          Partners, Kleiner      to small- and medium-sized
                                                                          Perkins Caufield &     businesses

Zenput*                       San Francisco   Early Stage      $1,497,000 MHS Capital            Mobile data collection,
                                                                          Management             analysis and notification tools

Zephyr Health*                San Francisco   Early Stage     $15,000,000 Jafco Ventures,        Data analytics provider for
                                                                          Kleiner Perkins        life science companies
                                                                          Caufield & Byers

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