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Technical Writing Lecture 2.ppt


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									               Lecture (2)

l   Resume
l   Proposal
l   Writing Research Report
Additional Sections
What is a resume?

                    l   A resume is a personal
                        summary of your
                        professional history and
                        qualifications. It includes
                        information about your
                        career goals, education,
                        work experience,
                        activities, honors, and
                        any special skills you
                        might have.

Contact Information
                                l   Put your name, permanent
                                    and campus addresses,
                                    permanent and campus
 Iman Ahmed Bendary                 phone numbers, and email
 167 El-Hegaz St. Heliopolis,       address prominently at the
    Cairo12111, EGYPT               top of your resume.
  ibendary@iti-idsc.gov.eg      l   Avoid using a nickname to
                                    identify yourself.
       (202) 555-1706
                                l   Consider including your URL
                                    address or fax number if you
                                    have one.
               Sara J. Shelton

 123 Wecort Street            123 Waldron Dr.
Thorntown, IN 46071         West Lafayette, IN 5241
 (765) 436-7863               (765) 743-5949
 (After 4-30-97)              (Before 4-29-97)

Objective Statement

l   One to three sentence summary of your area of
    expertise and career interest.
l   Write as complete sentences or as descriptive
    phrases with minimal punctuation.
l   Relate your existing skills directly to the job you
    are seeking. Demonstrate what you can do for
    the company rather than what they can do for
Objective Statement

A position allowing me to       A position where I gain
utilize my knowledge and        experience in working on
expertise in different areas.   biological problems.

Avoid overgeneralized           Avoid statements that focus
statements:                       only on what a company
                                  can do for you
Objective Statement
    Make the statement as specific as

      A position which allows me to apply
      my background in engineering and
      high performance computing to
      biological problems.
Try not to fall into the me-me-me trap of telling
employers what they can do for you. Instead, show
employers what you can do for them.

l Example of "me-me" : A position where I can gain
experience in writing computer documents.

l Revision: A position which allows me to use my
background in computer science to write computer
Objective Statement

l   A position involving the development of management
    information systems on mini- or microcomputers,
    leading to responsibilities as a systems analyst.
l   A summer internship with a construction company that
    requires skills in field engineering, cost controlling,
    planning, scheduling, and estimating.
l   A position as a systems analyst, stressing technical,
    communication, and supervisory skills.


l   This is an important section for recent college
    graduates or students seeking internships or
    summer jobs.
l   Beginning with the highest level of educational
    achievement, include information such as
    university attended, degrees earned, major,
    minors, grade point average, date of program
    completion, and so forth.

           Purdue University
           Bachelor of Arts: May 1997
           Major: Professional Writing
           Minor: Industrial Technology
           GPA: major 5.5 overall 5.19


       B.A. Professional Writing, Technical Option
       Minor: Computer Applications in Industry
       Purdue University May 1997
       GPA (6.0 scale): major 5.5 overall 5.19
Relevant Courses

l   List relevant courses that:   Spanish (4 semesters)
     – Help you stand out from
                                  Computer Science
        the crowd
     – Have provided you with
                                  Business Writing
        specific skills or        Business Law
l   Consider including this
    information in the
    education section of the
Employment Experience

l   Include positions you have held which are
    related, in some way, to the job you are
    seeking. These might be both paid and
    volunteer positions.
l   Be creative with this section of your resume by
    describing and emphasizing your experiences
    in the most relevant way possible.
Employment Experience
The usual content for an experience section includes:

       •Company or organization, location

       •Position title

       •Dates of employment or involvement

       •Descriptions of responsibilities and duties
Employment Experience
Hospitality Intern              l   Include information such
(May 1999-August 1999)              as company name and
Mountain Jacks, Lafayette, IN       location, job title, dates,
* Oversaw the planning,             and duties performed.
  production, preparation       l   Make this section easy
  and prompt delivery of food       to read by using spacing
* Assisted in training and          and bullets.
  retaining new and             l   Use action phrases to
  experienced employees             highlight the duties you
* Created a positive and            have performed.
  healthy atmosphere in the
Action Phrases

Hospitality Intern            l Action phrases will help
(May 1999-August 1999)          you avoid being too
Mountain Jacks, Lafayette, IN   brief and from
* Oversaw the planning,         understating your
  production, preparation
  and prompt delivery of food   qualifications.
* Assisted in training and    l Think about your
  retaining new and             qualifications as a
  experienced employees
                                professional would.
* Created a positive and
  healthy atmosphere in the

      Subaru-Isuzu Automotive Inc., Lafayette, Indiana
      Security Officer, January 1997 till present
       ØAssisted with loss prevention, access control,
         fire prevention, and medical response.

  Technical Writer, Documentation Department
   Howard Sams and Company, 300 Parkway Dr., Indianapolis,
   (317) 875-1000
   May 1994 - December 1997

   Ø    Edit user manuals for electronic equipment
   Ø    Design graphics for electronic schematic repair manuals
   Ø    Write articles for monthly company newsletter
   Ø    Use various computer software and desktop publishing
Activities and Honors

                  l   Include relevant
                      activities and honors that
                      you could discuss with
                      your prospective
                      employer or that have
                      given you valuable
                      experience or skills.

Specialized Skills

l   Include skills that make
    you unique, such as
    computer skills, foreign
    language skills.

l   Be specific in describing
    your special skills; name
    computer programs you
    know, how long you
    studied a foreign language.

l   In general, do not include the names and
    addresses of your references on your resume.
l   It is enough to state that references are
    available upon request.
l   Choose professional references rather than
    character references. Employers and
    professors who know you and your work are
    the best references.
Reference Sheet
Dr. Mary Delinsky            l   Include the names,
Heavilon Hall, Room 226          addresses, and phone
Purdue University                numbers of your references.
West Lafayette, IN 47907     l   Always ask permission
                                 before you include any
(765) 494-3723                   information on your reference
Dr. Delinsky is my current   l   Consider giving your
academic advisor in the          references a copy of your
Creative Writing and             resume so they will be
                                 prepared to talk to
Science Fiction Program.         employers.
Organizing Your Resume

l   Organize your resume to      The most common resume
    highlight your unique          styles are:
    skills and strengths.        l reverse chronological
l   Use whatever                 l functional
    combination of               l skills
    organizational styles you
                                 l imaginative
    think best highlight your
    individual qualifications.
Reverse Chronological
Resume Style

l   Present your           •   This style is best for
    education and work         people whose job
    experience in              experiences closely
    chronological order,       parallel the positions for
    beginning with your        which they are applying
    most recent                or for those who have
    experiences.               not had periods of
                               unemployment time
                               between jobs.
Reverse Chronological
Resume Style
Work Experience:
1997-Present   U.S. Postal Service, Indianapolis. Worked as a
               Station Manager, delivering mail, overseeing retail
               sales, planning delivery to new routes
1994-1997      All Right Parking, Inc., Indianapolis. Worked as a
               Manager, handling customer relations, overseeing
               accounts, supervising twenty-five employees
1992-1994      Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis. Worked as a District
               Sales Manager recruiting and training new employees,
               managing crews of twenty-five carriers within nine
               counties, designing routes
Functional Resume Style

l   Organize experience by        l   Ignore experiences that
    type of function                  do not relate to the job
    performed. Under each,            for which you are
    give specific examples.           applying.
l   Highlight experiences         l   Place things in order of
    that directly relate to the       importance rather than
    job you are seeking.              chronological order.
Functional Resume Style
Research Assistant (August 1998-August 1999)—Purdue U.
Assisted Professor Robert Thompson in:
       * updating statistical tables and charts
       * answering research questions via the Internet, library,
          and by establishing resources to provide the needed

President, Sociology Club (January-May 2000)
       * Raised over $2,000 for club expenses and scholarships
       * Organized 10 activities for over 200 students
       * Designed and maintained club website
Skills Resume Style

l   Emphasize what you         l   This style is ideal for
    can do rather than             people who have
    where you have                 gained valuable skills
    worked.                        from a variety of
l   Try to match your skills       unrelated experiences.
    to the position for
    which you are
 Skills Resume Style
Communication Skills
*Counseled teens in an anti-drug initiative at Jefferson High School
*Received Employee of the Month Award for my work creating a
positive environment at Wal-Mart while working as a cashier
*Presented a semester-long project on choosing a major to a group
of prospective students
Training Skills
*Trained new employees in cashier procedures at Wal-Mart
*Served as assistant coach for a Jefferson High School basketball
Imaginative Resume Style

l   Acts like a mini-portfolio    l   This style is ideal for
    because it demonstrates a         people looking for a job
    combination of layout,            that demands creativity,
    graphics, text integration,       such as graphic design or
    and audience selection.           landscape architecture
l   Make sure a company is        l   It is appropriate to use
    open to this type of resume       color graphics on an
    before submitting it.             imaginative resume, but
                                      the cost of duplicating will
                                      be increased.
Where can you go for professional
advice about your resume?
                 l   Purdue University Writing Lab
                 l   Heavilon 226
                 l   Grammar Hotline:
                         (765) 494-3723
                 l   Check our web site:
                 l   Email brief questions:

                 l   Help with drafting, revising,
                     and editing your resumes and
                     cover letters

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