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									Changing Trends of Advertising in Pakistan
Farhad Ahmed Student Of TIP

Changing trends of advertisement
My presentation is divided in following sequence • Models of past Advertisement. • The present style of Advertisement. • How Trends can be improve?....

What is Advertising…?
• Advertising is a form of communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain and use them.
• Advertising is creating a desire for a brand name or product.

Types of Advertising
• • • • • • • • • • Media Printed Flyers Rack cards Radio Magazines Bill boards Newspapers Television Internet


Bill boards

Advertising in Past
• Paying people to hold signs. • Then started to appear in weekly newspapers. • Radio stations began broadcasting in the early.

Advertising in Past
• In the beginning, Pepsi cola company used their vehicles for advertisement

Advertising in Past
• Wall posters were also used.

• Rock painting for commercial advertisement.
Rock painting

Present style of Advertisement
• The TV commercial is generally considered the most effective market advertising. • Electronic media is also used.

Present style of Advertisement
• Using public places

Present style of Advertisement
• Now-a-days, public Transport is also being used for advertising products.

Present style of Advertisement
• Pepsi cola select super stars for the advertisement. • Commercials, with football players, pop stars, songs, fast cars, beautiful women are more attractive than others

Present style of Advertisement
• To attract the attention of sportsmen, Company used different products and advertise their product. It is also the best style of marketing.

Present style of Advertisement
• Internet in most advance type of fast advertisement. • Telenor ad come on Facebook & yahoo.

• There are number of techniques will be used for betterment. • The future of TV advertising will be using technology and style to enhance the power to sell. • We can use mobile for advertisement of different kinds of products.

• As we are entering into a new modern era, Marketing your product would be more important than to sell it. • So, our goal should be to learn every possible marketing skills in order to advertise our product.

• www.google.com.pk • www.wikipidia.com • www.Pakistaniat.com

Thank You

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