Importance of social media campaign and social media strategy by Mary42


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									SMM = Social Media Measurement

If you have been following my posts, you would know that last time I spoke on Social Media Monitoring and its importance. In this post I will be talking about the importance of measuring social media campaign to evaluate it’s effectiveness. Social Media should be used in a well planned way around your Objectives or Product. The key things which are cyclic in a well structured Social Media Strategy are: Planning in advance Designing your path Execution Measurement and review

Social Media Campaigns take time to show tangible results. One should have some clarity in what needs to be done. Measure the engagement and plan your next step accordingly. Measuring Social media is not just about the traffic or conversions that you get. Make sure you measure the conversations, search, and the influencers. Later measure the provoking level of the involvement, interaction and influence your campaign creates with consumers. To get a full picture make sure you put together all the factors of monitoring and measuring your campaign along with web site analytics. We have Free and Paid tools to monitor these. A tool like Radian6 might give you influencer insight where as a tool like Sysomos can help you in sentiment analysis. Even free tools like Socialmention, Samepoint help in evaluating your efforts. Success or failure in Social Media depends on the engagement level that you are able to create and better understanding of your efforts.

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